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    posted a message on how move........ Minimap Panel.... 1 2 map file download

    Please Help Me...

    - XML UI Source -

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <Frame type="Frame" name="GameUI/UIContainer/ConsoleUIContainer" file="GameUI">
            <Frame type="MinimapPanel" name="MinimapPanel">
                <Anchor side="Left" relative="$parent" pos="Min" offset="-1820"/>
                <Anchor side="Bottom" relative="$parent" pos="Max" offset="0"/>
                <Anchor side="Top" relative="$parent" pos="Min" offset="1056"/>
                <Anchor side="Right" relative="$parent" pos="Max" offset="0"/>
                <Width val="358.000000"/>
                <Height val="396.000000"/>
                <!-- Minimap Panel size -->
                <Frame type="Minimap" name="Minimap">
                    <Anchor side="Top" relative="$parent" pos="Mid" offset="0"/>
                    <Anchor side="Bottom" relative="$parent" pos="Mid" offset="0"/>
                    <Anchor side="Left" relative="$parent" pos="Min" offset="0"/>
                    <Width val="304.000000"/>
                    <Height val="254.000000"/>
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