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    Check also:


    SC2 Game Options -> Gameplay -> Simple Command Card.    can cause many 'complex' buttons not to show up.


    In Data editor, the Button:   (Basic) UI:  Hides for Simple Text    enabled/disabled seems to control this (i think - looks right, but didn't double check).


    I would recommend is ALL maps using the following statements in the initialization trigger:


    Player - Override Enable Simple Command Card option for player (Picked player) to Disabled


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    OK so i will answer my own question ! Does that make me a Guru of Mapster?

    Add the following to Map Initialisation:

            Ping - Enable the ping panel for (All players)

    the help text says: "The ping panel appears when you hold down the ping hotkey. Outside of specific game modes (like melee and co-op) this is off by default. The panel appearing is controlled in the GameUI.SC2Layout file, this action only covers triggers responding to the pings."

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