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    Hello Guys,

    Today I'll be finalizing most of the work on the Talon Empire.

    Some last assets are still to come, in order to complete all stuff modelwise.

    After that its time to take some time on buttons, Portraits... somewhere in the future this is also set to arrive, but I've not yet gotten plans nor time to take all this on at once.


    However, with above statement said: please hereby find the Special Model pack at promised.

    Featured: New version of the Cyber Hunter, Lancer, Volchron the Hunter, Golem (Alpha version), Vaporizer, Scout, Harbinger Shrine, Vaporizer Emplacement.

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    a new pack with several Talon alternate unit model is up!

    Via usage of the Collection Page in-game these models can also be swapped if installed.


    Talon Unit Pack 2 (MP Alternates)

    There's alternate models for: Zealot (2x), Adept, Stalker, Immortal, Colossus.

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    Helle everyone,


    Its been a while but I've not been slacking around :P

    I've been cooking up some models based on other Talon assets.


    I hereby present a new update for the trusty front-line Talon Hunter and a new fearsome creature known as the Golem.


    Talon Hunters


    Talon Golem

    New image to be entered


    Next to these two uploads I'm working on a number of buildings.

    I have a Forge coming up very shortly, also I'm putting the dots on the 'i' for a Talon Gateway and Cyber Core.

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    In reply to DaveSpectre122:

    Yeah thats the one :) which reminds me, this morning before work I got to take a look at the icons. Nice work. Next update release of the extension mod will have them enabled aswell as most unit icons. 


    Yeah I feel ya. When stuff like that doesn't work properly its a real pain in the ass.

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    Hello guys, Here I am back with a minor update.

    As some of you have observed I've been away for a while. The reason is that I've suffered technological issues (fancy for computer broke down). In the mean time I've gotten myself a new heavy-duty machine and in several off-days have been gathering and continue working some of the last Talon assets aswell as  compiling a mod. More info on that follows.

    Later today when I'm back home I plan to upload some assets and start work on somehow enabling you to enjoy the mod. I'll also answer some questions and posts I've seen around.


    Yours sincerely,


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    As a sidetrack: a request for an Aiur-version of the Lancer.

    Two versions created: A common grunt bearing the colors of its brigade.

    And a Female Elite, who's appointed to te charge of the next missions.


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    Just a quick update. Working on the Dark Templar unit, which in Talon will be known as the Acolyte.

    Attached is a preview. 'She's nearly done, some work on the textures still. But her design is overall complete.


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    Quote from EDHRIANO >>

    That Talon Vaporizer look badass !

     Thanks man! Personal opinion: Try giving it an awesome beam-attack with turret rotation setup in the editor. I think it makes the Vaporizer even more badass :)
    Quote from AlexO6 >>

    I really like your take on the Core and Disruptor!

     Thanks! I'm hoping the Mothership will also be to your liking :)
    The Disruptor I release a version in its current state. Maybe I will create another version that features some more plating, but I'll have to see.
    And for a new unit:
    Talon Mothership
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    Hi guys,

    I'm pleased to announce work is in full swing again. First off two more Talon weapons of war have entered the battlefield.

    Talon Vaporizer


    Talon Mothership Core



    Furthermore I've been working on the Mothership, attached below a first-impression. Its not yet fully complete. some effects aren't working as I want them to. But I wouldn't want to withhold a preview of the work so far. Next to the Mothership I've been cracking heads on how to tackle the Disruptor. The actual model doesn't allow loading into Blender making it difficult, but I found some surprising abilities within the Sentry and used some parts of both that and the Oracle to create a makeshift Disruptor-like design. Its still very basic (and not yet sure how detailed I want it to be).

    But some progress there.


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    Hello Guys 'n Gals,

    If upload size permits, please hereby find the Talon Building Pack.

    Talon Building Pack



    The Talon Building Pack brings the full complement of Talon structures all at once. This includes the normal operational buildings, a placement hologram and the warp-in animations.

    Includes: Citadel, Pylon, Assimilator, Portal, Cyber Core, Forge, Particle Cannon (2 variants), War Council, Archives, Shrine, Stargate, Fleet Beacon, Robotics Facility and Robotics Bay.


    Download Link

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