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    I played on normal mode with my brother and two AI players

    • The AI players did not do anything
    • SCV kept giving up on harvesting the endless mineral patches
    • Lots of water patches above the height of the terrain...looked really weird
    • I think the high ground with the ramp and supply depot NW of your main should have the ramp facing in towards your base...it would be fun to fortify that and put key structures there
    • I only lasted 20 mins...I think I could of lasted longer, but I was messing around too much.
    • The attack waves were nicely done and scaled up nicely. I think the drone should be replaced with another zerg unit. Love the use of broodlings
    • I think the lighting should change over the course of the game...dusk, dawn, night, day.
    • You should include some more action-packed music!!
    • Loading screen was well-done. I always love loading screen to admire as the game loads in
    • I appreciate the heads up about the different units coming in the attack wave.
    • Is there any type of abandoned terran city on the map...I wasn't able to explore the entire map, but I would think that would be a cool touch
    • I think the factory should be closer to your starting point so it doesn't take so long to lift and move
    • The amount of objectives were confusing. It was my first time...but do completing any of the objectives give you more power-ups or resources???

    Overall, this map has amazing potential and is already a lot of fun to play. I am hoping to play again this weekend and will have more feedback to give!!

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    posted a message on Bi-Weekly Testing Thread #4: Stranded on Krydon Renewed by R0binicus

    Looking forward to testing this one out!! I missed the last one and felt like a slacker!! Sorry Domper!

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