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    Star Kart 2: Race of Liberty


    The sequel to Star Kart: Brood Race. Years have passed, but the wounds of the Brood Race are far from healed. The colonies founded by Earth’s exiles are struggling to rebuild following a devastating race with two hostile alien species.


    You will be racing 3 laps against your own time or up to 8 opponents, using items and boosts to get ahead. Each time you play you earn points that can be spent to unlock up to 17 total vehicles as well as upgrades. The amount of points you can earn increases with the number of players in the game and the rank you score in.


    This game is terran based and playable with just a Wings of Liberty account, but know that Star Kart II: Race of the Swarm is coming out soon (fully zerg themed) and will require its respective expansion.


    Futzbuckle, Ithos

    Search for Star Kart 2: Race of Liberty on the arcade now and get playing!

    -A tribute to Azeroth Grand Prix from warcraft 3.

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    Thanks for the help guys i figured it out.

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    Im trying to recreate a ranking system similar to that of a racing game where a dialog tells you what "place" you're in, for example first, second, or third. Ive already simplified everything down to a comparison of a single value for each player, I just need to be able to determine the biggest value, and then the second biggest value, and so on until every player has been accounted for. So I have a set of numbers, representing player scores, that need to be compared. I need to be able to determine the player responsible for a given value, as well as its ranking among the others within the set, from biggest to smallest.

    I looked up some sorting techniques and tried one that had me run 3 loops within each other, with the outer loops' number determining the boundaries of the inner loops. My issue is I dont have a grasp on what they are doing which makes it hard to work with them. I understand how a loop works, but Ive never had to run 3 within each other with variable bounds before.

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