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    posted a message on <... Additional Pylons!> (Puzzle-RPG) Open Beta

    Hello everyone,

    I am Alimen Lin from Team Ion Pudding. We are a small team from Taiwan and we're trying to translate our map <... Additional Pylons!> into English.

    <... Additional Pylons!> is a puzzle-RPG map which allow 1 - 4 players join the adventure. Players have to use limited resources and place Pylons to the right place to beat the game. The map includes 22 stages and a light-weight storyline.

    You may find more information in
    or in my blog page
    or just checkout the trailer

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    The translation job is almost done. But, since English is not my mother tongue. We have some reading speed issues needs your help. All your suggestions are welcome.

    By the way, the chinese version of <... Additional Pylons!> is in the finals of the official custom map competition hosted by Blizzard Entertainment Taiwan Branch. If you like this map, please vote for us. I'll be very appreciate.

    The event page is
    You may follow the following steps to vote:
    1. Login by pressing the top right link

    2. Go to the voting section down below, select <... Additional Pylons!> and summit

    Thanks for your attention.

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