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    posted a message on Good news : An sc2 Youtubers Returns after Banned for live.

    MasterKD appears to be a victim of a recent copyright strike wave for all things visual novels or other niche Japanese video games. Kotaku covered another YouTube who got hit by a Japanese developer just yesterday.

    If I've read that correctly, the cause of his channel takedown is because of some of his non-Starcraft II videos (Corpse Party to be specific). So as long as the other channels are not covering anything strike-worthy (especially Japanese games), they should be fine.

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    posted a message on Is there any interest in the Starcraft Universe engine going open source?
    Quote from TChosenOne: Go

    @Crainy: Go

    Okay hype, maaybe not (then again, where's the recent SCU Hype). Polish? Certainly. Content: you be the judge.


    I'm sure there's at least 1 campaign that meets that specs.

    Edit: and to be brutally honest, content isn't always everything. I've had 2 people that I know who played the PTR a huge amount (with its 9 hours of content), but now have stopped playing SCU altogether.

    Yes, comparing one giant online map (and its three tutorial maps) to a bunch of singleplayer offline campaigns is such a fair comparison! Next thing you know, Pokemon is considered better than WoW because it has more pets to obtain.

    I don't know what type of expectations you guys have/had about SCU, but the fact remains that for an MMO made with modding tools, it's quite impressive. Even more so considering they've packed everything into one map.

    In fact, being able to learn how to do different terrain within one map would be among the most helpful things for the community to gain from this.

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    posted a message on Is there any interest in the Starcraft Universe engine going open source?

    I would love to use that WASD and camera system - no doubt the best in Starcraft II right now.

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    posted a message on Adventure / competitive arcade maps?

    I once created such an adventure map, called "Sanctuary Guardians". The story is just an intro cutscene, and the gameplay is just you and the other players hunting for zerg. However, it's pretty darn difficult and requires real teamplay.

    I haven't touched it in years, but if you're feeling "adventurous", feel free to give it a try. Be warned though, it requires a lot of players. The less players there are, the more coordination you need.

    I'm proud of the challenge I've created with this map, as it has quite a few hidden mechanics new players have to figure out on their own. However, it's also too hard and inaccessible for most players. Simply-put, I think I've created something that requires too much patience. And not many Arcade people have that kind of patience.

    Unless the map is called "Starcraft Universe", then people will happily-sink in dozens of hours. But not for my map :\

    Still, the map might help you to figure out how to do (and not to do) such an adventure map.

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    posted a message on Is it Safe to import custom assets to your map?
    Quote from JEGCPR: Go

    Also, question #2 : If i do so, what can i do to see the custom textures applied in the editor and not just in the test run. Thanks.

    You have to save the map first before you can use any files, textures or otherwise. To make custom unit, doodad or terrain textures visible in the Terrain module, save the map and restart the editor, then reopen your map.

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    posted a message on Any support for a supplement sc2mapster webpage?

    Bad idea overall. The last thing we need is to lose part of our community and daily visitors because we've moved. It's all meant nice and all, but ultimately it's better if we stick with this current forum.

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    posted a message on Academy of Art University, Masters in Game Design

    A school can be helpful for other things, like making friends with potential future developers (connections are everything!), but for the purpose of learning game design, or learning about game development in general, it's a waste of money.

    Don't get me wrong, if you've never had much experience with game making and game design at all, then maybe it helps you learn the ropes faster. If your main talent lies in modelling or programming, then a few courses would definitely help.

    But game design can be self-taught, you just need plenty of practice.


    . It will tell you right away what a designer really needs (creativity, being able to think outside the box, analyze problems, and the will to work a lot on your concepts until it's good. Math is also very much required).

    Play other games and analyze them, as well as write reviews about them. You would be surprised how many video game reviews are really focusing on the gameplay, what works and what doesn't. Some of them talk about the story, bugs and presentation, but games are still games - it's all about the gameplay.

    Of course, this could potentially ruin your gaming experience as eventually you'll only see the analyzing part in games. So don't do this too often, only to get used to the job.

    Lastly, do learn some other things like working with editors/engines and how to make levels in them. Being able to implement your own ideas on your own not only is very satisfying, it is pretty much required. it helps you understand the game more, and you can test on your own more (as opposed to have the team setup a test environment for you).


    EDIT: For the record, it's not like most schools out there are worthless. Quite the opposite. You might learn a lot there.

    I'm just saying that, if you're on a tight budget and can't really afford to not get a job after dropping out of the game school, then it's a huge gamble if your mayor is game design.

    That's why I'm saying that, in order to play it safe, learn it for free on your own. But if money is not too much of an issue here, and you know what to do, then all is well.

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    posted a message on Embedded videos finally worka again! (for non-Flash users)

    For the longest of time, I've been browsing the web without using Flash. Watching videos on the website YouTube itself works fine, but any embedded YouTube videos were not working for me unless the embedded plugins were updated on each website I visit.

    The embedded YouTube videos on SC2Mapster never worked for me without Flash, but the newest Firefox update (Version 47) fixes that. Therefore, if you're one the few people who've been embracing a life without Flash, now you can browse SC2Mapster without any limitations!

    tl,dr: update Firefox, it's worth it!

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    posted a message on Blizzard and the Mapsters
    Quote from ZombieZasz: Go

    If blizzard optimized dependency mods, added a system that allowed people to implement protected mods (use mod components without the content being downloaded locally), and added a storefront, I believe we would see sooo much more activity in the modding scene. But, this is a rant for another time...

    Dude, have you all forgotten about Skyrim already? Mods should stay free, and commercial games should be left to the professionals who need the money.

    Turning Starcraft II modding into a commercial endeavor will either fail (because nobody pays for content when there are plenty of free alternatives, be it other SC2 maps or other games in general) or will turn this into a much, much smaller community (because most people play the Arcade because it's free, and once paid content gets favored they'll be gone).

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    posted a message on Something is wrong with SC2Mapster
    Quote from FunkyUserName: Go

    if not logged in i cant read any forum post. it loads forever to ultimatly show internal server error. at least the bots dont care at all.

    See this thread for more info.

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    posted a message on Anti-Spam Measures

    It appears that viewing any topic at all is now impossible as a normal, unregistered viewer.

    I can still open the front page and navigate through the forum, and articles like the Custom Campaign Initiative also work. But as soon as I click on the title of a forum topic, I'm stuck with the page loading forever. Only if I log-in with my account can I view any topic at all.

    That's one way to stop growth in the community I suppose.

    If this is going to be permanent, at least make a warning/sticky somewhere saying that any new user should register an account, even if he's just browsing around.

    (I've tested this with Firefox, as well as Internet Explore without Add-ons. On my own computer, as well as my friend's computer.)

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    posted a message on Co-Op Is Quietly The Best Thing In StarCraft II
    Quote from DOOMEDEARTH: Go

    I have to disagree with you because there are arcade games made by players that take co op playing to the next level.

    I think many players never even tough the arcade because it's not fully supported by blizzard. Not official blizzard content either. Name brand over half brand.

    First-off, I'm glad to see that people can have fun with Starcraft II outside of the standard multiplayer. So that's cool!

    But.. I also have to agree. Co-Op is essentially some campaign maps with a bunch of extension mods. You could probably achieve the same thing in the "Multiplayer - Custom" category.

    And yet, it is the preferred game mode because it requires fewer clicks to get started, and (that's probably the biggest thing here) you're being put into a queue and don't need to wait for other players for too long.

    I comparison, if you're playing a Multiplayer/Arcade map, you're at the mercy of whoever happens to check out the current maps in the list. This has been improved since Legacy of the Void (like with the "/lobbylink" command), but it's still not ideal.

    Perhaps the Arcade also needs a random queue system that gets people into the game really fast.

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    posted a message on CarBot Team Interviewed By Blizzard Entertainment

    Hey I remember this! It was part of the Making-of included in the Collector's Edition of Legacy of the Void.

    Nice to see that Blizzard has made the video public. These guys definitely have talent, and deserve being featured.

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    posted a message on Anyone really like boss fights?

    Perhaps I can help. I've worked on a few boss ideas for my older projects, but like everything else it's all "on hold", unused.

    Might as well recycle them here and/or come up with something new. Just send me a PM with what you had in mind, and I'll see what I can do.

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    posted a message on Editor is a tough life
    Quote from temp4141: Go

    Anyway, i dont think ppl realize , but when you compare sc2 to war3 editors, You have to remember that warcraft 3 had a ton of pre-made hero abilities/unit abilities. Whereas in sc2, No such abilities exist, Like you dont have mass'es of pre-made abilities to choose from . So if they gave you a war3-like editor from the start. We'd all be screwed because every last one of us would have had to figure out how to code extensively to make a basic ability.

    In sc2, the beauty is you dont need to know a programming language at all to be able to do some truly inspiring custom abilities.

    At the same time, however, having a ton or pre-made stuff was also a blessing. Not everybody needed a ton of custom stuff, and the available abilities were already covering a lot of stuff.

    People could focus more on the triggers and gameplay balancing, instead of spending time creating new data entries. THIS is why we got DotA, because setting up the heroes, abilities and minion spawning is relatively-easy.

    And like you said, for Warcraft III there is always JASS. But it was optional, only for the dedicated. The entry barrier was low for the base editor.

    In comparison, Starcraft II has of course the more flexible and more powerful editor - but the barrier entry is a lot higher, sometimes for the wrong reasons (seriously, why is it so damn difficult to just copy&paste a single unit?).

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