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    I've been working on a mod for gits and shiggles, and an looking to make a custom campaign around it. I've been thinking through the tech tree and wondering what you guys think or what's missing.



    Stalker (Co-op one)

    Dark Templar (co-op, but no void stasis)

    Dark Archon (Brood War inspired has mind control, feedback maelstrom, made from DT)


    Disruptor (Co-op version)


    Warp prism


    Oracle (modified LotV version, permanent revelation, pulsar beam is standard attack)

    Corsair (Co-op)

    Scout (range upgrade, stun missile upgrade)

    Void Ray (Requires Fleet Bacon)


    My logic:

    I'm including the scout since the dark templar have their own versions of them, and moved the void ray to fleet beacon since there is a lot at the starport. I'm not sure what I could do to make it capital ship worthy though. The Oracle has permanent revelation for a mission idea I'm thinking of where you'll want to keep track of dropships attacking your base. The disruptor is meant to serve the role of Nova's drone for co-op, sneakily taking out buildings like missile turrets.


    I'm looking putting emphasis on smart use of units like in Brood War over the mass all the things in SC2. (Yes I know that was a thing in BW too but it wasn't ideal due to controls).



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