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    @SkrowFunk: Go

    Good job SkrowFunk, really awesome map! Very easy to learn and entertaining. I'm working on a TD map myself as well, I know this took you quite a lot of time :)

    Some feedback:

    • a bit too much and too big text for my taste
    • forced camera moves during the nydus event are getting annoying after a play or two, maybe provide a way to disable them? Why are they still on even in expert mode?
    • is there any incentive to spend 10 minute waiting for players in multiplayer? I mean, I found no difference in gameplay if you play it solo or with others, currently multiplayer only offers disadvantages: waiting to find players and lag. Maybe I missed something. A suggestion: leaks from a player can go to the next player or split them to all the rest of the players, so they have a chance to kill them.
    • try to find a way to boost replayability of the map, maybe some exp gain that gets stored between games, like Squadron TD is doing?
    • hot keys for upgrade buildings ("1", "2", "3", "4") do not work

    Anyways, thanks a lot for making this map!

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