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    posted a message on The Sleeping Beast - Timelapse Video/Workflow from WTE#118

    Hi! Great Work. Can you upload this map somewhere? And/Or make few pictures for wallpapers for example :)

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    posted a message on Make individual supply for each race

    Disclaimer: Tried to look for a solution everywhere including this forum. No results so far.

    Hello SC2Mapster forum. I am currently trying to learn how the editor and map making process works, and I am trying to make a simple melee map so that a single player may be able to control all 3 races. But, as i can see, Blizzard did some weird thing: they unified the supply for all races, so, if you play all races at once they'll use the same supply. But SC1 has no such thing. The supply there was actually correctly split among all races, and in the user interface, there were three indicators for each race supply.

    So, you probably get an idea, i need to somehow make individual supply for each race, and ofc. limit them to 200 individually for each race.

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