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    I had created this a little while ago as a test project. It includes some features that aren't evident on the surface. For Example: Agro levels on all the units (they remember who's causing them the most grief and attack that target) Which is done by Giving all Targets an ID, then Adding all damage to a unit's Custom score Index #(ID), Then running a function to determine what of that array is the highest, and making the target attack that one.

    This boss has 3 phases.

    During the first phase, every 3 seconds, the two boss parts (Body and Base) will perform a move. Both have a standard attack... The Body can be tanked anywhere, but the Base needs to be tanked from a range or it will attack a random target if the primary agro target is beyond it's minimum range. The Base can also shoot a stunning shot, or a Flame thrower attack. The Body can also shoot a barrage that paralyzes the target for the duration of the attack. Also during all phases, Dropships will arrive that will drop off Reapers that will run around the battlefield and engage anything they find... The dropship can be dealt with before it gets to the dropoff point. There are also two Generators next to the boss that will respawn after a while when destroyed. One increases the Dmg of the boss, the other Make the boss nearly invulnerable to attack.

    In phase two, the rate of dropships being deployed increases, and the Base gains the ability to call in a Mule to come repair the boss... They land randomly and move slowly towards the boss. Also the Body obtains a missile attack which launches a missile at a spot, which is highlighted for you to avoid.

    During the last phase, the boss begins to attack in overdrive. And you have to kill the base and body within 30 seconds of each other, otherwise one will rebuild the other.


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    what rhymes with rump?

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    posted a message on hi, i`m korean i want sara kerrigan[ghost]

    @dark6700: Go

    the Sarah Kerrigan Ghost movie was a Video Project, not M3.

    Likely, some form of her, in her ghost attire will be in the next expansion... unless they plan to keep her naked... which Is what i'm hoping they do.

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    I'm finally getting around to updating my Diplomacy map to be released on Live version of SC2... And I, being of no artistic ability, am looking for someone to create an image for my loading screen. It is a bit of a big request, given there are a few details I wish for it to include.

    • Two Generals trying to shake hands while each holds a knife behind their back
    • Background to be of some kind of non-gory battlefield... something that looks like a no-man's land from WW1

    Thx, in advance, to anybody who takes this up.

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    @SaucySC: Go

    Blizzard's legal obligation is to pull content suspected of stepping on trademark / copyrights... If they don't know, they won't care. The people who would be most likely to be active about keeping 3DSMax from being used by pirates is the company that owns the rights to 3DSMax in the first place. And when was the last time you ever heard of them going after people for pirating their software? Why wouldn't they?

    Multi-part answer. Who is their customer? Average joe? Nope... Art student? Mabey... Professional Artist, Def. Why would somebody pay for the product? Because the product they produce, they intend to sell. And they could be sued for making money with a product produced with pirated tools. So why would the company look the other way about their software being pirated by everybody else? People who have played with the program a long time already (usually by piracy), will be more likely to use the same software when they enter the working world... and thus pay for the program.

    Conclusion: At 3500$ a copy, people don't just throw money on this if they think they are going to waste it. There are other 3d modeling software programs out there... The company has to indoctrinate those who are interested in the field, so they will prefer this software to another... and then pay the 3500$ So I doubt that any harm is going to come to him for pirating this program.

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    Quote from redmarine: Go

    Do you seriously believe they'll allow the advertisement of this site?

    I was at the Launch party for SC2 in SoCal and nobody said anything when I got interviewed... camera crew asked me what I was most excited about and I told them it was getting to make my own Mods and Maps and then I plugged Mapster and nobody gave me an evil look.

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    @Mreaper: Go

    A persistent can be used in data like a periodic event is used triggers... The data that you tie to the periodic will know the trigger that causes it and it's current point, and be able to extrapolate that info for any other data effects, say a "Search" effect. The only thing I don't know how (or even if it's possible) is to detect a terrain level through data.

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    @goofoffjw: Go

    lol nice... love the flame effects... good job on the find... I never messed with creating multiple unit types with duplicate abilities, so I wasn't aware that it was set up that way. From what you posted, I believe that the send to selection would work with a single ability, easily... but the SetID would allow multiple different spells to be triggered at the same time by multiple units within the selection that allow the "Send to selection" flag.

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    It's called a linkID or abilityID or something to that effect... It tells the AI that when this is cast, it's the same as casting another spell... so multiple unit types can use simular abilities at the same time (if it's not smart casting, they will all do it at the same time, if it is smart casted, then they will do it in order, starting with the current subgroup)

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    @Bernini104: Go

    The Random movement behavior is a copy of the critter behavior that makes it move around in a random way. It's a type all it's own, and you can only leash a unit, not dictate which direction it can move.

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    @Samecoin: Go

    ok... just did.


    This should fill in any questions you have about persistent effects.

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    Persistent Effects are of the most versatile methods of modifications in the Data Editor. With them, you can

    • Create a Series of effects that occur in order
    • Signify a random effect
    • Signify a random occurance
    • Signify a random duration / periodic
    • Create a Loop for Effects
    • Reveal areas
    • Detect units remotely
    • And much more.

    In this tutorial, I'll go over each field in a Persistent - And the implications of it's use.

    Effect - Effect - Expire

    • This Effect occurs if the persistent naturally dies off. (i.e. It isn't removed with a remove persistent effect)
      Effect - Effect - Final
    • Like the above effect, but will execute on destruction of the Persistent, under all circumstances
      Effect - Effect - Initial
    • Calls an effect as soon as the persistent is created.
      Effect - Expire Delay 0.0000
    • The wait time after the conditions of the persistent have been completed, before it executes it's expire.
      Effect - Flags
    • These modify the nature of the persistent. From here you can make a persistent that will continue until actually called on to be destroyed, Give a random Effect from a list of effects, Random Offset from a list of offsets, and a Random Period (delay) from your list of periods.
      Effect - Initial Delay 0.0000
    • The delay before the periodic begins working after it has been created.
      Effect - Period Count 0
    • Number of times the persistent will trigger before completing it's cycle
      Effect - Period Durations
    • Length between Effects being called by the periodic
      Effect - Period Effects
    • The effects that the periodic will call during it's periodic phases. These will be played one per period, in order. (unless Random Effect was enabled)
      Effect - Periodic Offsets
    • This is the locational offset for the periodic effect. In missile attacks, it causes the weapon to appear to be striking multiple locations.
      Effect - Periodic Validator
    • This is a condition that runs every time the Persistent cycles it's periodic effects. If the validator fails, then the persistent destroys itself.
      Effect - Response Flags
    • Determines if the target of the persistent should attack the responsible party, or flee from the effect.
      Effect - Time Scale Source +
    • Scales the durations of the effect by the source listed.
      Effect - Validators
    • Validator that runs at the beginning of the persistent to determine if the persistent is created or not.
      Search - Detect Filters
    • For viewing invisible units
      Search - Radar Filters
    • Shows locations of units revealed by a radar effect, but not vision of them.
      Search - Reveal Flags
    • Determines how a reveal is instituted - Radar, Terrain, Vision, Detect, etc.
      Search - Reveal Radius 0
    • Size of the Reveal
      Target - Location + Target Point
    • When the Persistent is created, it takes into effect that which cast it, that which it is to target. This determines what that target is.
      Target - Marker +
    • Marker system for tracking the effects of the periodic
      Target - Offset - Expire
    • determines where off the original target the effect occurs - used for the expire effect
      Target - Offset - Final
    • determines where off the original target the effect occurs - used for the final effect
      Target - Offset - Initial
    • determines where off the original target the effect occurs - used for the initial effect

    Implications of this effect.

    • Reveal Effects (Comsat) - You can also specify an offset in the periodic so that it will follow a path and reveal, not just in a circle, but over the course of the periodics, any shape you want
    • Multiple Shots from a weapon - Tie a weapon to a periodic, that calls multiple effects onto multiple targets. Easy to make many types of weapons... a spread gun, Machine gun, etc.
    • Create a random effect - By listing a series of effects and selecting Random Effect flag, Your persistent will randomly pick an effect from your list every period and call it. You can even list multiples of the same effect to increase the chances of them being called.
    • Create an Inaccuracy - Allow a weapon to be fired off target. Create a Siege tank shell that lands randomly in the battle instead of precise. Many more options.
    • (Advanced Use) Create a weapon that can track multiple targets. Create a weapon that calls a Persistent that randomly calls another persistent on a unit (one of multiple persistents being called) And Cause the persistent to fire missiles forever(Persist until destroyed) at that target until dead (validator). Each time the first persistent creates another of the second persistent, It will Start constantly attacking it. You can limit the number of times this can happen to limit the number of units the tracking system can seek (validator)
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    @Covet78: Go

    Instead of it calling 4 seperate effects, you can have a persistent shoot 4 times... either all at once, or with a delay.

    Tie the effects together in this order: Weapon > Persistent > Search > Damage.

    The persistent will then call 4 shots (giving it 4 periods), then those 4 shots will follow the guidelines of the search perimeter. You can set the arc of the weapon to fire only in so wide of a angle and it's target sorting to prioritize units in different fashions. (i.e. Highest HP, lowest HP, range to target, range from primary target, random, etc)

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    posted a message on Make Near Units Run Away When Unit Attacks


    By trigger is one way...

    Event: Any Unit Attacks
    Condition: Triggering Unit == "Unit" (the unit that you want this to run for - the "third person" unit)
    Action: Pick Any Unit in Unit Group - Unit Group [Units in Region Matching Conditions] - Region [Convert *Circle to Region] X of Triggering Unit, Y of Triggering Unit, **Radius
    ^ Action: Order [Picked Unit] to [Move] to [Point] - Point [Point with Polar offset] - Position of Picked Unit with Offset towards [Position of Triggering Unit] (range) ***number

    - *Or Square if you like
    - **Radius is the size of a circle with the unit being it's epicenter, that this will work on.
    - ***The range you want them to run away to. Must be a Neg number.

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    @KerenskyLI: Go

    or... All that will be DLC?

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