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    Quote from Kueken531: Go

    I would use the custom value of the unit, or probably add charges to the unit via trigger.

    You know, I've never actually used custom values of units before so that just skipped right over my head. Thanks.

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    Quote from SouLCarveRR: Go

    @Kueken531: Go

    That is how i would go about doing it. Should be good enough.

    How would you go about tracking the damage done to a building in a normal melee game situation? The first thought that came to me when I considered it was to put 1 stack of a behavior on the constructing building for each point of damage taken, but that obviously has some issues.

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    The Problem

    I need to be able to, using the trigger editor, return (as a real) the build progress of a given structure under construction. I am not looking for construction events (such as started/cancelled/complete), but a real that represents a % completion.

    Getting training/research progress turns out to be easy enough, but getting the progress of any given building under construction seems to be a secret art. I imagine there may be a simple function that eludes me, but searching the usual sources of information didn't turn up anything very useful. Most times this question was posed it just got lost without ever being answered and other times people suggested "hacks" or "work-arounds" to similar problems.

    If anyone knows how to go about obtaining this information, sharing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I actually recreated the Pudge hook in one of my little hero game maps a while ago. It's different enough from those posted and might be useful for somebody since it is a fun ability, so I thought I'd post it. There are some key differences from Kueken's instantiation.

    What it does do:

    • Uses only the data editor, no triggers
    • Extends towards target point
    • Attaches to the first unit it contacts
    • Pulls the contacted unit to the caster immediately
    • Pulls the target through obstacles it's normally too big to fit through
    • Damages the unit on impact
    • End after a couple seconds if the target can't reach the caster

    What it doesn't do:

    • Return to the caster if it fails to contact a unit
    • Pull a unit over/through a wall or cliff

    The hook could easily be altered to make a return pass if it misses on its way out, or just return visually with no hooking action (it's just personal preference). You'd need to check the Return flag on the missile, give it a Return Mover, and alter the Tentacle actor's destroy event.

    Making a unit go through a wall or cliff if it cannot fly is something I haven't figured out how to do on the fly using the data editor with any possible unit. I imagine it'd be accomplished through moving the unit actor and not the unit until the very end, but that's just a guess. The problem will be solved by someone smarter than myself, or Blizzard allowing movement flags to be changed on the fly.

    Hope this is helpful to someone.

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    posted a message on Custom Map Review Panel

    I'm pretty stoked about anything that helps promote custom maps outside of the popularity system. Trying new maps in this fashion would help do this in addition to showing what makes a map enjoyable, or even great.

    If find yourself needing a reviewer or just a body, I'd definitely be willing to cough up a phone number and be on demand.

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    Quote from Bounty_98: Go

    @urashimakt: Go

    Bounty no map no mo

    I refuse to believe that.

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    posted a message on [Video] SC2 Prophunt - New custom map beta test
    Quote from Bounty_98: Go

    I'll just leave this here

    Well, sure, but the benefit to having his map as well is next week he might still be improving it while we're enjoying Bounty's 8th new project of the month.

    Also, that outhouse was pretty pro.

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    posted a message on Technogicians: Multiplayer Feedback Requested


    Ever play a sniper/paintball style map on Brood War, WC3, or SC2? If you have, you'd have a good handle on the general idea behind Technogicians. You're plopped down into a map where your vision isn't great, everyone around you wants to kill you, and your main weapon is a directional missile.

    Supporting 2-14 players, Technogicians differs from traditional sniper staples in that it prefers variety, fast-paced action, and hilarious circumstances. To that effect, it has an implemented voting system to allow the players direct control over just how fast the action is and instead of one hero with one ability set or multiple heroes each with their own ability set, you are allowed to mix and match 1 ability each from 6 ability pools and several cosmetic avatars to differentiate yourself from your opponents.

    Initial voting:
    The full selection (in order: Grenades, Defensive, Vision, Ultimate, Movement, and Misc):
    Down to the last choice (even mapmakers can succumb to memes):

    Choosing an avatar:
    The game remembers your avatar each round:

    The result of allowing the player to choose to pair abilities (and the abilities maintaining a certain level of balance and synergy) is the option to choose from 4096 combinations (with the current pool depth of 4, that number will only grow as I find spare time). What strategy and skills you want to work with is completely up to you, so hopefully every player can find their own comfortable play style or be able to satiate their thirst for variety each round.

    I mentioned hilarious spontaneity and I meant it. Ultimate abilities were designed with this goal in mind and the outcome has been generally difficult-to-perfectly-use attacks with the capacity to whiff or one-shot (whether it's you or your opponent who will be one-shot can be difficult to predict) or anything in between. Additionally, an item called a Randomizer will spawn every 90 seconds during a round at a random location that, when destroyed, grants a Technogician a random beneficial buff.

    An example ultimate ability, Unstable Singularity:

    Of course, ultimates and Randomizers aren't required for every humorous situation.

    Mutually Assured Destruction

    While the production value doesn't hold a candle to some Hero Arena maps popularized by SC2M-goers, the fun to be had playing Technogicians with a friend or 13 turned out to be significant enough to push me to make this post. If you're interested, I suggest doing a manual search for "Technogicians" as the popularity list is a harsh mistress for new maps. Bring a friend or hop in it alone to take a look at the controls/abilities. You are also welcome to add me (Weilhart.793).

    Preview image:
    Loading screen (art by Blizzard's Samwise, signature sadly gets cropped by B.Net on some monitor resolutions):


    Punisher Grenade - Fires an explosive shell up to 10 meters or until it collides with an enemy unit, dealing 30 damage upon detonation.

    Longrunner Grenade - Fires an explosive shell up to 20 meters or until it collides with an enemy unit, dealing 30 damage upon detonation. Moves slightly faster than Punishers but has a longer cooldown.

    Smart Grenade - Fires an artificially intelligent explosive shell up to 10 meters or until it collides with an enemy unit, dealing 20 damage upon detonation. If it reaches its maximum distance, it deploys and briefly chases the nearest enemy to deal 10 damage.

    Concussive Grenade - Fires an explosive shell up to 10 meters or until it collides with an enemy unit, dealing 15 damage and reducing movement speed by 60% for 2 seconds upon detonation.


    Temporal Displacer - Grants an aura for 8 seconds that slows nearby enemy missiles.

    Regenerative Shield - Protects the Technogician for 3 seconds, reducing the next enemy attack's damage by 10. If hit while the shield is up, the Technogician will regenerate 10 health over 5 seconds.

    Predation Field - Generates a cloaking field for 10 seconds, granting partial invisibility and preventing the Technogician from being detected or triggering traps.

    Orb of Darkness - Creates a sphere with a radius of 6 meters for 10 seconds. While within the sphere, the Technogician is completely immune to all forms of detection, radar, and visibility.


    Satellite Scan - Reveals an area of radius 12 anywhere on the map for 10 seconds.

    Extrasensory - Grants tracking of enemy units within 15 meters for 10 seconds.

    Blinding Flare - Reveals the immediate area with a radius of 16 meters around the Technogician for 10 seconds, revealing any cloaked units in the area. Any enemy units within 8 meters when Blinding Flare is used are blinded, preventing them from seeing more than 1 meter away for 4 seconds.

    Sensor Bot - Creates a sensor bot with a vision radius of 8. Persists until destroyed.


    Tactical Strike - Calls down a nuclear strike anywhere on the map. The strike takes 4 seconds to prepare and deals more damage the closer a target is to the epicenter, up to 100.

    Enfeeble - Reduces the movement speed of target enemies within an area with a radius of 3 meters by 2 per second for 5 seconds. The target takes 50% increased damage for the duration.

    Rune of Entrapment - Creates an area with radius 5 that drains life 20 life from trapped enemies over 10 seconds. Any enemy that attempts to leave the area before the effect is finished becomes stunned for 3 seconds.

    Unstable Singularity - Creates an unstable singularity at the target point. After 3 seconds, the singularity collapses and slows all targets within a 5 meter radius by 90% for 5 seconds at which point all affected units are dealt damage. Damage is more severe the further away each unit is from the epicenter, up to 60.


    Locomotion - Builds up a +5 movement bonus over 3 seconds. The entire effect lasts 5 seconds.

    Scoot and Shoot - Grants a passive +1 movement bonus. Shooting a grenade negates the bonus for 3 seconds.

    Berserker Rage - Dealing and receiving damage causes an application of Berserker Rage, stacking up to 5 times. Each stack increases movement speed by .4. Effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.

    Leg Augmentation - Suppresses all movement impairing effects for 5 seconds.


    Trap Card - Lays a trap that becomes undetectable after 2 seconds, at which point any enemy who moves into the trap will become unable to move for 3 seconds. Lasts 45 seconds or until activated.

    Repulsor Flux - Creates a field that deals 10 damage and forces enemies within 5 meters away from the Technogician. Enemy missiles caught in the effect are destroyed.

    Force Barrier - Creates a barrier that lasts 7 seconds and impedes movement of ground units. Missiles treat the barrier as a wall.

    Zero-Point Recall - Creates a point to which the Technogician can recall to within 15 meters. The recall point lasts 30 seconds or until used.

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    Quote from xenrathe: Go

    @RahnSCII: Go Quote:

    Though I find it a bit ironic that the bosses least resembling WoW bosses are the ones that are being received better.

    I would suggest that this is true because WoW bosses tend to have a large amount of auto-attack. Even those with many phases or additional elements still use auto-attack as a baseline offense. While this sorta works (and is in fact necessary to give meaning to the accumulation of rare gear) with WoW and WoW's tank<>healer<>DPS role triangle, I don't believe it's the ideal approach for non-MMO bosses.

    As long as your game is built for it, auto attack complicates the special abilities pleasantly. It's the difference between "Oh, I have to dodge these?" and "Oh, I have to dodge these and NOT LET THE BOSS KILL THE HEALER?" But I do agree that not every map needs the boss to swing at you.

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    Quote from Forge_User_20974461: Go

    And noone thinks to the poor bibendus :|

    I've got to say, your boss was very beautifully done! Very impressed. If we were judging on a complete package, you'd be my choice bar none! My favorite here, however slightly so, is the Smash TV boss. The combined visuals and implementation of patterns in his abilities are amazing.

    And for shame picking on Bounty. He's very obviously chock full of artistic talent and he did create a brand new boss very much in the spirit of WoW. Find his pros and not his cons.

    Also, thanks for the front page link. The content in these solo boss projects makes my hero defense look bland! However, if each boss I made looked as great as the ones in here the map would probably take several hours, lol.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    posted a message on [Data] Trigger-free Leap

    @vjeux: Go

    I remember that, and having tested both I'd have to say this one's purtier. That's mostly because of the parabolic mover, but it's cool to see implemented nonetheless. Two things I noted, btw:

    1) I made my own parabolic mover and copied the values you listed here into them. It had some strange results occasionally, so I copied the mover from your map exactly and plugged that in, worked much better. Not sure what the difference was, but I don't think it was input error. I checked doubly!

    2) The suppress collision DOES work. I was so baffled that it wouldn't that I tried it myself. Make sure that you've applied it to the leaping unit and all units near the target area BEFORE the teleport happens. Other than that I'm not sure what could mess it up!

    Again, thanks. This is a really cool and simple non-trigger leap solution.

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    @WildPickles: Go

    That's strange, I have an ability that swaps the location of two units using that no collision thing and it seems to work for that. Eventually you'll find a full-fledged solution, I'm sure.

    Edit: Actually, Riley might've been on to something. What if you teleport the invisible hero first and then send the leaper missile to the location of the hero instead of the target point of the ability? It may not still go exactly where you want it, but at least the missile won't land and spawn the hero somewhere else. You'd have to launch the missile from something else other than the hero and I don't have experience with that, but I imagine it's possible. Launch Location = Source Point instead of Source Unit? Not sure if the Source Point is where the ability was first cast from or if it's always where the caster is at.

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    @RileyStarcraft: Go

    That's assuming your target location is clear to begin with. What you can do is make a behavior that suppresses collision and give this to the leaper and all units around the leap location right at the time of teleporting. They'll all be in their correct location and sort out the collision problem when the behavior wears off.

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    Quote from Millenium7: Go

    I stumbled across this thread wondering why the [insert appropriate wording] isn't this working correctly. For the past 3 hours i've been trying to get my inventory management working. But even following exactly what you've posted it does not work. After a huge amount of debugging i've determined theres absolutely nothing wrong with my numbering system.

    In my map the ONLY thing I want to do is remove and re-add all items to the player hero after revive. The reason is if a hero dies, and is revived, then any stat modifiers (such as equipping an item that gives +2 damage) will not apply, until that item is moved/recreated/picked up again The only important bits are

    Variable - Set ItemType = (Unit type of (Picked unit))

    Variable - Set ItemSlot = (Inventory Slot of (Picked unit))

    Variable - Set ItemContainer = (Inventory Container of (Picked unit))

    Unit - Remove (Picked unit) from the game

    Unit - Create one ItemType item in the inventory of herodead

    Unit - Move inventory item (Last created inventory item) to slot ItemSlot in container ItemContainer

    I don't need any external variables. The slot numbers match up, so if I have for example a basic assault rifle in slot number 2, it should note it, destroy the existing item, give the hero a new one, and then move it to 2. The last command 'move inventory item' DOES NOT WORK. I've tested it thoroughly, infact what seems to be even more strange is the only number that works with the command, is number 9. I've tried moving an item from slot 0 up to slot 100. The only number that moves the item, is number 9. Very very strange

    Any help here?

    Hi Millenium,

    It looks as though you've done some testing to see why the trick isn't working, since I don't use any variables for slot/container or remove the items from the game, and I applaud you for trying to crack down on this. If I understand you correctly, you are (without killing your hero) saving the position of the item in terms of slot/container and the type of the item, then throwing the item away, putting a new one in the inventory, and moving it. You are experiencing an issue where the item is not always being moved (but you are NOT receiving an error message about invalid slots/containers/items). Correct me if any of that is wrong!

    I will start by saying that I too, have experienced a problem where the item will not obey the move action when it is being moved from a container to the SAME container. If you are experiencing this same issue, lemme know. If you are only using a single inventory, I have a solution for you: Do the trick in my tutorial, but instead of skipping over empty slots in the array while filling the inventory back up, fill the supposedly empty slots with a dummy item. After all the items have been placed, go back through and remove all dummy items. You'll have to ensure that whatever dummy item you are placing in any slot can fit there (might need a dummy item for each item class).

    However, if you're using multiple inventories (like I do in my map), I have devised a different solution to the problem that I haven't tested yet. I will test it and get back to you on it ASAP. Please let me know if any of this is useful information or if you find out anything new so I may improve my tutorial.

    Edit: There's definitely an issue with the Move Item action. It may freak out when trying to move an item to a location in a complex container or it may freak out when moving an item to a slot with a specified item class requirement. Since it sounded like you had a slot (9) in the same container as other slots, where 9 worked and the others didn't, it's probably the item class restriction. I'll put it through more rigorous testing later, but any more information you can offer would be awesome. Until then, filling empty slots with dummy items, then removing them, is the way to go.

    After removing everything from a complex container, I'm almost certain it's a bug between the Move Item Action and containers. The container and slot numbers are 100% correct, so I'm just not clear on it. ANY info that you can produce on why you've got a single slot that works would be great.

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    posted a message on [Contest] WoW Boss

    There's definitely valid points for and against sharing the entirety of your work, and I respect that Bibendus doesn't want to release his engine so that a thousand mockups pop up overnight. However, I'd suggest just trying to make your out-of-context boss fight as fun as possible even if it means sprucing up a throw-away hero a little. What I wouldn't suggest is making a video of a version of the fight that won't be publicly available. People can play your actual map to experience that.

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