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    Wait, so, are Alleyvipersc2 and Alleyviper85 the same person?

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    A few notes, from comments I've read earlier in this string.

    Your dialogue will only feel fast, because dialog is meant to be said in normal, not faster time, and because everyone plays on faster time, it can sometimes mess with out of cutscene dialogue, which is EASILY fixed in cutscenes, by having the game speed changed to normal, then before you are put back into the game, switch it back to faster.

    As for the in-game dialogue/banter, Idk, real time might work better, but game time SHOULD work, might be a lag delay between the dialogue and the game.


    Idk if you have fixed all of these problems or not, just thought I'd chime in some ideas and a solution to one problem. (as cutscenes always look better in normal speed from what I've tested, just seem too rushed on faster)

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    In reply to CybrosX:


    Have you ever considered making a Blackops Style Machine Shop or Control Tower (etc...)?

    Those would be really cool to see as it would look cool, but I also would get the practicality of using just the standard SC2 building addons as it allows more flexibility, maybe add it in as an easter egg where you see neutral Blackops Factory and Starport with a Blackops Machine Ship & Control Tower respectively in a corner of the map, and we get dialogue that goes something like: Skylar: "Huh, I though they phased all of those out for the more Flexible Tech Labs and Reactors..." Radley: "They did, what are those doing there with such modern technology?"


    I think that would a cool easter egg to go and hunt around one of the later maps.

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    Hey Cybros, Idk what is happening, but I can't get to the Project ._. The links for it dont work, is something wrong with the links or is the project not available anymore?

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     Unit 1: Sentinel, Unit 2: Charger, Unit 3: Siege-Pod, Unit 4: Hunter, Unit 5: Hyena Trooper, Unit 6: Scout & Finally: Unit 7 as the War Medic
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