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    posted a message on Trigger that Removes an Ability

    Heyo,. there are 3 actions that you can use,. depend on what you need.

    Allow / Disallow Ability for Player = Remove button ( all units )

    Enable / Disable Ability for Unit = Grey out ( specific unit )

    Show / Hide Ability for Unit = Remove button ( specific unit )

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    posted a message on Emoticons = add news to existing list

    Hello guys,

    does anyone know how to add new emoticons ? My quess is that I need to find emoticon setting, where is something like = if player uses "(glhf)" in chat, create image "assets/textures/ui_emoticons_glhf",.. so I can easily add new lines, and create new emoticons.. But where is this setting ??

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on Hide taskbar during sc2 play?

    I quess you have enable window mode,.. go to option and set fullscreen :)

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    posted a message on Force show Life bar while having Untargetable on?

    I think that Unselectable must be OFF, if you want to show life bar.

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    posted a message on Ask simple question, get simple answer
    Quote from EDHRIANO: Go

    Thanks, the 2nd answer solve the problem ^_^.

    But I what I meant for the 1st question is the duration of the ability, not the cooldown.

    Now if you don't mind another question, how to keep the unit's name to preserver.

    And how to change the replicant unit to lets say 3/4 the original scale?

    As you can see in pics the name is hybrid,

    1st question - Open replicant ability, click on " Replicate " behavior, find line " Duration " and change to 360.

    how set scale for this ability I dont know, same for name.. Was trying to set it, but I cant target that replicant unit.

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    posted a message on Ask simple question, get simple answer
    Quote from EDHRIANO: Go

    Good evening fellow mapster, how are you today?

    I'd like to ask about replicant - replicate ability.

    1st question, how do you change the timer from 60 seconds to 6 minutes?

    2nd question, I've tried to give the ability to other unit (preserver A), but after ability finish it turn back to replicant not preserver.

    How do you keep it as preserver.

    I've attach some pics to better understand the problem.

    Heyo,. this might help you :)

    1. Open replicant ability, find line " COST " and change " Time start " to 360 ( 6x60 ).

    2. Open effect " Replicate CU Caster " and change " Spawn unit " to unit Preserver A

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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM

    Got a lot of new stuff, will show you soon :)

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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM

    Hey guys, sorry I painted the room so I was little bussy, now its done and I can continue on my project :)

    unfortunately game is still unplayable but I created some more new models,. new weapons, interiors objects, vehicles, also I started on ground textures. Shame that I can use only 8 type of textures. I need to use square as model covered with texture to aquire more of them.

    Also I started to working on animated firearms, if your shooting with pistol, you can see moving slide, reloading animation.. etc.

    Problem is that inventory/crafting/equipment system is not yet completed... Its easy to tell you what I want to have ingame, but its rly hard to make it.. after we will finish that system, I can record ingame videos for you, Im rly looking forward to do it :)

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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM

    Today Model


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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM
    Quote from Fullachain: Go


    I'd really like to see what your plans are for terrain. Screenshots please :)

    Yea, I will work on terrain soon :)


    I added more models to previous post

    and there are two models for defense



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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM

    Today models :)





















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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM

    New Melle Weapons









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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM

    What weapons / armors / items you want to have in game??? Post an picture and maybe you will see it in SURVARIUM :)

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    posted a message on Project : SURVARIUM

    Hey guys! I would like to present you my project SURVARIUM, project page is not yet completed, still missing a lot of informations but I will add them in time, also the whole project is under development :)



    SURVARIUM is postapocalyptic RPG with adjustable camera, WSAD movement and mouse-click-shooting system. You are one of the survivors who stayed alive in a world devastated by infection. Based five years in the future following a horrendous viral outbreak of apocalyptic proportions that destroyed 95% of the world’s population, you must survive against all odds. Scavenge, defend yourself, band with others, or die in the process – your life is in your own hands.


    SURVARIUM is based on postapocalyptic future on a devastated earth. If your familiar with games like Stalker, Fallout, Metro or Wasteland, you know what you can expect. Most of the time Im working on custom assets to have my game really unique and to achieve nice design.



    For movement you can use WSAD keys or arrow keys,in game menu you can switch between them. You can move front, back, right and left, you can crouch (C) and also change your movement speed, you can walk or run, also you can sprint (SHIFT).

    For using objects, for starting actions like conversation, crafting, use shop etc.. you need to use action key "E"

    Weapon system is based on collide missiles, your shooting with your mouse and projectile will hit first unit in that way.. weapons are using ammunition and there are a lot of weapons such a shotguns and pistols, assault rifles and so on.. also more types of ammunition. Also I would like to implement accuracy system so you can miss your target, will use random offsets around target probably.

    Camera is closer, looks more as normal RPG, also you can zoom out and zoom in.


    QUESTS soon


    CRAFTING soon




    On the top of your screen there is time indicator, it will not tell you what exactly time is now, but you can recognize how much time you have before evening comes and believe me, YOU DONT WANNA BE OUTSIDE IN NIGHT!



    This game is about survival so you need to EAT and DRINK, there are a lot of CONSUMABLE items which you can find around. There are two bars which will represent your current needs. Also you can prepare food but for this, you need to be near fire or oven.


    After the infection got out of control, the governments has decided to drop nukes on their own virus infected cities. You need to be carefull if you want to explore ruins, some places are still radioactive. If the RAD level is small, it will not hurt you, but if you stay in radioactive place for longer time, your RAD level will increase, you will start loosing your health and you really need to stop it! With a higher RAD level, your using more health. Also from some level, it will raise spontaneously. You can use antirad medicaments but they are very expensive, but you can also drink some alcoholic drinks to decrease your RAD level.


    If you are fighting with infected people, you can get an infection too. You are one of the survivors, but you are not immune! For this case I recommend to use better armor and avoid stronger zombies if you are not well armed. Yet unfortunately if you get an infection, you better to find a doctor in some refugee camp or use experimental vaccine. Process of infection is same as radiation, higher level = bigger problems.


    You can find informations about what happend.. Those fragments of the past are everywhere around you, just talk with other survivors, explore cities and try to find what happend,. Other survivors can tell you what they remember, what they heard,.. For some of them you need to do something, but the reward is certain. Also you can find explanation in old newspapers or messages. You can learn more about infection and also about yourself. Story is not the main part of the game, but I want to have a living world steeped in history.


    Before you can play, you need to create new character,. You can chose your head style, your starting clothes, you can name your character and chose personality. Also you can chose your animation style, there be several animations for standing, moving, weapon holding... In SURVARUM you can customize your character much as you want. Also Im thinking about custom voices, but Im not sure if I will find volunteers.

    Im working on equipment system that will let you wear clothes and armors really on you ( also masks and helmets ). If you put an armor on stated slot in your inventory, that armor will show up on your character, same for backpacks, weapons, and head items.


    Items are divided in categories, there are Weapons, Clothes, Armors, Heads , Backpacks, Consumables, Materials and TOOLs. Each category have subcategory which depend on properties. Items are dropable and all of them have unique model. Also there is colored light around items to indicate category.

    Weapons soon

    Materials / Tools soon

    Consumables soon

    Armors / Clothes / Heads / Backpacks soon


    On pictures bellow you can look on assets Im going to use in Survarium, those assets are created only for Survarium by my self.





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    posted a message on (Solved) Making a ground unit attack air?

    Asking guy deleted first post

    that´s very simple. To let Immortal attack air units, go to "WEAPONS", on right side find line "TARGET FILTERS" and all you need is change "GROUND = REQUIRED" to "GROUND = ALLOWED"


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