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    Quote from vincentgraymore: Go

    This map looks awesome and could become a great puzzle map, can multiplayer exist or does that bring complications?

    Several triggers must be changed to be adapted for multiplayer games, but it could be a huge part of the game.

    So, another news about this project. I edit the "ShapeCube.m3" Starcraft 2 file to disable "Alpha Blend" property. Then what ? Then before :


    And After : http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/8121/tileample.jpg

    This is a good upgrade for design. Btw this picture is like Minecraft, but it's not the main goal. It's only an upgrade of graphics of a final game.

    Only ONE model is imported into the map. All shown textures are from the game assets.


    The Cube edited model will be available in SC2Mapster with a map showing the possibilities of the "Texture Select By Id" actor message. When ? I don't know :)

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    Quote from Kueken531: Go

    If you are referring to the Texture Select by ID method of swapping textures, the cube should use 6 different textures; one for either side, otherwise they cannot be swapped individually.

    • 6 materials for each face of the cube
    • Default texture for each materials: "AssetsTexturesWhite32.dds"

    Exactly. So, is it possible to make the block to have only one texture, but this texture will change all faces of the block ?

    Example, I have this texture: http://www.deviantart.com/download/206152755/minecraft_dirt_block_cubee_by_neog22-d3eqkhf.jpg

    Then I would like to replace the texture of the cube by this "pattern" with a single "Texture Select By Id". Is it possible to make the .m3 model with this feature ?

    PS: Again, this is a Minecraft picture but NO, my project is NOT a Minecraft project.

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    Hi !

    I don't have 3dsmax - if you have a link to download this software as "Express" version of Visual Studio for example don't hesitate :D - but i need a m3 file representing a cube for a project named "Cube³".


    • Cube. Only Cube
    • Same size as the "ShapeCube" of Starcraft 2
    • Blend Mode: Normal
    • 6 materials for each face of the cube
    • Default texture for each materials: "AssetsTexturesWhite32.dds"

    Needed (2)

    • Same work but with a rounded Cube.

    Needed (3)

    Well... Need this "3dsmax" software. I cannot understand this is impossible to have an "Express" versions as Visual Studio for modders and mappers :( Annoying problem...

    I'm agree pay this kind of software in full price when working as job. I'm agree to have this kind of software free when learning this kind of job. But modders are not in these categories. So what ? :/

    Why ?

    The problem with the "ShapeCube" of Starcraft 2 is about the "Alpha Blend" rendering. I would have a normal textured cube model with the opportunity of change textures of the cube inside Starcraft 2.

    Imagine I would like a cube as in Minecraft with the opportunity of changing every texture faces in Starcraft 2.

    What is the "Cube³ project ?

    Firstly this is a proof of concept.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/RMRCEmxAvyw?fs=1

    Secondly this is the try of doing something with this PoC to make a true game, as Edge on Iphone.

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    Quote from Forge_User_87697641: Go

    @OutsiderXE: Go

    Are there any French SC2 mapping sites?

    SC2 Galaxy

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    Hi !

    I'm going on the creation of a blog about the Starcraft 2 Editor Development in French. This blog will talk about all related things about Galaxy Editor. News, Guides, Tutorials, ...

    So yes I know, this post is only for frenchies. I also know a part of the massive mapping community of Starcraft 2 speaks french.

    The Blog has currently 5 posts :

    • Guide: Compétences en Vrac! (1)
    • Guide: Les fils de discussion dans Starcraft 2
    • Guide: Bases de programmation
    • Le saviez-vous?: Chaîne de caractères et Fichier - Image, même combat !
    • Le saviez-vous?: Sélecteur intelligent

    The link: http://galaxyblogfr.wordpress.com/

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    According the graphic render that seems to be very poor, a new picture using actor messages to change the default texture of blocks.

    After several graphic tests, I strongly recommand the use of custom cubes models, due to the texture render style of the ShapeCube model featured by Blizzard.

    Then... It's very easy to make custom models for this kind of project... Create a cube, set the same material for each face, then import. All kinds of cubes could be made in game with the use of custom textures (with Actor message "Select Texture By Id").

    I'm working on a "DataAchievement" library (Achievement library using the Data Editor as the base of development) for the moment. CUBE³ could be a later project for me, but not sure at all.

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    Multi-language update :)


    • Up Array
    • Left Array
    • Down Array
    • Right Array

    Chat commands

    • .editor on : Enable editor.
    • .editor off: Disable editor.
    • .getpos : Get the position of the player cube.
    • Click a block on the minimap : Create a new block of type SolidBlock.
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    I wrote these questions for an old QCM... But the QCM never appears.

    Check the answers, several questions could be obsolete and I make a fast translation :)

    Editing question 8: Sega has created Sonic, not Sony. Editing question 5:With Nintendo 3DS, the number of Game Boy is now 12.

    If you want to make questions about Gaming, i suggest you to see the videos of the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd). Including laungh and laungh, you will learn a lot of things about gaming ;)

    Link: AVGN

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    posted a message on Looking for questions! [Sexy Game Quiz]

    What is the first name of DirectX ?

    • DCI
    • Microsoft Games SDK (*)
    • OpenGL

    What is the other name of the "Genesis" console ?

    • Game Boy
    • Megadrive (*)
    • SNES

    Warcraft is released for the first time in computers, then after on consoles. Which consoles ?

    • SNES, Playstation 1, NES
    • SNES, Megadrive
    • Playstation 1 (*)

    Pong is an original game from a very well-known company. What was the name of this company ?

    • Sega
    • IBM
    • Atari (*)

    How many versions of the Game Boy has been released by Nintendo?

    • 11
    • 12 (*)
    • 8

    In Portal OST, what is the name of the End Theme (Credits) ?

    • Portal Main Theme
    • Still Alive (*)
    • Stay Alive

    What is the number of stars that can be collected in Super Mario Galaxy 2 ?

    • 120
    • 242 (*)
    • 240

    Sonic has been created by Sega to compete Nintendo and Mario. What is the name of the first game with Sonic?

    • Sonic the Hedgehog (*)
    • Sonic Adventure
    • Tails Story

    What is the name of the first Zelda released on portable consoles?

    • Zelda: A link to the past
    • Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
    • Zelda: Link's Awakening (*)

    The SNES was introduced a special feature. What was this feature?

    • Mode 7 (*)
    • Disk Saving
    • 65.000 colors on screen

    Tomb Raider was introduced for the first time in...

    • Playstation 2
    • SNES
    • Playstation 1 (*)

    When the first game of Blizzard has been released ?

    • In 1994 (*)
    • In 1996
    • In 1991

    What is the name of the game that introduced the concept of "Easter Egg" ?

    • Adventure (*)
    • World of Warcraft
    • Pong

    What was the first success game of Squaresoft ?

    • Final Fantasy I
    • Secret of Mana
    • Chrono Trigger (*)

    Half-Life has been released on which consoles?

    • PC, Playstation 2
    • PC, Playstation 2, Dreamcast
    • PC, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Dreamcast (*)

    What is the game that has been introduced in World of Warcraft:Cataclysm as a Quest ?

    • Left for Dead
    • Braid
    • Plants vs Zombies (*)

    What is the Power Glove ?

    • Boxing Gloves
    • An accessory for SNES (*)
    • An accessory for NES
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    Adding the demo map of this poc.

    PS: Not transslated yet for others languages than french. New update soon :)

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    Quote from Zanryu1337: Go

    You know that I don't use the items from the data editor, do you?

    In this case trying to get values from the catalog is indeed useless.

    But I recommend to use the data editor for items. The data editor is powerful for a lot of things, and the management of items, classes of items, loots from bosses and mobs is powerful for that.

    With the Catalog functions included in the Trigger Editor, you can use the Data Editor as a data bank, but not using it as the Galaxy Editor default behavior.

    For my ORPG, I use the Data Editor as a powerful data bank. The slowness of the Trigger Editor when used with a lot of actions is so aweful (and this will be the case if you wil have a lot of items).

    All fields are available in Read mode with Catalog functions. After that you can code your map to manage the Data Editor values as you want.

    So, for me the best way to make a custom inventory is :

    • Using the Data Editor as a Data Bank.
    • Code in Trigger Editor the management of all needed fields in Data Editor.

    Btw its my preference, not yours. It's just an opinion, so your method is simply a different approach, not necessarily bad (depending on the size of the project).

    PS: With my system you must hide the Inventory panel.


    Get Icon from Item
        Options: Function
        Return Type: File - Image
            Unit Type = No Game Link <Game Link - Unit>
            Player = 0 <Integer>
        Grammar Text: Get Icon from Item(Unit Type, Player)
        Hint Text: (None)
        Custom Script Code
        Local Variables
            str = "" <String>
            Variable - Set str = (Value of Units (String(Unit Type)) "Item" for player Player)
            Variable - Set str = (Value of Items str "Face" for player Player)
            Variable - Set str = (Value of Buttons str "Icon" for player Player)
            General - Return lv_str
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    @Zanryu1337: Go

    My own ORPG project () uses also a custom inventory and get the image path and texts from catalog functions. Yes it's possible by passing a lot of catalog gets.

    You must to get the "Item" field in "Unit", then get the "Face" in "Item" then get the "Icon" in "Button".

    I will write a short script to do that and copy/paste that in 3-4 hrs :)

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    posted a message on [Trigger] Custom Inventory

    I strongly recommend you to use Catalog functions to get the image and name of each item. If you will have a lot of items this is the best way to spare time.

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    M'y bad... After the verification of the app name, this is the EDGE game this Map is based on.

    Sorry, was late when i wrote this topic :x

    So for the original game : http://www.mobigame.net/ (third game)

    So for the rotation, ive used a rocker actor.

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