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    Im trying to write a simple AI but I cant get it to do anything. I added an action to call my own trigger which just prints a message to the screen (so i know its being called directly), set the computers harvesters to mine nearby minerals and then it instructs the computer to train a probe using AITrain (ive set the player properties so the computer will always be protoss) but it doesnt train probes.

    So is there a recent guide that explains how to get started in AI development in sc2?

    everything ive found skips over the "setup" phase which is where Im stuck. in particular, ive downloaded an mpq editor and have poked around inside of the AI galaxy script files, but how do i create my own AI in the same way? for example, if i removed all of the internal code from all of the Zerg0...Zerg5 files and replaced it with some code to just create 2 extractors when the game starts, how would I then run that on a map without replacing the Zerg0...Zerg5 files that already exist, so that my AI would exist alongside the default one?

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