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     Haha, noo that I dont mind at all. My apologies if I may have expressed myself wrongly. I think its very cool what you're doing with this.
    Keep it up man!
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     Hahaha, I see what you did there XD!  Cool man!
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    Hiya guys!  At long last I'm pleased to bring out the first mission for my Starcraft: Time Splitters campaign. Its my first project in the map making business.


    • Here you can give me feedback on the missions (and/or the mod).
      Please report bugs that you come across, however please take a small look at the bottom of this post because there's several thing I'm already aware of.
    • Also, please let me know what you think about the map. What do you like, what do you think requires attention.
    • If you happen to have suggestions or ideas I'm also open for them.

    I hope you have fun playing.





    [Edit] Required mod-file and first map now uploaded and awaiting approval.



    Known issues

    - Some units may have wrong/no death effects


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    Quote from Alleyvipersc2 >>

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    I love the healing bot, to use it as a helmet.
     Every time I see it I have to think about Bastion from Overwatch
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    These all look pretty sweet AV. A general amongst Terran modeing XD.

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    Just came across this again.

    It made me feel reminiscent to... I dont know.

    However, with that being said, I have the funny impression that even though the website has changed and believed inferior, content by the community is eveolving in rapid rate.


    Once more then I'd like to say.


    THANKS to all the authors as well as users of all this site still has to offer. Together we keep the spirit alive!

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     We'll do man!
    and as promised, an update on Sin-Ar. Still some effects to be sorted out and not all animations are accounted for, but I'd say she's about 85 / 90% complete. I should mention, the teamcolor used in the images is Orange and affects the blade and backplate spikes, however some crystals on her armor are plain RGB orange.
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    Hi there guys 'n gals,


    To tickle your fancy, this time around its more a 'what if Sin-Ar had the best of the Purifier technology'. Sin-Ar is a prime Hero in Noir Automata, fighting the Purifiers. Her redesign shows a re-imagining of what a Purifier enhanced tough warrior could look like, incorporating aspects of what makes the Purifiers unique.

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    I would've liked to drop some new images here. But for some reason any images in the images folder on this site are completely USELESS FOR ANYTHING!

    What is this?!??

    The damn things download straight to my personal folder --> not needed, and extremely annoying.

    And when I want to link to their core path "http://yaddayadda.jpg". it just redirects me to the main images folder on this site over and over --. ALSO USELESS.

    Guess for now attachments must do...

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    Hello Guys,

    Today I'll be finalizing most of the work on the Talon Empire.

    Some last assets are still to come, in order to complete all stuff modelwise.

    After that its time to take some time on buttons, Portraits... somewhere in the future this is also set to arrive, but I've not yet gotten plans nor time to take all this on at once.


    However, with above statement said: please hereby find the Special Model pack at promised.

    Featured: New version of the Cyber Hunter, Lancer, Volchron the Hunter, Golem (Alpha version), Vaporizer, Scout, Harbinger Shrine, Vaporizer Emplacement.

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