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    There doesn't seem to be a way to set the height (or rotation) of terrain objects in the editor. Normal hotkeys don't work or work very poorly, requiring direct XML editing.

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    When you open up a footprint with an existing pathing map, the pathing map is not displayed and is reset to default values. Saving that footprint resets the pathing map to this default. Therefore every time you edit this value, you have to recreate the pathing layer from scratch.

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    posted a message on [Data,Terrain] Bridges - A Terrain Objects and Footprints Guide

    Terrain objects

    Terrain objects are objects that modify the height terrain via a model. They can be used whenever you want units to walk over a model. This includes bridges, stairs, etc. This can be used to create some very interesting terrain.

    In order to create a Terrain Object, go to the Terrain Objects data type, hit Add Object, change Based On to "CTerrainObject" and click ok. Each object has the following important properties:

    • Footprint - specifies the pathing map of the object, and placement behaviors of the object. (More on this later)
    • Model - specifies the model
    • Number of Cells Across (width) / Number of Cells Down (height) - how many terrain cells are hidden by this object. Cells that are hidden can be restored via the terrain editor.
    • Radius - Space taken up by this object. 2 terrain objects cannot exist within each other's radii. Set this to 0 to be able to stack terrain objects.

    Fields for use in Editor:

    • Texture Sets - set this to the texture set you are using so that the object shows up in the Terrain Editor.

    Further investigation required:

    • Cliff Set - Not clear how objects interact with cliffs. Perhaps though height codes?
    • Height Codes - Binding points for terrain objects? Don't seem to have any effect from testing. Perhaps requires special models?

    Here's an example of a complete Terrain Object: Terrain Object

    This object can be placed in the editor via the Terrain Layer -> Terrain Object -> Add Terrain Object Menu. You should see something like this: Terrain Object Placement

    If you actually place the object, you'll notice that the height is defaulted to 0. I haven't be able to figure out a way to set this height via the editor (if someone does, please let me know). For now, the only way to change the height is to open the map in an MPQ editor, open t3Terrain.xml, and find the entries that look like:

    <cliffDoodadList num="4">
        <cliffDoodad name="Bridge" pos="119.000000 10.000000 4.000000 " rot="0"/>
        <cliffDoodad name="Bridge" pos="155.000000 10.000000 4.000000 " rot="0"/>
        <cliffDoodad name="Bridge" pos="103.000000 65.000000 4.000000 " rot="0"/>
        <cliffDoodad name="Bridge" pos="31.000000 91.000000 4.000000 " rot="0"/>

    Set the last value of pos to the desired height. Note: Most cliffs sets have heights of (-8,0,2,4).

    Now that we have an object that modifies the terrain height, it's time to make it pathable via a footprint (to be continued...).

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