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    ok, so i'm new here and i was wondering: I can't seem to get my lighting to do more than simply going lighter or darker, i was watching a couple video tutorials on the matter and they seemed to have the ability to change how other lights and light sources affect the terrain i.e. streetlights give a brighter light and more of a "glow" effect. but for some reason, i cant seem to get that feel i was trying to achieve.

    and while we're on the subject, the omni light doodads, they don't seem to do anything for me.

    i have a few theories; 1, that there's some stupid little display check box that i never checked 2, all my settings are on ultra+, but it may be my machine 3, i'm insane and this is not, in-fact, possible.

    thanks in advance.

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    ay0h, new here and there might already be a tout on it, if it can be done but i was wondering if there was a way to set different cameras to different players. if this is indeed possible, could someone please put up a 'torial on it?

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