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    posted a message on Ghost Squad Coop storymode
    Quote from Neox1986: Go


    Im new to the forum and just wanted to share a preview of the map i am currently working on:

    Its planned to be a 2 player Coop story driven map. Location is an underground Terran base that has been attacked. Im planing to make a few diffrent game modes for this map. 2 player Coop, Deathmatch and Hide and Seek are some modes im thinking of.

    This map is still in the early stages. Currently im working on making the location and surroundings. If you have any comments, please tell me. Im open to new idees.


    Looks like you've put a lot of effort into terrain and creating the map already, good job. Reminds me a lot of Alien Swarm on Steam (the recently released game that was free initially, don't know if it still is).

    I don't like having to click directly on units to attack them, I think shooters work better with an "aiming" system paired with a button that simply shoots where you're currently aiming, like a trigger.

    Other than that, looks good, depending on how long it takes to beat it.

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    posted a message on Fallout-inspired Post-Apocalyptic RPG

    So how long until you get to the first "release candidate?"

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 RPGs

    I looked around for a while, but couldn't find a discussion on this. Warcraft 3 custom games were and still are known for some amazingly popular games like Dota, Footies, Wintermaul Wars, and Tower Defenses.

    However, there is another class of custom games out there with an avid following: Role Playing Games.

    WC3 had a lot of seriously epic RPGs (some are still played today). Final Fantasy Forever (ORPG), FF Epic RPG, This Wreckage, Julien's RPG, Ultimate DBZ RPG, The Imagica RPG, World of Warcraft ORPG, Defi4nc3's ORPG, and (#1 on my list) The Black Road.

    Me and my friends have been looking around, playing some of the RPGs we find on bnet, however we have yet to find anything approaching any of the maps mentioned above on Starcraft 2.

    So my question to you guys is, are there any good RPGs out yet for Starcraft 2 (at this point I would just be expecting a clone of an existing RPG from Warcraft 3 or something)? Failing that, what are the promising RPGs still in development? Anyone working on ports for some of the great WC3 RPGs? Anything close to release?

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    posted a message on Central Review Conglomerate

    Find a good RPG and review that please.

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    posted a message on Proof that the Popularity system is not the main issue..

    I missed the part where there was a better system in the past? How was the Warcraft 3 system any better at getting people to play random bad games?

    If Blizzard changes the system, it's still not going to make thousands of people take a leap of faith and try your game when they know nothing about it. The fact of the matter is that 90%+ of the custom games out there are badly unfinished and the only reliable way to know that you will be playing a decent game is to play a game that was copied from a Warcraft 3 map.

    SC2 has only been out for 3 weeks. You can't expect much more.

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