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    @Mozared: Go

    Yeah, i hear you on the aesthetics issue. Both this and the other map are ones I threw together just this morning and afternoon out of boredom. As such, I haven't added all the doodads and decorations that will be there later. I like to make the map terrain/balance first and then slowly add doodads over time to decorate the map as I see fit. The most important thing to me is map design and balance. Aesthetics are something I add in after I feel good about the balance issues of the map. Part of the reason for this is because if I;m going to change the terrain drastically, then I'll have to erase doodads and decorations when I do it, and that just feels like work thrown out the window.

    So yeah, I'll be decorating both these maps overtime. For an idea of how I tend to decorate my maps, check out my other map, Withering Ridge:

    Regarding the little islands suggestion. i like your idea. Unfortunately to make that work I'd have to raise them to level 2, and the plateau itself is level 1. I'm hesitant to do that as it would make for some odd aesthetics, but more importantly it would allow for tank-drop or reaper harass in the main.

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    @Mozared: Go

    I made this just this morning, so yeah, there are no doodads on the map at present. I actually have done a lot of changes to this already since i posted it, in terms of aesthetics. Play the map and let me know what you think.

    I'm also renaming this map "Castanar Shipyards"

    Some updated screens to show aesthetic progress:


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    I'm looking for feedback and testing on my latest melee map.  Map image is below:

    EDIT: This map has been renamed "Castanar Shipyards"!!!!!!


    This is a 1v1 melee map intended for competitive play.  The map features relatively safe natural expansions, and a close but vulnerable third expansion.  Xel'Naga watchtowers overlook the major attack paths and are critical for controlling the central high-ground.  The gold expansions are on high-ground islands.

    The map is intended to offer lots of expansion options but each subsequent expansion should feel more vulnerable than the previous.  Bases are laid out so as to make "cut-ins" (a Day[9] term) and counter attacks viable tactics.  Positional dominance also should come into play with controlling the central high-ground and Xel'Naga watch towers.  The Main is also designed to be protected from ground assault, but vulnerable to drops and air-raids.





    This map is available on the NA servers only, at present. To play, simply search for Castanar Shipyards in the custom map list.  Please reply with your impressions and ideas for improvement.  Saving and posting the replays would also be very very helpful.

    Also check out my other map, Withering Ridge!

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    This is a map intended for 1v1, 2v2, or FFA play that I whipped up in an afternoon when I was bored. It turned out pretty good! Once I add some decoration for aesthetics, it should be great. :) Map image below:

    This map is intended for a wide variety of play, including 1v1, 2v2 and FFA. The map is designed to be a macro map, allowing players to play defensively, tech, and build large armies. This map is intended more for fun matches with your friends than for serious competitive play. That being said, I would still appreciate any comments on match-up balance.

    Each spawn location has close access to two very safe expansions. These expansion have a limited amount of minerals (about 40%), meaning that they will mine out pretty quickly (gas quantities are normal). The short supply of minerals at the expansions is offset by the large amount of minerals in the central area. Control of the center is key not only for control of these resources, but also for control over the main attack paths.




    This map is currently available only on the NA server. To create, simply search for Maelstrom in the custom map list. Please post your impressions and suggestions in this thread. Posting replays would also be super awesome and helpful. Enjoy!

    Also check out my other maps: Castanar Shipyards and Withering Ridge!

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    @Arelhi: GoMade several changes and updated the original post to reflect the revisions.

    Please test out the map and leave your feedback. Thanks!

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    Hey, I've noticed that melee maps have begun to be featured on the main page and I'm wondering how these maps are chosen. Specifically, how does someone go about applying their map as a featured map candidate?

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    Will you only be reviewing UMS maps, or will you also review custom melee maps?

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    This is a 1v1 melee map intended for competitive play. As such, I need help testing it for balance across all match-ups. Please play the map with your practice buddies and save the replays. Working on your build order and timings? Do it in a 1v1 against a friend or the computer on this map, and let me know your impressions. Upload your replays to a replay site and then post the links to them here, please.

    Nothing in this map is final, and the ultimate product requires repeated testing and your input! Please help out however you can!

    To play, select "Create Game" and search for "Withering Ridge" in the custom maps list! Map is presently only on the NA server, as I do not have an account on the other servers yet.

    -Map Image:
    N1=Natural w/ blocked geysers
    N2=Natural w/ 6 mineral patches
    E1=Corner expansion
    E2=Corner expansion
    E3=Expansion (6 minerals, 2 geysers)
    G2=Center gold expansion (8 minerals, 2 geysers)
    Rx=Destructible rocks
    W=Xel'Naga Watchtower

    For no annotations:


    Please play the map and give me feedback and replays. Thanks!


    Rationale in Map Design:

    Overall Dynamic:
    I wanted a map with somewhat long ground distances that could be considerably shortened by opening alternative paths via destructible rocks. The intent is for the terrain of the map to feel dynamic as the match progresses, rather than a static constant. Destructible rocks (in a set of 2) block a path into the main from the near gold expansion (G1). Additionally, rocks also protect a backdoor entrance through the high ground natural (N1). Additionally, the mains are relatively close by air, giving the players additional possibilities in shortening attack paths.

    The Natural Expo Dynamic:
    Because lengthy ground distances favor fast expanding and tech builds, I wanted to add an additional dynamic to the terrain that forces the player to make a crucial decision regarding their first expansion. As such, the two natural expansions have either blocked geysers (N1) or limited minerals (N2), meaning that the player must decide which resource is more important to their strategy, or whether they favor taking a further, more treacherous expansion at E1 or E2. Choosing N1 means that you will be expanding toward your opponent and be on low ground, making it slightly harder to defend, but the extra minerals will help deal with these problems in the early game. Choosing immediate gas places you in the more secure high ground, which also affords better protection of your expansion and backdoor, which is better suited for the fast tech sort of build you are likely going for if opting for gas over minerals. Either expansion also features a close, but less secure 3rd-base, and the layout of these bases is also intended to reflect the build choice you have likely selected.

    Other Dynamics:
    Additionally, because lengthy ground distance maps often result in longer games, I wanted to ensure plenty of resources to players who need to amass and replenish large armies. In longer games, economic advantages make a big difference, therefore controlling the central area of the map is crucial. The central expansions allow for very fast resource harvesting (8 high yield minerals, 2 geysers) and grant control of the main attack path. However, these expansions are difficult to defend. Controlling the Xel'Naga watchtowers grants vision over multiple attack paths and assists in defending the central area from attacks.


    Version 1.25:
    -Changed E3 from high yield to regular minerals. Still only 6 patches.
    -The high ground natural no longer has rock-blocked minerals.
    -The high ground natural (N2) has 6 mineral patches down from 8.
    -Many doodads added to the map for aesthetics and to reduce space available for cliff harassment.

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