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    posted a message on Soundtracks in the Data Editor

    Search for "Music_MissionT06" in the sound tab.

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    posted a message on New Year, New Projects, New Mapster
    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>


    Reply EDHRIANO,


    How do you make a mission launcher?   Last time I heard only blizzard approved maps could use the triggers to load maps.

     It's true that a couple triggers are Blizzard-only, but loading a new map after the current one is completed isn't.
    A "campaign launcher" is a map which has a mission select screen. If you press a button, the game will end and load the mapfile that was specified in the triggers.
    You still need to load the map via the editor all the same, but it feels more like a campaign this way.
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    Here are some images already flipped and turned by any possible combination: Click me!


    I've tested them in the editor, they should work for you.

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    posted a message on [Assets] Modify Image

    Alternatively, you can export your image directly from inside the editor (when selecting a new image, be it for a dialog or somewhere else, right-click on the file) and convert it with Aorta.


    Make sure to uncheck the "Generate Mipmaps" option when converting a normal image file to .dds, however. Starcraft II generates its own mipmaps (or something like that), and failing to uncheck that option will lead to problems.

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    posted a message on Theres a Galaxy Editor Bug Thread, but no Sc2Mapster Bug Thread?

    Perhaps it only accepts .zip files?

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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread
    Quote from MrFlamegoat >>

    As for the front page design criticisms, I still stand by my statements that it's good, because personally I like it a lot. But I do want to reiterate that I 100% understand the feelings that it's not the correct fit. Don't misunderstand! I'm by no means saying anyone is wrong - I don't get paid enough to start those kinds of fires :D

    Perhaps you haven't realized it yet, but we're a forum-centered community, not a content-centered one. (I mean, content is important as well, but just bear with me here for a minute).


    On websites like Minecraft Curseforge, the focus is no doubt on uploading add-ons (as creators) and downloading add-ons (as players). The forum there serves as a troubleshooting forum, plus a general discussions forum.


    But SC2Mapster's forum is HUGE. You said so yourself when trying to carry-over the database.


    A lot of people are asking for help with the editor, show their work-in-progress, discuss news about all things Blizzard etc., and do so a lot. Creators and players are talking a lot to each other, especially since everyone can use the Starcraft II editor themselves (we're all familiar with the tech to a degree).

    This is different from the Minecraft website where not everyone has the knowledge to create add-ons himself, and thus is just fine with browsing the add-ons and downloading them. Even if they do seek help in learning the ropes, they won't necessarily find any tutorials there, and instead go to other websites.

    That is one advantage SC2Mapster has - we're THE place to go for learning how to create content in Starcraft II (at least in the English-speaking world I suppose).




    Being a community with a strong focus on a forum, we also need a frontpage that focuses on the forum, and not necessarily on the content.

    Or rather, instead of emphasizing the individual add-on entries, a topic discussing said add-on makes more sense because people can leave feedback.


    In the past, we used the news to showcase upcoming or just-finished projects. Each news topic also had a link to a corresponding forum topic, thus ensuring that people will engage in the community.

    That's why it was ideal when the news were being shown at the top before – and why them being at the bottom now is so bad.

    Again, it made sense on the Minecraft website because it's just maintenance stuff and the like, but on SC2Mapster we use the news as a form of showcasing new projects.

    People checked the front page in the past to see if anything of interest was happening in the forums (without checking every subforum manually). That's why having things like "5 Most-Recent Topics" and "Current Events"  are important – and why their lack in the frontpage now is so bad.


    The "Popular Projects" field is bad because due to the low content output we have (at least compared to Minecraft I suppose), chances are that it'll rarely, if ever, change. Just like Bilxor said, this thing will be an ad for Mass Recall for all eternity (which isn't a bad thing, it's a great project) but that precious spot out of six will forever remain locked.

    But the issue here isn't how the algorithm works - it's that the promotion process is automated. The moderators and/or admins are better at finding projects worthy of being featured, and show it on the frontpage.


    Bottom-line, we need a frontpage that supplements the forum, that is an extension of the forum so to speak.

    Keep the rewards program and "browse projects" tabs if you must, but something has to happen.

    New visitors have no clue as to where to look, because nothing points towards the forum where the real action is at. They'll just download Mass Recall and call it a day.




    Anyway, that's enough wall of text for this year. I do know that it's Christmas, so I wish you a good time! But hopefully this post will help you understand where we're coming from when it comes to the frontpage.

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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread

    Please keep in mind that it's been less than 24 hours since the new forum/website went online. Back in the day when I would try my hand at installing my own forum software on a server, it would look just like this as well, default layout and all.

    They had to carry over the database and establish the new system. Stuff like that never goes easy.


    Also, it's like three days til Christmas. Cut them some slack guys. Not everything will be fixed within the remainder of 2016.


    If LucidIguana is working on a Stylish template to address the color scheme issue, and most of the bugs like the search bar not working get addressed, I can live with it.

    Things like the front page will probably take longer, but Rome wasn't built in a day either.


    PS: That Pacman loading symbol is the best thing ever!

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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread
    Quote from Schloss80 >>

    Nice change,but that white background everwhere is hurting my eyes so hard..

     I feel the same way. It is quite a strain on my eyes to look at white backgrounds (or black backgrounds with white text for that matter) on my monitor. The former SC2Mapster layout was great because it was neither too bright nor too black/dark.
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    posted a message on Alexei Stukov/infested Co-op Commander/maps
    Quote from Gradius12: Go

    Anybody want to collaborate on a Stukov singleplayer campaign/scenario?

    I'm a sucker for all things UED, so I might be interested. I'm still busy with helping out Team Antioch, but can contribute to the overall gameplay concept and story.

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    posted a message on Best computer/rig to buy/build to use galaxy (for a movie)
    Quote from houndofbaskerville: Go

    i wanted more specific feedback.. like "i use nvidia so and so for cutscenes" or such ..

    Starcraft II isn't exactly the newest game out there. ANY configuration should work, especially if your budget is 1k or more. You really should focus on what you want, and not what Starcraft II wants.

    I know that researching the correct parts can be a pain, but you should have at least a vague idea what you want for yourself.

    ...if you want to cheat, though, here are my specs:

    • CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 @ 3.50GHz
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 Asus Strix (focuses on being quiet)
    • RAM: Might as well pick 16 GB while you're at it. Prices will only go up, and newer PC games will only require more RAM, not less.
    • I have a good fan for my CPU, as that thing can become hot at all times (as opposed to my GPU, which rarely gets hot). I don't remember the name, and my diagnostics tools don't show it either, but it's worth researching for a good fan yourself, even if you don't research anything else.
    • Just like GlornII suggested, going for just an SSD that is bigger, but more expensive, is a good choice. Only exception is if you're working with a lot of video recording, as having a second internal, non-SSD HDD that is 1TB or more makes more sense.
    • Operating system should be Windows 7. To this day, some older games work better under 7 than on 8 or 10. Starcraft II is not affected by the OS, but if you ever plan on playing any other game, then it might be worth going all the way to get Windows 7.

    The rest is up to you. Make sure your power supply has enough juice, your casing has space for all the components etc.

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    posted a message on My planned map
    Quote from GlornII: Go

    The search function on this website is absolutely terrible.Search "respawn" and there is no priority for anything.you will get a post from 2008 about jesus rising from the dead.Better to just post a question than try to find your own answer.

    Or you could use Google's custom search function. Simply type "site:sc2mapster.com" in the search bar first, followed by your actual search terms, and you're good to go.

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    posted a message on Nova Mission Pack 3
    Quote from Pr0nogo: Go

    Any word on whether or not we will be able to open the maps themselves?

    They will release it after mission pack 3 is out. They confirmed it in their recap post shortly after Blizzcon.


    Along with the release of the final chapter, we’ll deploy all of the Covert Ops assets to our editor so our amazing Arcade Community will have even more tools at their disposal. We look forward to seeing these once Mission Pack 3 goes live.

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    posted a message on Good news : An sc2 Youtubers Returns after Banned for live.

    MasterKD appears to be a victim of a recent copyright strike wave for all things visual novels or other niche Japanese video games. Kotaku covered another YouTube who got hit by a Japanese developer just yesterday.

    If I've read that correctly, the cause of his channel takedown is because of some of his non-Starcraft II videos (Corpse Party to be specific). So as long as the other channels are not covering anything strike-worthy (especially Japanese games), they should be fine.

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    posted a message on Is there any interest in the Starcraft Universe engine going open source?
    Quote from TChosenOne: Go

    @Crainy: Go

    Okay hype, maaybe not (then again, where's the recent SCU Hype). Polish? Certainly. Content: you be the judge.


    I'm sure there's at least 1 campaign that meets that specs.

    Edit: and to be brutally honest, content isn't always everything. I've had 2 people that I know who played the PTR a huge amount (with its 9 hours of content), but now have stopped playing SCU altogether.

    Yes, comparing one giant online map (and its three tutorial maps) to a bunch of singleplayer offline campaigns is such a fair comparison! Next thing you know, Pokemon is considered better than WoW because it has more pets to obtain.

    I don't know what type of expectations you guys have/had about SCU, but the fact remains that for an MMO made with modding tools, it's quite impressive. Even more so considering they've packed everything into one map.

    In fact, being able to learn how to do different terrain within one map would be among the most helpful things for the community to gain from this.

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    posted a message on Is there any interest in the Starcraft Universe engine going open source?

    I would love to use that WASD and camera system - no doubt the best in Starcraft II right now.

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