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    posted a message on Marker from one ability to another [Solved]
    That worked just how i hoped it would.
    Thank you DrSuperEvil.
    The saviour once again.
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    posted a message on Marker from one ability to another [Solved]

    It is a work around...

    The problem is that i cant 'check'  if its the same player that applied the behaviour that "activates" the behaviour.  

    The only work around i see is to have one A and B behaviour (hidden) for each specific ability, add behaviour A to caster, and behaviour B to target, and when activating (check if A is on caster, and B is on target) add a behaviour C (for the validator).  

    But right now, im wondering if anybody knows how to use the marker links between abilities, in the sc2 mapster wiki, (atleast on ability instant and target), it notes that you can use marker links between abilities, and im wondering how, cause that would solve all the problems! 

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    posted a message on Marker from one ability to another [Solved]

    I have one ability (called activation), that searches for units, and im trying to make that ability give found units a marker.
    Im trying to make a validator that uses that specific marker, checks if they are from the same player/unit.


    The idea is to make a general activation ability that can activate all sorts of other behaviours and abilities, without making a costum tailored sollution to each (i thought markers and link would work, but so far no success)

    It is diffrent abilities, does that in any way affect markers?

    Is there a way? Or do you need to costum make it through triggers?
    There wasnt alot of information about markers. 

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    posted a message on Animation/Model/Actor Dialog

    Looking at the intro to marine arena intro (youtube /watch?v=ZkcGYOG-mLg the first few seconds for reference) got me very inspired. Does anyone know how it was made? Is it a dialog item movie in several parts?


    My original plan was to have like a model of an explosion in front of a dialog and then remove it-- but if this is how fancy they can look, i definately wanna try to outdo myself. Note that i do not wanna copy, i just wanna know how its done so i also can make fancy looking dialogs! :D 

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    posted a message on [Monthly Test - January] Stranded on Krydon Renewed by R0binicus

    Hello there R0binicus, thanks for the game.

    The first time i played the game i lost. I did not see the factory was for everyone, so i rocked one scv the entire game. When everybody is about to die, i have zero minerals. But it felt fun to try to stay alive even though that happend, since you could still cling on to the others.
    I also had about 9 supply, while the others had 30-50 or so.

    The other time around i understood it better, we discussed a bit of strategy before we started. I got like 5-6 mules from the start of wave 1. But i was always behind in supply still, around 9-13, while the others rocked 30-50. Late, late game, when leviathan showed up, i had 25.

    But ive stocked some minerals and gas, so i got 3 rescue beacons, and we won.


    So here comes my feedback.


    • It was a fun experience cooperating, and strategizing.
    • I felt like the scv shot could just aswell have been replaced by turrets (or a standard fusion cutter attack). I think maybe i did not understand the choise (or would have prefered the normal attack...)
    • It was frustrating not being to help as much since you didnt have as much supply as everybody else.
    • I felt like the ending was a bit dragged out (and caused lag). I felt like a little cutscene where a ship moves down and picks us up (or whatever) would have been just as great.
    • Prehaps a little extra time to read the buttons?
    • I don't think we got any money for almost any of the enemies past wave 1-2. Im not sure if that was intended?
    • In general good job!


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    posted a message on Players not seeing certain upgrades or units

    Ive encountered this issue before but never really understood why it happends, or if there is a sollution.
    Several players claim that certain upgrades or units "doesnt exist".

    Even though other players can see/use them just fine.

    Is there any fix to this? thanks.

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    posted a message on Moving the Objective Panel (with extra dependencies)

    Oh, i had to destroy the dialog item afterwards. Guess you learn something new every day!
    Thanks so much prodigy454. Ill add you to the credits for your help.

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    posted a message on Moving the Objective Panel (with extra dependencies)

    Again, tried both Moving it through trigger with the new "name"- and through the sc2 layout method, but neither seemed to move it.

    I don't think im doing anything wrong, ive done this several times and it has worked before.

    Thanks anyway Prodigy454!

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    posted a message on Moving the Objective Panel (with extra dependencies)

    Ive already moved several UI elements, both via Triggers and Sc2 Layout files. But now ive seem to hit something of a roadblock.


    So ive tried both to move the Objective Panel via trigger (Hookup, Move ui element) and the sc2layout way, but non of them seems to move it.

    I even tried to move the VoidShared_ObjectivePanel, but the Objective Panel seems to have bested me.
    I saw some forum posts indicating that Heart of the swarm (or dependecies in general) is somehow affecting the ability to move the panel?


    I tried to use the same trigger code to move the panel in a liberty arcade map and it worked just fine.

    I have Void dependencies, is there any known way to move the panel?

    Thanks in advance!

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    posted a message on Patch 3.0 Map-Maker Troubleshooter Thread

    Anyone else got this error? Wasnt sure if it was the patch or something i did.


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    posted a message on Localityfail

    Recently changed a few things in my map, including dependensies. It didnt warn me that anything was missing. So i did not think much about it.

    Now the load time for the map is horrid, and i get about 100 errors with the text localityerror.

    I assume its because the map needs to preload every single item in the list. But im not sure if its because of the dependensies, or why its doing it.

    What do i do about it? Thanks in advance!



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    posted a message on Dialog item layering

    Ive started to work some with dialog items and found the neat feature to attach a dialog to a unit.

    But i noticed that when you move your screen sometimes the dialog moves over your commandcard/minimap or other important things.

    Is there a way to make sure that doesnt happend? Thanks!

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    posted a message on Just to be sure

    In one part of my triggers im using loops within loops, and im just a little bit worried that to many will cause a huge lag spike in the game.

    Having about 100 items when im done, looping all those and replacing up to 5 substrings with a loop of 100 items,

    do you guys think it will be a big deal if i do it once?


    Like this: For each int in ibutton from 0 to (100) if then (are there any elements to replace?)

    While icompare < (100)

    for each (up to 5 elements). Replace substrings

    icompare +1

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    posted a message on Bi-Weekly Testing Thread #1: Blitz Fire by Trieva

    I thought i would add my two cents aswell.

    I played it first singleplayer, and then a few times in multiplayer before collecting my thoughts.

    Caveat: My english is poor, if it seems i mean any offence, i dont, its just poor wording.

    First reaction : I was suprised by the unbound movement. But after reading your post, and especially after playing in multiplayer it felt very smooth and it was a good choise!

    Thoughts : Some of these thoughts/ideas might be because im bad at turn based strategy games. First of all, it was fun, but since it was a turn based strategy i felt like i needed more information to make my decisions, and that the game changed without it letting me know. I never really got the 'a-ha!" moment how to solve the problems i was facing. And sometimes it didnt feel like it mattered what i did. But again, it was fun! dont forget that! Heres my thoughts on why i felt the way i felt.

    I enjoyed single player more. It was often clearer what needed to be done (eg using the explosives to kill enemies and stuff, neat!). But... I didnt realise untill far to late that the infested terran onehit kills everything. It felt like it could have been telegraphed more clearly. Then again i didnt click them and check their damage... so... my bad hah! I found that they deal 500 damage. So no amount of upgrades would help. Maybe having an aura of some sort? Maybe a model to show that theyre reaaally dangerous?

    Having upgrades that are not usefull felt frustrating. Maybe giving just flat bonuses instead of %. It was really hard to work around the infested terrans, especially since there was often so many of them. We played a full lobby and it felt like a sea of enemies. It was not always clear which units the enemy would attack, and one time i thought i was safe but it moved against me instead of my ally and killed. I noticed the abilities units had was changed during the game, i felt i wanted a reason for it. Gaining new abilities feel okay, or if you change them and tell the player (During this mission, snipers have this ability). But removing abilities without telling the player? Im going to use cloak this level... Its gone. Lastly i feel like punishing a player for being a team player (dying instead of another), feel hard. When players are also rewarded for playing safe (given more minerals and even a shoutout) it felt rough to have my super armored unit just die in one shot.

    I agree that some story or options for levels could have been nice.

    I really like the ideas though. Having diffrent units to solve problems, abilities, and teamwork. I like the idea with co-op turn based strategy. It feels like this is gonna be very cool once its done!

    Hope my feedback helps.

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    posted a message on How does based regeneration work?

    If found a new little part in the buffs today- and i didnt find any documentation about it.

    How does "vital regen based on vital percent remaining" work? I tried to mess around with it, but the effects were so small (or non existent) that i couldnt spot any diffrence. Do they not work? If they do, how?

    Just curious if anyone knows.

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