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    Hello Leruster, I've noticed that you seem to know your way around importing, exporting, 3ds max, and other things. So I have a question for you. I have, for the most part, figured out how to use the m3addon in 3ds max, how to import, export models, unti, etc., and I am currently working on a project right now where I am need of some assets, namely, the Terran Bunker and either a siege tank or other vehicular unit. I have found a few vehicle assets that I believe will do just fine as examples to follow, but I am having a hard time finding a Bunker m3 file that I can use as well. Any ideas on where I could find one, or how I could import the file from where ever it may lie and transform it into a file importable by 3ds max? Any help would be amazing! Even if it's not the answer I am looking for. Also, I am self taught so far, but I have managed well thus far and would probably only have a few questions to any answers you may or may not have. Thanks


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    do you know where i can get terran bunker m3 file? Iam not sure where everyone is getting all of these files other than visiting peoples profiles and sifting throught their work. Do you know if anyone has a bunker file on sc2mapster? also, do you know of a way where i could find these files on my own and do all the work required to import them into, say, 3ds max? thanks

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