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    Hey guys, i'm not really in this forum but i played Tank Wars 20 Rounds in row now and i must say the Phaser guns ( i think it called siphon or something like that) who increse your Shield and Energy are much to strong. Everybody is just using them. The Range is to long and when a Thor with 6 of them and Shield regeneration stands in front of you never have a change. I prefer more Cannon Guns, Machine guns but this Phaser guns just destroy the game. They aren't any value to use normal guys instead this Phaser guns.

    Yeah, the Home base Defence Towers are really weak too and the Health and Shield Guns (i call them Medic guns) should be put under the drone's Category. There also some dude's who play as full medic's in the game, that's awesome.

    I love this map, it is this kind of map i always prefer. One Unit to control, much Update capabilities and a nice war.

    Maybe you should stock it up to 4on4 or 5on5. And a new map with same substance. Something like a 2-2-1-1-2-2. After your base, left and right 2 take points, after this too, then a small canyon which must passed. Maybe compared like the Movie "300". :)

    But the most important point is this (i call them now...) stupid Siphon guns. Once you reconized it, you just use this gun. I suggest a range of 4 or 5 and less damage.

    Sorry for mah bad english. I look forward from a answer of the map maker :)

    best regards Phille. Germany.

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