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    So I started playing with the editor again (had some time, had an itch), saw this and figured, what the heck, my terrain was crap at best. Now I'm far from done... but I'm at a loss for how to make my walls more interesting. I'm going for a colonial rustic look to things, so tons of billboards won't really work. My chosen tileset of Tarsonis may be working against me too. However, I'll throw it up there, please fire away critiques and hopefully pass some ideas for what I can do to my walls (or the rest of the terrain).

    Terraining 1

    Terraining 2

    Terraining 3

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    My best advice, as a fellow campaign designer is to start small. You're talking about doing a 20-30 mission campaign all by yourself, which is a titanically brutal workload. I'd say drop it down to 5 or so as your target and focus in on trying to make as compelling a story as you can and work your missions structure into it. This allows you to focus more on polishing and tuning each mission.

    I'm by no means an expert on this subject, but I also tend to write out my story and dialogue beforehand, in an effort to have it drive the mission design instead of having the mission design drive the story.

    Just some thoughts.

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    Mission 2 is released, check the above link for it.

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    Hello all,

    This being my debut on this forum, first let me say thank you to all who have contributed tutorials on map making. The galaxy editor can be a handful to learn... as I'm sure you're all aware. My favorite part of Starcraft II is the campaign, and I've wanted more since finishing Wings of Liberty. Well, I decided I'd write my own story and then create it in the editor, and I succeeded in making at least one decent mission.

    I have released a near complete version of my second map (as in the second one I've ever done)... which suffers from one major failing. It's too epic. It's too big and frankly it turns into a bit of a slosh about half way through. Other than that, I am exceptionally proud of it overall. In releasing it to the SC2Mapster Community, I hope you will all take time to play it and give me your honest feedback on what went well, what went not so well, and frankly, what outright sucked about it. I plan to take all these lessons to heart and try to further improve upon them in the rest of the campaign (which I'm also in the process of writing.) There should not be any bugs. Emphasis on the should, I fully expect you all to find more of them that I never could've conceived of.

    Please leave your feedback either here, or in the project comments. http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/serene1/

    I greatly appreciate it.

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