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    posted a message on Behaviour: Multiple Resource Type

    Hello; been trying to make a resource unit have more than one resource mined from the unit; I'm trying to make a special mineral that gives off 3 gas and 2 minerals. Right now, this is the ancher of building further right now, after searching and playing with the map editor for about five days. I would like to change the behaviour to allow mining of both gas and minerals within the same unit. I'll continue to play with it longer.

    If anyone has information about it, that would be awesome.

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    posted a message on Doragon Melee Maps - Development

    Update: I am almost done with the Lava Surges: The Lava Damage works excellent, however the random lava surges will take awhile to change... perhaps there will be a way to 'trick' the timers with random numbers; setting AI difficulties for player 15 between very easy to insane difficulties, in order to flux the numbers used to select the amount of time each surge. Might work on that.

    I am still searching how I can combine a gas and mineral harvest from one resource; able to obtain gas and minerals at once from a mine. The large crystals are disappointingly a turn off to me, when it comes to the model of it... I might use another char crystal model to replace it. Maybe not... we'll see.

    The Burning Flames as Vision Blurs/slow damage will be looked upon. However, the lava damage kills things very fast. Will need to make anew for the steady stream of damage.

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    posted a message on Umojan Catwalks - Making them Work

    @nolanstar: Go

    Yeah, played with Doodads before.

    Just discovered that you just had to set it up... that, and ignore replacement requirements, it seems. Made a bridge using multiple catwalk pieces. Worked just fine.

    Thank you for the advice. Made the bridge fit across an empty cavern. Seems less complicated than the tutorials advised about bridges.

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    posted a message on Umojan Catwalks - Making them Work

    been looking all around for a tutorial about it... found nothing to really help fully as to how to make Terrain objects work. I went to the Heart of the Swarms campaign map that held them, to find information as to how it works... I was left clueless still. Will try to look deeper in as to how to implement it, but...

    Right now, I am trying to make the Umojan Catwalks work, without lifting the terrain. They did so in the campaign, and there are bridges that allow this in Terrain Objects. So *shrug* been trying to do the same.

    The first object I am right now trying to make work, is the 6 x 6 Doodad Prop called "Umojan Lab Catwalk Section 45 Left Medium" into a bridge. The height code of the Terrain Object borrowing such model follows as such:







    The height coding reflects the unit squares that a unit is able to walk onto such platform, so I know the height is right in that scale. The As are the 0 height level 0s, and the Bs are the height level 1s. That means the path of A would be below ground level, with B being the first ground level (with C being the second ground height, and D being third). The catwalk is made to be the same level as the standard ground level in all but the gaps of the doodad object. Followed that thus far.

    Right now, the object is not loading the doodad model it has in the Data. That's one problem; the Terrain Object is only a standard point with a 6x6 border. Right now the object seems to not load the doodad model whatsoever. Trying to find out why that is...

    I also have a concern in mind: The catwalks are very small in size. What's worse, the campaign "Back in the Saddle" uses these Doodad Catwalks for the player to openly move on... but they are not Terrain Objects. There is no seen cliff under it... I'm trying to figure out how they have made such catwalks to work. Hopefully I will figure this out soon, but there seems to be no real tutorial for bridges... the Blizzard Tutorial was too cheap to explain bridges, instead raising a cliff with a road. Thanks Blizzard.

    I'll play with it a little... trying to make the catwalks work is annoying, after two hours.

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    posted a message on Doragon Melee Maps - Development

    Hello; I've been playing with the map editor from time to time, and I have a good grasp at the basics of the map editor. However, I still have troubles with some of the map editor, mostly the data and the few triggers (though have a better grasp with triggers). So, when I say I am building Melee-Based maps, the Melee of the maps are trigger held, with new natural units. You'll see in a second.

    Brief Description Doragon is a redstone-based Melee Tileset, currently being developed. It borrows some tile paint from Char, but only to match the char curtain (The lava fissures which conceal vision). The Tileset has new minerals to replace the standard mineral fields in many maps, including vespene geysers, and also adding new natural structures (similar to the Xel'Naga Tower). However, as of now, I'm working on the basic resources and map natural events.

    The Basic Terrain Points Lava Surges The Doragon maps all share rising lava, able to lift itself to the low, and even middle, ground levels within the map. the Lava rises have no adjutant to warn, rather having certain earthquakes and natural sounds (a dragon roar is heard when the lava is about to rise to a dangerous level, to become dangerous for players within the map. Each map counts for 45 seconds, before a randomizer chooses whether the lava will not rise, rise to middle and low ground level, or just rise to low level. There is also a randomizer that, after the random if/else trigger takes effect, than the trigger waits a random 45-180 seconds +45 seconds before a new lava eruption arrives again (1:30 minutes to 2:45 minutes before the lava rises again). There is a 30% chance that the lava will not rise to low level, with a 70% chance that it will: there is a 10% chance that it will rise to middle ground level as well. Currently playing with random integers and such to make the randoms work. Also trying to finally make the lavadamage behaviour work, since it is very iffy for me in terms of working. The lava rises are to implement constant micro management and better macro management in terms of bases.

    Burning Curtains The Doragon maps also have burning curtains; the curtains within Doragon maps are all fire-based, thus damaging any unit that is too close to the curtain by 2 damage a game time second. probably will use region triggers to cause such fire damage (and will be easily be implemented, once the lavadamage is finally solved to 100%). I might also have an additional damage of 0.5 hp damage a second for four game time seconds after leaving the area of the burning curtain. This is to add as a wall for players that use the curtains as a tactical advantage, however punish any who enter, pass, or are too close to them.

    Kurai Honoo Fields As the Mineral and high mineral fields are not within the game, a new mineral field is implemented within the game, codenamed Dark Flame Fields. they borrow the same model as the char crystals, having a one-by-one base. The minerals are only located on the low levels of the terrain, thus making harvesting structures upon the low ground to harvest too expensive. The resource amount is 1250 in total, and are placed usually upon or near the edges of cliffs. In turn, the minerals are numerous in number, and can be harvested faster than other resources. They also yield 6 minerals each harvest, and the harvest delay between collecting the mineral and bringing it to the harvest structure (such as a command center) has been change from .5 to .25 seconds. The rich minerals, although protected by random fluxes of lava surges, is fast to harvest and allows easy growth once players set a great base. The starting base will hold 7 mineral fields to allow a fast start in minerals.

    Kuro Crystals The vespene geysers are also replaced with codnamed Black Crystals. The Vespene geysers have (once I figure it out) 450 hp, and require units to damage them to 0 hp before harvesting (replacing the geyser-based race structures to harvest), having an armour of 2. All of the black crystals are placed upon the middle ground level, always (one vespene geyser maybe place at the starting location; probability that the starting base will have an easy access to middle ground level, thus most maps will probably not, if not all don't). The Black Crystals grows back 50% of its hp once lava rises to its level, thus requiring the player to damage it once again before harvesting. the black crystals require longer harvest to mine them; however, when mined, they give back 8 vespene and one mineral. This one will take 3 game seconds to harvest the black crystals (or 2.9. Probably 2.9). The black crystals are scarce n quantity in comparison the the Dark Flame Minerals, and are slower to harvest in general; however, they hold over 2650 gas in total, probably near 3000 as the final product (depends, really... will probably be 2650). This one is going to be the most troubling, due to the unit requiring death to be harvest unit, growing back its life when lava rises, and also giving both minerals and gas at once. This one may be highly impossible. Maybe not, I'll be playing with this one for a while until I can find a loophole.

    The Basic Problem, and Minor Ones the former three mentioned will be easy. the Dark Flame crystals are already finished and easy to use. Once the lava surge is finally solved as well, the burning curtains will also be solved as well. The problem right now, and the most complex, is probably the Black Crystals. I might need to use custom resources to allow harvest of both gas and minerals? I'm not sure. If not, then the crystals will just yield of 8 gas, and be a bit more numerous.

    If anyone can help with the Black Crystal's problem in terms of vespene and minerals, the rest of it will be probably be solvable (use of a structure dying and becoming a resource, lava comes to replace the resource into a structure (holding the same vespene/mineral count), giving back 50% of its health every time it is left unattended, etc). This unit will take a few days of figuring out within the editor to solve it, since I'm no expert. If you can also help with the random integers (although not necessary, since I can probably solve it) or the damage behavior (maybe need some help with that), that would be nice. I have only tested the set triggers with set times, and have not tested the random integers yet.

    Future Terrain Objects Siren Adjutant Again, the Adjutant will not be used to warn or tell you of the events (HOWEVER, I will add the adjutant as a natural structure, similar to the Xel'Naga Tower; this will have a timer set upon the structure to tell how long it will be until the lava rises, and when the timer does end, then she will warn you if it is a low terrain hazard or medium terrain hazard.

    Comsat Satellite This is another replacement for the Xel'Naga Tower. The Comsat Satellite will have a vision radius of 15-18, and hold 75 energy within itself. The comsat tower will be able to scan similar to a terran's orbital command, showing both vision anywhere upon the map and detection upon what is scanned. This will make towes require micro management on its own, to allow vast scouting vision. There might be a certain radius of about 75 as the maximum the can be cast... will need testing first.

    Nuclear Missile Silo This is for King-of-the-Hill based melee games. The central part of the map (or of the middle between the two opposing sides (or more than two) will hold a large silo containing nuclear armaments on their grasp. One form of missile is the the original Apocolypse-classed nuclear missiles, able to inflict 500 or 66% damage to any unit caught within its 15 blast radius. It takes 10-15 seconds for it to deploy, the silo can only hold a total of two, and require 300/300 minerals/gas. They are dependent upon seen vision in order for the nuclear missile to be sent, and the second one can not be deployed until 30 game seconds after it is launched. It takes 120 seconds for a missile to be built (10 longer than battlecruiser). The nuclear missiles have a minimum range of 15, and a maximum of 45-60 (thinking 45). The second form of missile, Mercer Class, will cause the lava to rise upon the middle ground more frequently,the low level ground being flooded by lava, and uncommon chances of high level ground to flood; the missile silo will be a few units higher than the rest of the high ground levels. It will require 2000/1000 resources to build, can not be cancelled, and takes 5-8 game minutes to complete. A timer will be set once the missile is being produced. This will force players that don't have the silo to become more aggressive, or find themselves easily terminated by the missile. The missile will be launched outside of the map, however the lighting of the world will change to an atomic one. This will require constant testing to get it right, but it would make a vastly interesting king of the hill gametype for melee-based games. This will be more so a psychological weapon than really a physical one at times. The low level will be safe to walk upon sometimes on rare occasions, however becoming a 10% event.

    Others On House Other applications and ideas are being looked upon for both Zerg and Terran based natural structures. Much of the zerg ones will be feral, and will perhaps use similar applications as a feral Brutalisk and Ash worms within certain maps. The Honey Combs are perhaps going to be used for paralyzing doodads that activate randomly to slow down speed and attack speed to 20% (a movement speed of 3 will be 0.6 movement). Other zerg implements will also be looked at. Most notably is the Gravel Worm (later explained). The Zerg natural structures will be offensive, feral based, and will be used to attack all players within the game. They will have scripted AI to survive the lava, similar to how the lava crabs do. The Terran based natural structures are used mainly for support, most notably terran cliffs to high or middle ground levels, levitating drone harvesters which send out PDDs when attacked by missile units and lands upon the ground to harvest certain minerals, and so forth. Many of these are to implement the map's general missions.

    Gravel Worm The Gravel Worm will be a feral zerg that is similar to the overmind, in which it is a massive structure. It constantly sends out impaler attacks upon individuals, produces feederlings (most likely feederlings) which travel the entire map, it randomly hunts down units by sending impaler strikes across the map to kill them, and so forth. The Gravel Worm is a spellcaster which gets energies by two ways: one, if impaler attacks make contact upon a unit; two, a player sacrifices their unit into its stomach pools, which are part of its massive body. The spells it uses includes sending out worm-like zergs to attack, mostly nydus worms and ash worms. The Nydus worms will launch out a zerg unit (will look to as of what), and does not produce creep. The Ash worms travel upon the ground similar to roaches, instead of popping from one location to another (however it can do that in short bursts, similar to a stalker blink). The Ash worms function similar to the Ash Worms in campaign, however also have a melee attack and claws. The gravel worm can also send out large amount of creep worms to grab units and structures, and send a random volley of impaler attacks upon players. It does not discriminate, and attacks all players randomly, yet equally. It can not be killed. The Gravel Worm will be the final staple produced unit, after everything else.

    As of Now I will work on the basic resources and map implements. Right now I feel the entire game to be based mostly on terran and zerg races... however I can see protoss implements that might be added in future time. The races will be entirely untouched, and the games will function as a normal melee game. Only some of the maps, including greed games, king of the hill games, and so forth will have the rest of the natural structures; the rest can be seen as 'natural add-ons' to change gameplay.

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