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    Hello old friend :)

    I offer you my services (MGmagic.556), although this post is somewhat old now, but if you still need it lemme know.

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    We have filled the trigger editor position, and we are mostly in need of an item person, who in fact will get paid more ($25 for completing all the items and +$15 if the map itself is complete [$40 total]).

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    I appreciate all the advice on this whole situation, but I've held a team together before without the use of money. It just so happens I feel it to be the right thing to do for someone who gave their time and effort towards a project. I was hoping it would be enough incentive to actually finish a project. That is all.

    The extra $10 bucks for finishing the project is meant to provide more incentive to try your best. (is now 15)

    I do agree I could be more aggressive with my search for mappers, but I feel as though I may ask the wrong person to help and then be stuck with someone that isn't who I wanted on my team. And then in the position to fire someone who really could be a good mapper or a good person. And that isn't something I prefer to do. I'd rather get to know a person through discussing the application map.

    I'm going to update the main post.

    As far as the items go, yes, it would require work with abilities, models, and general data stuff associated with items. The job consists of doing everything necessary to have a pickup-able item able to be carried in an inventory and used. I do note this is a tad more work than the other positions, which is why I'm paying an extra $10 for it.

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    @ScorpSCII: Go

    I'm offering money to something that is usually free. Mappers should enjoy what they do. If they don't, they shouldn't be doing it. I'm basically paying people to have the joy they usually get out of mapping.

    It's also 20 bucks basically, 10 for the work, 10 more if the project is completed. And that's if you only do 1 of the assignments.

    However, despite all this, I'm willing to negotiate.

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    I would consider buying into your services, but I would need to see the quality of what you do before anything else, and I'd need to know if it included custom artwork to give it it's own feel and the sort. There is a lot to consider before putting a price on it, but I'd consider around $50 if it were what I wanted. This would allow you to get better with doing it while giving me a cheaper designer :).

    I just have a spot I paid for that isn't doing much and I really need to update it.

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    Update: The Trigger Editor position has been filled!

    Update: The Item Editor position has been filled!

    Magic.Inc has taken a break from map creation, due to in-activities, but is looking to regroup, and design some more.

    We are looking for dedication and skill above all else.

    This is a paid deal. I repeat, I will pay you to help me.

    (if and only if you are able to complete the assigned tasks with precision).

    Mappers should already enjoy what they do, but I am offering a small pay to help convince people to stick around and finish some projects.

    The project

    This project is in planning stages, I'm looking to put together a team before the game begins development.

    Wilderness Survival, featuring a player vs player mode and player vs wilderness mode. Idea's and suggestions from the team are carefully evaluated and considered, but I don't want to get your hopes up.

    • This map will be similar to Kullgryphuun3's Wilderness survival, cowicula's Wilderness survival, and the troll tribes created for warcraft 3. It will utilize a build functionality similar to that of Kulgryphuun3's map, placing items in an inventory in a certain order and then clicking on a "make" ability.
    • Certain elements will be adopted from cowicula's wilderness survival and I plan to have the same sort of feel to it including multiple forms of shelter to make it "easier" to obtain for the earlier stages of the game.
    • The player vs Player mode will be a lot like Kulgryphuun3's, where players will be able to kill each other very early on, assuming it's a good player vs a novice player, but has the potential to go on for a long time if it's 2 players of equal skill.
    • Strategy is the focus for this project. Players will have to consider whether to attack earlier on or wait and build stronger weapons that take more time. Players can either use basic materials to kill each other (sticks and rocks), tech up to spears and bows and light armor, or tech even further to guns and explosives. This should give the game a nice array of strategy.
    • In Player vs Nature mode, players will have a rougher time with survival than in player vs player mode, and it becomes a team of survivors against the odds.

    Who I'm looking for (assignments / Roles)

    Item Editor * Someone capable of creating pre-designed items to the desired specifications (there are a lot of them)

    • The person who does the items will also receive an additional $10, since the work load is bigger.

    Data/Unit Editor

    • Someone capable of creating pre-designed units/buildings to the desired specifications along with a few misc data editing tasks

    UI Editor

    • Someone capable of creating a simple UI for items (so we don't have tiny squares for inventory) AND implementing it

    Trigger Editor * Someone capable of creating the scripts required to run the game including mode selection, item/UI interaction and item creation

    NOTE - These assignments will be discussed in greater detail at a later date.

    NOTE - If the UI is able to be created without custom art, that is fine, as long as it looks clean, neat, and is able to do the desired function).

    I also allow some freedoms with your work, but I do expect it to be within certain guidelines.

    More about the Job

    Again, this is a paid project. I am offering $15 to anyone able to complete 1 of the top 4 assignments. If you are interested in doing more than 1 of the 4 assignments, you can, and you will get paid $15 for each completed assignment.

    • The person who does the items will also receive an additional $10, since the work load is bigger.
    • Pay will be granted when the assignment is complete, this is non-negotiable. An additional $15 will be granted to each individual if the map is considered finished by my specifications.
    • An additional $20 will be awarded for more advanced work after the project is released if you choose to stick around. (I shouldn't need all 4 people after release though).

    NOTE - This is potentially $30 bucks to 3 people ($40 for the item guy) or $60 to 1 person ($70 for the item guy) or $130 for someone that basically did all of it. (the $20 wasn't included in this equation)

    NOTE - The pay is somewhat negotiable, I just really want to be able to churn out some of my ideas.

    With the battle.net marketplace running, it is also possible to receive additional payments (assuming the game is popular, and remains popular, each person helping will receive an equal share (including me)).

    About the organization

    • We're fairly laid back, but want roll out completed, fine tuned maps. This is not easily done. A lot of mapping teams die out or never finish their projects. This is where this organization strives. We work towards a finished project and don't give up.
    • Past projects have been halted, as people have become busy with school and work, which is why I've decided to pay people who help with these maps. I know what makes a game a good game, but I don't always have the know how to create it alone. This is why I need a team, to help do the things I cannot do alone.
    • I believe mapping is an art form that is run by programmers who don't actually know what makes games good. I strive to push creativity into map creation, but I need programmers to help with the technicals.
    • I strive for an active team, capable of doing the desired work in a respectable time frame. I expect everyone to give their input on the design and talk about it as a team.


    To ensure work gets done, I like to hold some sort of meeting on skype or on battle.net. I want to hold these every Sunday, but the time/day is negotiable. These meetings will just be to check in and see how the project is progressing and discuss how to fix issues or ponder new ideas.

    This is a team that allows for personal creativity, however, has guidelines for development. These meetings are to come up with a consensus and know where the project is going.

    The meeting itself is mandatory.

    If you're interested, send me a post or a PM with an attached map with the specifications below:

    Applying For Item Editor Create a pickup-able item that looks like a rock, grants +1 damage when picked up (-1 when dropped), and can be thrown at another unit for 5 damage and a .5 second stun.

    Applying For Data/Unit Editor

    • Create a civilian unit with 3 additional stats (that can be viewed from the bottom of the screen, where it has the HP and armor and stuff).
    • Label these 3 stats Energy, Warmth, and Thirst
    • Create 2 abilities, 1 increases the stat of energy when clicked, 1 decreases the stat of energy when clicked
    • Create 1 "fire" building that slowly dies over time and provides a "heat" aura (aka buff) to all nearby units that increases the civilian unit's warmth stat.

    Applying For UI Editor

    • Create a map with a custom UI for inventory (can be just a couple squares for inventory above the command card (where warp in usually is if you play protoss).
    • Again, if this can be achieved without custom art, aka with an ability similar to warp-in, that may be desired for a smoother gameplay.

    Applying For Trigger Editor * Create a map with a set of triggers that creates a dialogue box that selects game mode. The players should have 2 options, 1 for Player vs Player, and 1 for Player vs Nature. * Create a system that randomly stores a marine, zergling, zealot, stalker and roach in an array of 5 unit types, then spawns 10 units of the unit in slot 1, 5 of the unit in slot 2, and 2 units of the unit in slot 3 at a random location on the map. (I plan on having this map use a similar system to spawn units and items at the start of the game).

    NOTE - If you plan on applying to more than 1, please create the requirements for each assignment you're applying for on 1 map.

    Work I'll be doing

    • Terrain work (Don't expect anything ridiculously complex, this map should be playable on slower computers).
    • Some data editing or triggers - Depends on how many people are working on the map.
    • Coordinating the team and making sure it holds together.

    If you have any questions about the application, please send a pm or a reply!

    If you'd like to see some of my past work, I can also create some videos highlighting some of my past maps.

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    @caparosmith: Go

    Sorry I didn't get back to you guys sooner, I didn't see anyone posting on this thread so I stopped checking as often.

    Anywho, I would still consider it balanced (although I see what your getting at and have weighed the consequences). Because if player A goes for satellite tech and pays hugely for it, then ok, he sees his opponent, but how many more troops or tech will he have because of that. It is a very good thing to have, but at the same time, since it is so expensive, can be seen as a death sentence. (assuming your opponent has the same skill level and doesn't get it).

    Anyways, expect a big patch in the next few weeks. I'm adding Tier 2 units :D

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    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    Wow...so I thought I tried that previously and I thought I tried that more recently...but that was exactly it lmao. I can't believe I struggled with that for sooo long.

    Thanks, this thread is closed.

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    I don't remember, I think I was just playing around with it. Or maybe it gave a better effect.

    My actors are being created, they're working properly, but that error comes up. Actually, it only goes up once in a game now at the start, used to go up a bunch of times. It would still be nice to figure this out tho, for the future.

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    Any feedback? I have a big update coming soon and if anyone has any input, I can consider it.

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    posted a message on (Solved) Need Attachment Help :(

    I removed the AnimPlay actions, same error.

    I Removed the site operations from the mineral attachments, same error.

    And I"m not sure what you mean by "check the operations under the Hosting group of fields". What are you referring to?

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    posted a message on (Solved) Need Attachment Help :(

    1 2

    3 4

    A lot of these came with the geyser, or were added automatically at some point...not sure which. Actually, the only one I added was the very last tint blend.

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    posted a message on (Solved) Need Attachment Help :(

    I'm trying to attach 3 minerals to a geyser with 3 offsets.

    I've added the geyser to the Hosting: Host under the attached model

    I've attached a site operator for an offset

    I've added unitcreation.vesphenegeyser - create to events

    I've added unitdeath.vesphenegeyser - destroy to events

    I've gotten all 3 to show up in correct spots on the geyser, however, I get a constant blend time error when I play the map or open the editor.

    "CActorUnit[VespeneGeyser] This operation requires a blendDuration > 0.0 to make sense"

    I've tried several things - recreating the actors, futzing around with various blend times on the actors and I need help.

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    Constructor Wars

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Constructor wars is a player vs player RTS style map similar to starcraft in some ways, yet very different. You can find it and play it on the american server, search constructor wars.

    What's it about?

    Constructor wars is a map where players construct generators for energy, mineral mines for minerals and try to slaughter they're opponents.

    The gameplay fundamentals are very simplistic, and there are really only 4 basic units. Each unit has they're counter and so does each strategy. Players may choose to be rather defensive and build up their economy or be aggressive and try to break each other.

    The Basics

    Again, this map is rather simple. There are only 4 types of things you can build.

    • Income based buildings - Boosts your income
    • Tech based buildings - Provides more building options / Upgrades for units
    • Defensive buildings - Defending
    • Offensive Units - Attacking

    Gameplay is geared more towards strategy and less towards having proficient speed.

    Tech Advances

    Tech advances are what make the game interesting. Almost every single unit and building has an upgrade, and if you're economy is good enough, you can even tech to more powerful units/structures. Radar towers, for example, (which act like your basic terran sensor tower), can be upgraded to provide vision within a larger radius, and eventually upgraded to see the entire map. (At high costs of course).

    What You can expect in the future of Constructor Wars

    • More options to reduce base maintenance to give players more emphasis on micro
    • More high tech units
    • More early aggression options
    • Constant balance adjustments based upon feedback / gameplay strategies.
    • Different terrain options (Right now it's a standard 8 player sized map)
    • More cool defensive buildings
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    I'm not going to read all the dif posts, but I do like the idea. I search through the maps on b.net and end up finding some good ones that no one even knows about. We need to create a way to make good unknown maps become popular, and I think this could be it. I do want to put emphasis on the word good tho =P.

    I'll have one out soon enough.

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