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    Too many bottle necks.

    Quote from Victiln: Go

    @Silverstryke: Go

    it is for a 3vs3 hero/unit battle with siegetanks shops xp farming and the whole bundle - no building >:D

    I have not done any looking into on this project, but assuming you're planning on having a balanced game your terrain will be nearly impossible to work with concerning competitive play. The layout of the maps are all extremely range oriented which throws a mix into the balancing scene as far as utility, damage, and survivability goes. So with that in mind, having any melee units would be hard to balance. You would need to slap on zealot charge equivalent with no pathing issues, or something similar, to almost every melee unit. The reason I say charge is because from what I can tell a lot of the terrain on all the maps overlaps for intricate positional setups that heavily favor anything that has a blink. A last note on the issue of bottle necks is your mentioning of siege tanks. If you're mentioning the unit, then well cool stuff, if you're mentioning them having a siege ability, well... read the previous statements and you'll get where I'm going.

    Of the three maps symbiosis is the better of the three and will guaranteed have the most success with the masses of battle.net if chosen from that selection to be the debut map. The reasoning for that are the colors. Just how music can soothe the minds of people, allure them to your fine points, visuals in simplistic ways can too. I can clearly see and distinguish the quadrants of the map through the colors, which by the way are spot on for the setting. Lastly, sticking with a paternalistic setup of squares and 90ยบ turns will beat you across the head later on if competitive balance ever peeps its head into this game, but it has a plus side of keeping players aware of the situation due to them having very little to adapt to because of the mirrored setup and little change scenery.

    I also want to mention that I'm glad to see that a game is trying be visually appealing without the improper abuse of doodads like some other popular maps at the moment have done. SotIS is the my number one example of that. I don't have all the necessary photos/footage at hand at the moment to make a solid decision on the matter of ground terrain works, but from what I can see in your displayed photos it is done well enough to make most maps look like chumps in comparison.

    Anyhow, the map is pretty and your team seems pretty dandy at first glance from a passerby such as myself, so I'm sure with some effort you guys can whip up a scheme to make the balance work out alright, but the above paragraphs applying to the bottlenecks and such will stick to it pretty firmly assuming this ever shines to the point of competitive balance is an issue.

    I've ranted on long enough, too lazy to proofread this and apologies if any of the critiques were ignorant of any ongoing changes, etc.

    You get my stamp of approval! (for being the first map on this site to make me go to the work of logging in and giving my honest opinion to)

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    icefrog of the 2010s

    heh, maybe not that far of a leap, but this has potential!

    edit: or maybe the Eul? :p

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    If only this were NA ;/

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    Island Defense clone is out, author is Fromethius (NA servers), however the game suffers from the pop system as it just game out. Play it and get it up!

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    Interesting. I have experience shoutcasting. I'll send you a PM with further information.

    edit: scratch, The time wont work :/. Sounds fun though!

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