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    posted a message on [Data] Unit: Gain Energy While Attacking
    Quote from MrZ3r0: Go

    To gain energy while attacking, simply just go and pick your unit, to the right, search for the field: energy leeched by damage dealt and change the value.

    U can do the same for damage taken and life gain.

    hahaha lol

    Thats another way of doing it :P

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    posted a message on "User created maps not allowed"

    Blizzard has disabled or enabled certain features to fix all the problems there having, there methods are a little different though, instead of releasing a service update, there shutting down the tracets that require connection to these features temporarily, this includes user made maps.

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    posted a message on Lost connection to gateway?

    Im trying to publish a map, but it keeps telling me i lost connection to a gateway, anyone else getting this?

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    posted a message on Leaderboard?

    Hello! Im working on a sniper map, and im kind of new to these multiplayer minigame type maps (Usually doing campaigns) And i was wondering if someone could explain the basics of the leaderboard.

    Or more specifically, I need a trigger that will simply add a point to the leaderboard to that player if he kills the other players ghost, however there is only an option to set a point, and I cant do additions because it needs a base value.

    But really, I dont know where to start, I cant even seem to get the leaderboard to show any information at all.



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    posted a message on WIP:Volksy's second campaign map: The Lava Swarm

    I know, cheesy name, but here it goes. I'm working on another campaign map, so far its half way completed. So I'm going to show you guys what I'm up to, this time, the campaign will be much better then the last, and also a lot longer :) ehh, not to mention a tad bit more challenging :)

    General Idea: -Use limited forces as you battle your way through swarms of Zerg, using the money you get from killing them to request reinforcements to help you - but be careful, lose your warp prism, and lose your reinforcements :)

    -Killing the 3 hatcheries will end the scenario in Victory... For now.... I plan to later add more to the scenario, Perhaps a cerebrate that attacks? And has a BOSS BAR? :D

    Here is the basic rundown. You start with 4 zealots and a hero immortal. Using a warp prism, you can use a custom AI to select what you want to warp in. You can choose from either 4 Stalkers, 4 zealots 3 Sentry's, or a combination of high/dark templar (1&1) In order to do this, you must have your warp prism in phase mode, and your hero near warp prism. Clicking the custom UI button will initiate the warp in.

    Now on to our hero unit. We have here is a immortal named Duramis, a powerful immortal that is equipped with a special cannons capable of firing Ion Blasts. This powerful ability is capable of eliminating anything in its area of effect, and can be used in a far range, however, it has a 120 second cooldown, and be warned, it also can hit your own units (Witch can really make the campaign difficult) This is demonstrated in the below video.

    Now back to warp ins. These warp ins cost minerals, so how do you obtain such minerals without a base? Well, this is not very original, but killing units will get you minerals, allowing you to warp in on the spot. I also incorperated Text Tags, witch will tell you how much minerals you get from a kill.

    Heres a video demonstrating most of this :)

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/l3db62jXBN8?fs=1

    So, here is a overall view of the campaign

    What you will see in the campaign -Alternate method of getting reinforcements without constantly building them. -Enhanced UI (Use of text tags - Use of UI buttons) -Clever event triggers -Further enhanced tranmissions (Based on leaked campaign videos) -Use of AI (If I can figure it out)

    Current Problems: -Request reinforcements triggers are REALLY buggy. -Need to work on terran little more. -Need to further work on the hero immortals special ability (Ion Blaster) -Need to balance out some of the units. -Some triggers need small tweaks.

    Download will be available once I complete a rough version of the map.

    So what do you guys think, have any suggestions? feedback? let me know!

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    posted a message on Whats wrong with this unburrow trigger?

    It just wont work, and I don't know why, I can seem to find anything obviously wrong with the trigger :S I know it sounds like a noob question but i really cant seem to figure out why it just wont work...

            Unit - Any Unit Enters Unburrow1
            (Owner of (Triggering unit)) == 1
            Unit Group - Pick each unit in (Any units in Unburrow1 owned by player Any Player matching Excluded: Missile, Dead, Hidden, with at most Any Amount) and do (Actions)
                    Unit - Order (Picked Unit) to (Zergling - Unburrow) (Replace Existing Orders)

    Edit: Delete this... Noob mistake!

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    posted a message on Moving a region

    @Nevets973: Go

    Theres a trigger to attach the region to the unit, use that.

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    posted a message on psi storm on impact? How ?

    @pixartist: Go

    I tinkered around with something like this using an archon

    You need to edit the damaging effect to {Psyonic Storm (Persistent)} then set the impact effect to {Psyonic Storm (Search)} or something like that.

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    posted a message on An easy way to use special effects?

    @s3rius: Go

    Event: Unit uses X ability

    Actions: Attach X model on target of triggering ability Wait x seconds Kill last created actor model

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    posted a message on any russians here?

    @simplezerg: Go

    I was born in Russia if that counts

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    posted a message on [Data] Tutorial: Boss bars.

    @Habladabla: Go

    As in transmissions? All it is one trigger, where you can change the unit, portrait, duration, and text/sound

    just search for "Transmissions" under actions

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    posted a message on Campaign Mirror Map

    @Volsky: Go

    I have uploaded a beta version of the final map. It may have some bugs. Go check it out :D

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    posted a message on Campaign Mirror Map


    I have a new video of one of the spells I have been working for awhile now, finally got it done, was a pain to figure out

    Heres the video, and don't mind my weird voice XD

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/FmvXOavZWJ8?fs=1
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    posted a message on Condition for Effect of targeted unit = player?

    So I'm trying to make a trigger to make a custom spell called "Shadowstep" Witch blinks you to the target unit, however, I want to add the sniper round damage effect to the target, but ONLY if its hostile.

    I got it working, except that when I use it on my own units, it damages them as-well.

    So my current trigger is:

            Unit - Eystanus [54.53, 14.60] uses Stalker - Shadowstep at Generic1 - Any stage (Ignore shared abilities)
    Conditions: (This is what I need help on)
            Environment - Create Ghost - Snipe (Damage) on (Target unit for (Triggering order)) from (Triggering unit)

    So what condition do you guys think would work if I only wanted it to effect only hostile units (Player 15)

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    posted a message on Campaign Mirror Map
    Quote from vjeux: Go

    Can we download the campaign somewhere? This looks really well done.

    As soon as I'm done with it, you can expect it tomorrow or the next day.

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