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    First off, great tutorial! I'm trying to modify it for my own uses, but to be honest I don't actually know what half of the actors do, I'm just following instructions, so half of it was hoping things work for me lol. I tried to make a modified siege tank with two turrets that shoot laser beams independently; I used your beam tutorial for that part of it :) I had a couple of problems: first, I used the autoturret model for two turrets. However, it always faces forward, even when shooting to the side. How do I make the turret part of the autoturret turn towards where it shoots? Obviously the base should remain facing forward, which is what it does normally too. Also, is there any way for each weapon (the two turrets and the tank's own cannon) to pick targets independently? If I attack-move or even just leave it sitting there, they all attack the same target. I understand that they're technically all weapons of the same unit, but is there a workaround for this?

    I attached my map if you want to/have the time to take a look, if it helps answer these questions. Thanks a bunch

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