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    I just released beta version in Battle.net (EU) and also uploaded map to project page for nonEU dudes.
    I would be glad to get atleast some feedback. Oh and you can choose from different ammount of lives like EternalWraith suggested.

    Known issues:
    - Movement is still clumsy
    - If two motherships collide they might be stuck for awhile.

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    In Sentryman player tries to collect all minerals from map and avoid evil motherships.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/w8C8OBPNwWs?fs=1

    (New video is being uploaded atm)

    Other things coming before stable release:

    • Preview image (This still needs tuning)
    • Nicer point dialog
    • Super Minerals which will make motherships to run away.
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