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    posted a message on Creating beams with custom pathing

    Heres one way of going about it

    It uses multiple units creating beams between each units

    heres a sample file that should demonstrate it


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    posted a message on Need art guy for (steam game) production.

    Looking for an interested partner who would like to contribute, and be paid in the long run of things.

    Dont have a lot of needs atm but I'm looking for an interested partner.

    The goal is to create a mech game where you build your mech piece by piece... kinda minecraftish. Where you have to manage lots of factors of your mech and how it will perform in the physics engine. And blow shit up....

    Writing the game in Unity.

    Looking for basic models and textures.

    Demo Concept

    Contact me on Skype (skype name is in my sig) if your interested.

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    posted a message on Setting variable arrays in one line?

    you can take that string idea a bit farther and use an action definition to automate it a bit more.

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    posted a message on WTB Raiden beam model

    @Zolden: Go

    kinda.... the beam there in the video is 10 to 20 long. Im looking for a beam thats kinda wide and flat and would look better on the harsh angles.... also the particles need to fade fast...... a lot of the beam models are very laser ish and you can see the angle to sharply.

    the game supports lots of ships.... so it cant be too screen intesive.... theres a couple beam models that just 1 laser will make my comp chug on low settings.

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    posted a message on lllllllllll

    @Eimtr: Go

    use the event real time elapsed

    • time elapsed 2 minutes
      • actions
        • if number of units in region of unit type > 0 then
          • change score +20
        • else
          • change score -20

    you could use some kinda boolean array or struct or something to keep track of the challenges won/lost. And make some kinda gui for it

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    posted a message on How To push a unit with new physics?

    @hobbidude: Go

    behaviors looping and doing force effects does not have the effect I want... the code im using is currently more pleasing...

    I saw a demo of a marine being thrown around by being clicked on.... was wondering if people have more to show or if its even enabled yet?

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    posted a message on WTB Raiden beam model

    Im looking to find somebody willing to create a beam model that when in use looks like the beam from Raiden.

    My map currently uses in game beam models.... but they just don't have the right feel. and honestly I'm looking for a beam model that wont make the game chug when there's hundreds of them being rendered.

    My Beam Currently

    SPACEWAR Tribute - Beam Test 1

    SPACEWAR Tribute - Beam Test 2

    the purple beam from this game like this

    contact me on skype or pm me on here if your interested

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    posted a message on How To push a unit with new physics?

    Im looking to slowly convert my game SpaceWar Tribute to use the new physics engine.


    As the game is currently set up it uses a game loop and calculates velocity movements and then instantly moves the object there.

    Im interested in learning these key points

    1. Does a unit need a normal mover? My units are set up to move with out actually moving. They are moved entirely by actions. I want to loosen up the triggering required to move the units every iteration of the game loop. To using the physics engine entirely to handle moving my units around.
    2. What are the general requirements to make the physics work on a unit, limitations?

    Any relevant links, or thoughts would be helpful.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Expansion Reveal

    @DuckyTheDuck: Go

    I feel exactly the same.

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    posted a message on SonicPing, a network latency measuring script

    No offense, but from my understanding of the way things actually work, the value you would get from this would be absolutely worthless. The value your measuring from my understanding is the clients "speed", as in if they have a very shitty computer... there could possibly be a much larger delay. This doesn't actually indicate net work code speed.

    Not to mention that any attempt to adapt a game to adjust to these values would degrade game play further.

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    posted a message on JetCraft

    Very impressive.

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    posted a message on Dogfighters

    @LosTacos: Go

    nicely done

    are you using your same old physics stuff?

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    posted a message on [Libraries]\Leaderboard\Banks \+ extras

    @Stexen: Go


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    posted a message on Dialog Items are shown to player 1 when triggers *should* prevent this. help!

    @En7ropi: Go

    After you create all of your dialog items then you do a

    • pick each player in all players
      • set dialog item for picked player value = some value

    that gets all the players set up with the same values

    when you update the dialog items you would do in in a periodic trigger as such

    • every 3 seconds
      • pick each player in all players
        • set dialog for picked player value = some vallue
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    posted a message on GameHeart Overlay

    @rtschutter: Go

    music in the video sounds terrible.... try telling us about whats going on in the video

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