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    Quote from Doubotis: Go

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    Trigger Editor : Create Action > Set the Status bar state for Unit.

    (I don't have the english version, but if the translation into french is correct, my version would be correct too)

    Really don't know what the rest of you are talking about; this guy is right. It's a build in function:

    Unit - Set Unit Status Bar State

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    posted a message on How do you disable resource splitting?

    Not sure if this is possible; you could work around it by saving everyone's resources, and when a player leaves subtract 1/(players in his team)*his minerals/gas from all the players in his team.

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    @Kornholi0: Go

    You shouldn't make units at all; just create models (Placement models to be exact); and, honestly, it will be tedious. For each unit type that you want buildable you will have to save up a model; then you will first have to manually set up locations if you want it to show an "optimal" build or record which buildings you've placed/what you're doing if you want it to work like in mario kart. Then if you want them to actually be removed upon building (not at a certain time) you will have to link them to building being build; and if you want to have any other graphics indicator (like reducing alpha the closer you are to the "optimal" time build) it's going to take a lot of work and it'll definately be doable. but don't go into this if you aren't ready to commit a lot of your time to it, especially if you want to add in multiple builds or on multiple maps.

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    posted a message on unexpected behaviour buff while morphing

    You can either:

    • Remove and reapply the behavior(s) when the morph starts/finishes
    • Apply a behavior that has the "State Flags - Suppress Life Regeneration set to Enabled and remove it when the morph finishes

    These can both be achieved through a Validator that compares the order to the morph order:

    • For the first one you will want to Disable the life regeneration behavior when the unit is morphing (so when Order Count - Ability Link - Morph is Greater Than 0)
    • For the second one you will want to Remove the behavior when the unit is not morphing (so when Order Count - Ability Link - Morph is Equal To 0)
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    posted a message on (Solved) Making Dark Protoss an Upgrade

    Making units Dark Protoss is only a cosmetic change (in every protoss unit there is an event where the unit will change into its respective dark-model) and it is applied by the behavior "Dark Protoss" (which is, in turn, removed by not having the "Dark Protoss" upgrade); you will want the upgrade, once researched, to add the "Dark Protoss" behavior to all current units; and you want each unit to have the "Dark Protoss" behavior in their "Behavior - Behaviors +" so they will get the dark protoss behavior once created.

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    posted a message on (Solved) AI & new units

    Well, it's possible, but you can't copy them, you have to overwrite them, thus if you want the AI to use a dragoon, you will have to overwrite the stalker and not change the place it's trained at and then the AI will use the dragoon; but it won't use the stalker (because you overwrote it it doesn't exist anymore) so it's possible if you only want to swap out one or two units, but for anything more you'd want to use other methods.

    You can try to mess around with some of the AI/AI Advanced triggers; I believe you can instruct it to train units with "Train"; but it won't actually use abilities (though this is quite easily circumvented by making them autocast) and I'm not sure if they will use it to attack. Try messing around with them I've never actually used them.

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    The lag really depends on the map size; if it's for a massive RPG having 100 behaviors on all units will cause a lot of unnecessary lag. You should really consider the following: Why do you want to use this? Why don't you want to use triggers? Is it really that necessary for your map or is it merely an extra and are you sure you want to make your map lag for this?

    If you're sure you want to do this instead of using custom values then your only options are using behaviors or modifying the level of an ability on the unit and checking that level with requirements. I suppose the second one will lag a lot less, but I'm not sure if it'll work and it's obviously a hassle to add them all to every unit you want checked.

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    posted a message on (solved) Change shield status bar color above unit

    You can change this in the actor of the unit under UI - Status Colors +

    Simply locate the shield one (it is clearly labeled Shields) and change the Color to orange-ish (I assume you can figure that one out yourself, I always use this site to find good looking colors)

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    posted a message on Tired of hackers.

    It really depends on your map, but odds are you are caring too much about something that doesn't have that much impact; if it's just a score that has little or no impact on the gameplay it really doesn't matter that much. So what if they're on the top? If they want to, let them be. Even if it unlocks stuff; if they don't want to play your map to unlock them, then that's their loss. Who cares.

    It should only be of concern when it actually hurts the fun the players that are legitimately playing your map have. And, if this is the case, it's better to just make sure changing something in the bank doesn't hurt their fun rather than trying to protect your map against hackers. I mean, how realistic is it for blizzard to allow banks to be saved server side? Especially with how greedy they were on map space (60$ gets you 50 mb, really?).

    And when blizzard does add encryption to banks and better encryption to maps, it'll still be hacked, because hackers always find a way. There will always be assholes out to get you, and if you let them get to you, you're letting them win. Better to just ignore them.

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    posted a message on Random is the only way to play ?
    Quote from TheAlmaity: Go

    A lot of players have that one weak matchup. Random gives you a lower chance of getting it (unless you've got multiple weak matchups)

    If tournaments try to get equal number of races, you've got a lot higher chance to get in since first of all there arent many randoms, and second of all you can just pick the race that's missing if random slots are filled

    In tournaments, there is a decent chance you get that one bad matchup when you pick your race. With Random you aren't instantly doomed, unless you get unlucky and get the wrong races all the time

    A lot of players have one weak matchup because they only play one race; if you play random odds are you've got a lot more weak matchups, and because you practice playing 3 races instead of 1 you will not learn to cope with them at a fast pace at all, thus actually ending up being a lot weaker against your weaknesses.

    And if you're going to play in a tournament against serious players you're not going to win with a third of their experience in the race you're playing. They've practiced dozens of strategies as their one race while you were out "just playing" the races (because, lets face it, if you play Random you're not practicing any race at all, you're "just playing" them).

    Honestly, if you want to learn how to play races it's best to just pick them one by one. If you go into games playing as random you're not practicing a strategy because you don't know what race you're playing in advance and you'll not learn a lot about the races you're playing.

    For learning, it's a lot more useful to simply pick the races one by one and practicing them for 10-20 games at a time. In those games you'll learn a lot more than just "occasionally" playing the race over 60 games, especially if you go in playing with Random, and, honestly, I have yet to meet anyone decent without at least 20-30% of their games played as their "off-races", and odds are while they were playing them they were practicing them in a row executing strategies, learning timings and build orders, finding out what the race can hold up to (to help themselves), when they are weak, how certain units are countered by their own race; while when you were playing them "occasionally" in random you were probably just building ranged units to attack move.

    Random is fun and all, but most randoms I meet do this:

    Terran: Marines + Marauders + Medivacs/Siege Tanks

    Protoss: 4 Gate

    Zerg: Roach/Hydra

    and they know very little about each race because they haven't "really" practiced playing them. The ones that do stuff differently (and play well) are mostly the ones that don't actually have Random as their most played race (mostly as their least played one). If your goal is to learn how to actually play a race, then play them one at a time until you're decent-good at every race, then you can play random a lot more effectively.

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    posted a message on [Trigger Library - Map] General Functions/Conditions

    Honestly; this is a good idea but the functions currently in there are shit, situational and serve no purpose. Honestly, making a function for every operator? You do realise you can simply put in a preset "Numerical Comparison Operator", right? Not to mention these functions are useless to anyone with even basic knowledge of the trigger editor aside from maybe the first one (and with that first one you can do all the other functions you have).

    I'd like to see some expansion on unit groups that make it easier to get unit groups because it is very annoying to have to enter 6 different values to simply get units owned by a player. Some of the ones I use personally:

    - Units With Behavior

    - Units With Behavior Owned By Player

    - Units Of Type

    - Units Of Type Owned By Player

    - Units Of Type Owned By Player Matching

    - Units Owned By Player

    - Units In Cone

    - Units In Cone Matching

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    posted a message on Marauder Slow - Adding to a Ghost's attack

    If you go into the weapon "Ghost - C-10 Canister Rifle" you will see a few effects.

    "Effect - Effect - Ghost - C-10 Canister Rifle (Damage)" This is applied when the weapon is fired.

    "UI - Damage Display Effect - Ghost - C-10 Canister Rifle (Damage)" This is the "damage amount" that is displayed on the Ghost.

    What you want to do is alter the "Effect - Effect" so it applies the marauders slow. We do this by creating an Effect of type "Set". An effect of type Set basically combines two (or more) effects together, so we can, for instance, combine an effect that damages the target with an effect that slows the target.

    After creating an effect of type Set, we can then add effects in the "Effect - Effects". We'll want to add the effect - "Ghost - C-10 Canister Rifle (Damage)" so our effect deals regular damage when it fires.

    Then we'll want to add in the effect "Marauder - Punisher Grenade (Apply Slow Behavior)" to apply the marauder slow behavior when it fires.

    So now we have a "Set" effect that executes the following effects:

    1. Deals damage through the "Ghost - C-10 Canister Rifle (Damage)" effect

    2. Applies the slow behavior through the "Marauder - Punisher Grenade (Apply Slow Behavior)" effect

    All that remains is applying this effect so that it executes when the Ghosts weapon is fired. Go back to the "Ghost - C-10 Canister Rifle" weapon and change the "Effect - Effect to our created Set Effect.

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    posted a message on How to disable Attack's abort on alliance change flag?

    As far as I know you can't do this through the data editor - the only way I could think of would be to trigger it by storing the targets order when the alliance change happens (through "Effect Used" or such) and reapplying it after a small delay.

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    posted a message on (Solved) AI & new units

    @shardfenix: Go

    You've probably "overwritten" existing units (like you renamed the "Stalker" a "Dragoon" and gave him a different model, etc) so the AI will think he's building a stalker, while he's actually building a Dragoon.

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    posted a message on Adding a min range on an ability

    Seems to work fine for me, are you sure you're adding the validator to the right place? You can't actually add validators to abilities aside from auto cast validators (that work like "it won't autocast on units that don't have the proper validators"), you have to add it to the effect. Either way, here's a map of it working.

    Oh, and another thing, it's "Greater Than" as the validator has to return "True" for the ability to fire, so if you want to know which one it is just make a sentence of it and it'll make sense.

    "I want the Ghost to fire his sniper if the range between the ghost and his target is greater than 3."

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