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    Quote from CybrosX>>

    Well thank you for your time.

    - I was testing two days auto sacrifice and it was okey. The supplicant use that ability only if alarak has damaged health.

    seems like Auto-sac activates when he takes any hp damage, which is a bit soon tbh.  Needs to be like critical or half health.  It's hard to see visually if you're getting hp healing out of that.

    - I will check these slayers. Maybe I will change their shield ability to something more useful and new.

    Yeah more testing has revealed that ALL their cooldowns activate when one activates heal.

    As for whether shield healing is useful? I'm going to say "not really" because blink micro exists. I mean it's useful if you want to put them back in combat right away or as a skill floor for ppl who don't blink micro, but other than that not that big a deal tbh.

    I didnt nerf main base resource limit ^^

     I see, it's just that the hybrid are tough to take down in large numbers with only 30-40 stalkers + alarak.  That's def good, makes them as frightening as they should have been tbh.  Will have to take more than 1 base next time.


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    Havn't managed to find myself some time to play the full map (mission 5), but I think the resource limit on the main base was a good nerf to players, and does up the difficulty as they need to defend multiple points sooner.  Still think that destruction wave remains a little strong due to it's low cooldown and lack of long range units that aren't as affected by it, and that you can mine out everything before activating the drill. But please take this with a grain of salt because I didn't get much father than grabbing a second base.



    When you select a bunch of stalkers and use capacitor, if ANY of them have damaged shields, it activates it for ALL stalkers, not just the ones damaged.

    I don't think auto-sacrifice is working right? My shields weren't even broken and supplicants got sacc'd, losing out on half that healing.

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    So, now that we've had 3 complete skin sets announced and another 3 being released with the next warchest, i'm curious about what people think.  So, two questions


    1) Do you wish that you had those skins  earlier, to boost the cool factor of a faction you had?

    2) Do you have a dream set of skins for a (past or planned) campaign that you wish was released, and what?

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    Shame to see you go.  I loved the viacre ch.2 as a concept, and the map you were making was a great improvement upon it.

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    posted a message on Curse Official News: Time to break the silence! New Community Efforts & Review Schedules




    • We sacrificed communication with users for other work
    • Now we have official people who deal with the unwashed masses (they drew the short straws I guess /s)
    • 24/7 -> 16/7 review time (I hope you like waiting 8 hours if you're not in NA/SA)
    1. Why haven't we been notified about this?
    2. Why hasn't our "official community team" introduced (or re-introduced) themselves?
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    Quote from MaskedImposter >>



    Mapsters 4.5 for Mapcraft 2017 has been significantly updated. Very interested in feedback for anyone who has time. Just about 20 days til contest ends.


    Some changes of note:

    - The end is an actual boss fight now, far different than it was before. So much improved. Type "boss fight" without quotes after you choose difficulty if you want to skip straight to it for testing purposes. 

    - Changed the supply max to 100, and added an addition second level upgrade for the healing bots. This makes it easier to keep a fully healed up army.

    - Changed the tanks impact indicator to make it more distinct from the grenade ability indicator. So hopefully that'll help the player to know to dodge the tank attacks.

    - Lots of other various things I don't remember :P


     "boss fight" should probably activate all upgrades....
    anyways the 2nd upgrade for the healing bots now makes them healing grenades, and making the single target heal rather pointless (except on heavily damaged marauders or heroes). Throw one in front of your army, crowd around it, and shoot for 25 healing and then you can keep moving (saving you time)
    Drop pods are interesting, but in the end it's a pain to keep selecting new units that can be on the other side of the ship and try to group them with you.
    Ghost dude's epic cloak on wound means that it's actually generally better to keep dying (which you will anyways, due to the sheer hp of everything that spawns)
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    Quote from Scbroodsc2 >>

    Got your mail from Lifeforce website. Where to go to play the mission and test for feedback?

     email says to reply to it.  I'm sure there'll be a second one if accepted.
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    In reply to Bilxor:

     hey i'm just happy it's coming out at all :P
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    In reply to Veratai:

     yeah we're sitting at a pretty decent active member count.  Chat quality sometimes (but rarely) goes downhill, tho.
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    What a lovely comment Deltron.


    In reply to EDHRIANO:

     This might help you.
    Likely you've fallen under the popularity threshold for too long.
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    What's going to prevent this from being taken down due to copyright?

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    Oh. I see the issues Vastan had.  For me the base seems to have constructed itself (wonder if Vastan prevented the nexus from being built with hold position)


    The final cinematic played for me, may just be Vastan's machine.

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    Problem with looking like alarak cares is that everyone, even his own troops, know that he doesn't.  Heck, even Ji'nara knows better than to cross him.


    First off, I'm pretty impressed by the new units and the custom voice acting.  Was unique to say the least.


    The mission isn't lacking as well.  Wrathwalkers and vanguards provide spikes in difficulty on demand, and I decided to fight the hybrid and his two lackeys as solo alarak (and won).


    For a relatively new hand at the editor, this is a strong first mission, and hopefully once we get into macro missions the fun will remain. 



    • Armored votary doesn't get armor/shield upgrade
    • Stalkers don't autocast their autocast ability
    • Setting the game speed to faster (force of habit/more exciting micro) screws with dialogue triggers


    small issues:

    "youareatraitor"  and "noitcan'tbe" - feels to fast

    "This campaign is placed in time one year after epilogue of Legacy of the Void" -> ""This campaign is placed one year after the epilogue of Legacy of the Void"

    "Alarak declined the alliance"

    "true strenght" -> "true strength"

    "to clear it from trees" -> "clear the trees"

    "could damage your force" -> "could damage your forces"

    "briefs his forces inside the warchamber"

    "confrontation with the Hybrid" 

    "if anyone other" -> "if anyone else"

    "surrending" -> "surrendering"

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     The link is formatted wrong, takes me to 


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