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    posted a message on Drakken "Concentrated Beam" Ability

    Does anybody know how the heck to make the concentrated beam ability work? Everything else works fine but the Concentrated beam ability . . . .when I push the button to use it. . . . .creates the Targeting Arrow that goes across the map, Only points straight down and is unmovable, does not originate from the drakken laser drill, and when I fire it . . . .nothing happens at all and then the cool down starts.  

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    posted a message on Structure Morphing Works. . But Doesn't Work

    After Hours of anxiety I figured out for myself how to make a building morph/upgrade into another building using a combination of Abilities AND some easy coding in the "Actor" section. Great. . . The buildings successfully morph now. The problem is. . . . after they morph, the models merge together and exist simultaneously. My building has 5 morph/upgrade levels . . . . so by the time i get it to the highest level it is looking like a great big hot mess. Functionality of each level is fine. . . its the aesthetics. . . or rather active model allocation that is broken somewhere. How do i fix this problem?

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    posted a message on Triggers are killing me

    Data editor. . . I'm a pro at. . . Triggers. .. not so much.

    Im trying to create a win/loss event where I have two buildings. . . one for each TEAM. If a building is destroyed than one team wins and the other team loses. I cant find anything anywhere on how to associate a building to a team.

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    posted a message on AI is a dummy. . . or I am

    Does anybody know how to configure AI to function in a custom map? I made a map that is significantly different from standard game play and the AI simply does not know how to function logically in this environment. I need to figure out how to structure the AI to participate in the game fully in regards to usage of resources (I'm only using Terrazine) and structure build order and the "requirements" that the AI normally would expect before completing an action. Specifically. . . .Terrazine auto generates from each building constructed. The more you build the more terrazine you generate periodically. I simply want the AI to recognize this and to focus on building the structures I have provided and to strategically train and use troops. There is no harvesting or "Expansions" in this game. . . .Just building and attacking.

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    posted a message on Making "Nexus Wars" + Regular Game Hybrid Map

    Ok So here it is: I made a map. . . easy. Created Terran race only option. Everyone starts out with 1 SCV that builds Terran, Zerg, and Protoss structures that auto spawn just like in the "Nexus Wars" game. Resources auto generate periodically. . . . Everything is just like Nexus Wars EXCEPT That the map is different and I am allowing players to control their units. Here are my problems:

    A. I need a way to create a win/loss condition when a TEAM'S specific building (which they are protecting like in nexus wars) is destroyed B. Need to make regions on each side of the map visible (no "Fog") respectively to the team that is starting on that side C. Reassign a players units and structures to other players should they leave the game.

    I know this is a lot to ask and I know this probably all has to do with triggers. I have mastered every other aspect of game development EXCEPT triggers . . .which there seems to be little to no instruction on. Everything I have found about triggers is in regard to the editor as it was 4 million years ago and gives advice on how to do completely useless things that nobody would ever use in any game. Most of the forums have responses from people acting offended by the "stupid noob" while giving a superlatively vague "solution". I really need a step by step solution when it comes to triggers as trigger options are not intuitive to somebody trying to figure it out when there aren't any resources explaining the ins and out of the trigger menu. Thank you for any assistance. If any of this can be done in the regular data editor that would be amazing.

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