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    posted a message on Why the Story of StarCraft 2 Failed

    A very well-written piece!


    I also think that Starcraft 1 was as 90's edgy as it gets (Not to mention the music, Terran 1 is one of the music tracks of the 90's period), but the refusal to continue this direction and instead go for a more mainstream, not quite rated Mature storyline ruined things in the end.


    I think that World of Warcraft has changed them forever.  Blizzard no longer is a small, geeky and wild company, but a big influence for people all over the world. They couldn't pull-off another cynical storyline in any of their franchises even if they wanted to (except for Diablo I suppose).

    What's more, it's hard to write a sequel story for a game that was more or less finished. Duran and the hybrid were the only unexplored plot elements from SC1, so it became the overarching plot for SC2.


    A new start was needed, and by that I mean a considerable time gap.

    Look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens and how it taking place 30 years after Return of the Jedi allowed for some form of nostalgia, yet still gave new characters (and thus new plots) a chance to develop.

    Compare this to Starcraft II, which took place a mere four years after the first game. Too much conflict between old and new.


    Last but not least, Blizzard has never been good at telling a very detailed story. They've always been a gameplay-first company.

    In most of their games you have some mission briefings and some dialogue during missions, and that's about it. But Wings of Liberty had a proper storymode (Hyperion).


    Don't get me wrong, I like the chatter with all the NPCs, but it made players think that the story had to be taken more seriously. The story is considered more integral to the game experience.

    Compare this to Starcraft 1 in which you could just skip all the briefings and start the mission immediately. You could pay attention to the story, but it wasn't forced upon the players.


    Players had to spend more time thinking about the plot, which is good if the plot is good, and bad if it isn't. It either paid off big time for people who like the story, or further increases the frustration with the bad writing.

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    posted a message on Map wont publish in any other locales except enUS

    The game selects the language/locale of the installed game language. So if you have English installed, then the game will only display English text when playing.

    That means that you can't test another language and check it for errors in a live game. You have to check the text manually in the editor, or ask for help from other players who have a different language of Starcraft II installed.


    The mapname is another issue entirely. Unless you press on the "use for all locales" button, the system will translate your mapname for all other languages. So if you want a consistent name across all languages, make sure to check that.

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    posted a message on Editor Bug: Camera All Screwed Up Now
    Quote from EDHRIANO >>

    If I understand it correctly the bug is because using the latest patch.


    Soo .... is there a way to revert back to older patch, one without the camera bug?

    Nope, it's either using the latest patch or not being able to play online. Unlike Warcraft III and Starcraft I, there don't exist manual patches either.
    If you don't open the Battle.net/Blizzard App and don't update the game, you can still use the editor with an older version. But that is depending on luck (people haven't played in a while), so even if you got lucky, you can't expect other players to not updating.
    You have no choice but to wait for Blizzard to fix it unfortunately.
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    posted a message on StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign
    Quote from JayborinoPlays >>

    Anyone having cinematic issues with this map specifically?  I'd like to play it, but wanted to check first.

    Editor Bug: Camera All Screwed Now


    It affects the camera regardless of the map, and it's not just cutscenes (try rotating the map by pressing Delete or Insert multiple times).

    It affects everyone, including Windows users (you know things are dire if it's not just broken for Macs).


    You might want to postphone playing anything Starcraft II-campaigns until it's fixed.


    As for Dudki:

    Technically-speaking, doing camera transitions that are 10 seconds or less and pause between each transition avoids these issues. But creating a workaround just for this bug? I don't think it's worth it.

    Give it a month or two. If Blizzard hasn't patched it by now, you may consider it.

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    posted a message on Conversations keep causing the editor to crash.

    This isn't a new bug I'm afraid.

    I first noticed it shortly after my work on Antioch Remastered 2.0 was done (which had a ton of Conversations). I couldn't have finished my with with the bug intact, so it must've been after that.


    So I guess, as early as patch 3.9.0 (which was in mid-December, according to Liquidpedia).


    Also I'm a PC user, so this isn't just a Mac issue for once.


    You can still find text entries from conversations via the Text editor, but stay away from conversations in the Data and Trigger editor.

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    posted a message on Zelda Breath of the Wild

    I've stopped playing because I've seem most of the landscapes and quests by now. I actually made it into the castle and was right before Ganon's chamber, but then I stopped.

    When Hard Mode arrives this summer, I'll start a new playthrough and earn me that ending.

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    posted a message on Where did the UED assets go?

    Yes, it has models for all the Terran structures as well. Just open the modfile and see for yourself.

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    posted a message on Where did the UED assets go?

    A few months ago, appleyviper was pissed that someone else has uploaded a copy of the UED mod. He subsequently took down all UED-related models and even was planning to stop modelling altogether. Thankfully me and a few other users could convince him otherwise in the leaving part, but any UED models are now gone from SC2Mapster regardless.


    The UED stuff is now online-only. You have search for the UED mod on Battle.net. Type "AVMODELS_UED_(ART_MOD)" to find it right away.


    It doesn't have some of the older models though. While unofficial, you can check out the other UED art mods if you have to.


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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread
    Quote from Veratai >>

     ya sure he's still listening, guys? he arrived, ruined our site, and left..

    If Mr.Flamegoat never would've shown up after the initial announcement, that might be correct. But he did talked to us, including creating this feedback topic.
    A while ago he said that everyone at Curse is busy. Even if he had the time and knowledge to change things on this website all on his own, he still needs the ok from upper management.
    I'm sure the 5 or so other software engineers on this forum agree when I say that this is not a simple or fast matter to resolve. Good things take time, so please be patient.
    While I'm at it, here are some links to resolve the two biggest issues at the moment: Use the classic skin to change the color scheme, and use Google search as a workaround for the sometimes buggy forum search option.
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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread
    Quote from Deadzergling >>

    So I was good and read through all of this, but seems we have still failed to address the most important problem this site currently has....


    How this site's 'look' makes me feel.


    Please, for the love of God, change the white background.

     Just use the classic skin.
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    posted a message on [Model] m3 to xml - editing hardcoded colors

    Link doesn't work for me, can you try to upload it somewhere else please?

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    posted a message on [Model] m3 to xml - editing hardcoded colors

    Thanks for the tutorial! It's very helpful for swapping textures of existing models (export, re-name file, change texture paths to custom ones, re-import, profit!) Beats Select Texture by ID anyday!


    Fair warning, though: not all models work with this method. Sometimes you can't open it in Blender, but at least converting it to xml works (or vice versa). Sometimes nothing works.

    As a rule of thumb, anything made since Legacy of the Void isn't always compatible.


    Still, if you don't have 3DS Max and the official plug-in, this is the best way of editing models.

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    posted a message on Blizz is making a co-op contest with huge prizes!

    I highly-recommend using the template map.


    It's not worth doing everything from scratch, it only gives you diminishing returns, if at all. Trust me, I've tried all day yesterday, only to realize that it was a big waste of time.

    The map works perfectly fine when uploaded and tested online, it's just testing it offline that's a hassle (but there exist a workaround, see the comments).


    Remember, this is a 2-player concept, so you have to test it online sooner or later. Trying to adjust things just to test it offline will only bring you so far.

    Take the example map, work on the terrain and triggers for the objective, and then upload it so you can test it with other players.

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    posted a message on Mapster glitching out? I keep getting "Premium"

    I have it as well! I officially feel rad now ;)

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    posted a message on Blizz is making a co-op contest with huge prizes!

    Wow, looks like this contest is setting the community on fire! I'm also working on a co-op map, and I feel just as excited to start working on it.


    May the best map win!

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