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    posted a message on Suggestion to SC2M

    @Sixen: Go

    They are probably referring to it taking 3 steps in the browser to DL a map. It would be kinda nice to have the option of just one click to D/L the map from the listing. Right now you have to go:

    main page with list of maps -> map info page -> download info page -> download

    Just give the option to download off the main list of maps. ie

    Main page with list of maps -> download (without leaving main list)

    I realize there is useful info there, but would be nice to have the option to skip it and just get the map sometimes.

    Edit: NM didnt read first half

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    posted a message on Reconsidering an ability on my hero

    @ProxyTooMuch: Go

    Could just go with the basic energy regen delay, so he has a good regen speed but only after not casting for a certain amount of time.

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    posted a message on House MD

    @devilesk: Go

    Good show, after watching a handfull of episodes though it kinda loses its appeal to me. TBH. Much better then 90% of the garbage on TV. But that isn't really saying much.

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    posted a message on MMO Ryzom Open Source

    @Sixen: Go

    They probably have different licenses so you can use the open source one to make open source stuff (if its an open source license), or free version to make non-commercial stuff. But then allow you to purchase a regular license so you don't have to release your source code. That way you can develop without the overhead cost of the engine, but have to pay them to legally release your product for retail (at least without source if its open source).

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    posted a message on Shared hero exp

    @Antimatterthunder: Go In the Behavior - Veterancy

    there is a field called - Shared Fraction, and Shared Radius. The Radius works for me for nearby units. But you probably need it to be 350 if you are using full size map to reach diagonals across the map. The fraction should be 1 if you want everything to get full xp.

    Also on each unit on the unit tab has a stat Data - Kill Experience. Which is how much xp that unit gives on its death.

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    posted a message on Removing Shield delay from being hit?

    @ravenkaizer: Go

    As in the recharge delay after it is hit? its on the unit tab under

    (None) - Shield regeneration delay

    on my monitor full screen its near the bottom (with scroll bar at the top)

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    posted a message on Map Protection

    @Xtek: Go If they plan to have maps you can sell then it seems certain that there will be map protection, as if you could get the map you could just edit it a bit, rename and rehost it for free, with almost no effort.

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    posted a message on Accessing a Custom Ability Via Triggers?

    @Pinworm45: Go

    If you just want the units to continue attacking you can.

    Terrain editor -> layers - Add point. Name it something. like PlayerAttackTarget


    In your 'unit uses ability' trigger, you can move the point you made to where the ability targets.

    {Add action

    Move Point (set to PlayerAttackTarget or whatever you named it) To (Triggering Ability Target)

    Turn on the next trigger you are going to make.}

    Create New trigger. Set it to off initially (so it doesn't start sending units right away). This trigger will tell units to attack the point you made.

    {Set an event like Unit becomes idle, or every 5 seconds. Then set it to

    Issue order

    UNIT: set it to all units (every 5 seconds), or triggering unit (if using idle units).

    ORDER:ORDER TARGETING POINT - change it to this it doesnt default to this - it starts as ORDER:ORDER WITH NO TARGET

    ABILITY COMMAND set to attack

    TARGET POINT set it to the point you made earlier, and move using trigger. } _

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    posted a message on [Event Bug] Unit - Any Unit starts attacking

    @JeffQ: Go

    I think events are dodgy for rapid things. I have an event that triggers when any unit uses an ability and it bugs out when a medic is healing, which is probably spamming the trigger.

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