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    Since posting this (thanks to the forums over-zealous hunting of spam), I have solved some of the issues.


    A lot of the missing or screwed up training was because of my dependencies.  Using Liberty mod/Campaign/Story, Swarm mod/Campaign/Story, and Void mod/Campaign/Story and the Nova Art is a no go.  So now I am using ONLY the Void Campaign and Void Story dependencies and things work just fine.  The only thing I am missing is Liberators.  BUT those are in the Nova dependency, BUT if I put that in, I lose the specters training and I THINK the medic?  BUT gain a second ghost (identical to the first, so I get 2 ghost training buttons) and a new trooper training button.

    SO no Liberators, unless there is a way to add them without the Nova art dependency, but hey I can live with that.  Liberators are GREAT at siege defense, but I can get by.


    I can confirm I have ambient sounds working perfect, and the sound muted. SO now it sounds like you are on a desolate frozen planet in the ass end of nowhere, and the only help you are getting is whats already in this base.
    Water is still an issue; it doesnt look cold enough, so I added steam vents over it to make it look like a hotsprings (Iceland, I'm looking at you!) BUT there is still this BRIGHT blue glow at the depths.  Doesnt make it look cold, but rather, magical.  This aint no time for no pansy protoss finger waving nonsense.  This is about the hotsprings going down into the deep, dark depths of the planet where it is heated from the planets own core.  OR, if possible make the water look more frigid and icey, without the glowing.  I figure these are related to light settings.
    BUT the light settings are still an issue; its dark enough I can be satisfied with, but my light sources (mainly doodad things appropriate for terran bases like floodlights, light posts, etc) arent generating any visible light in their area, and I'm not sure what light doodads might be approrpiate for this.  Any time I make adjustmenets to the light settings and try and save them (not wanting to save over game defaults I try and save a new light setting), they go missing and I have no idea where the settings are or if they can even be used.  SO I'm probably making some noob mistake there.


    I am having a major difficulty with storymode upgrades.  I can get SOME to work, but not others.

    Science vessel for example, the perdition turret, hercules, these units wont work.  As well, only some of the upgrades work but not others.  I am.. willing to live with things as they are on this front, so not too phased here, my biggest want in this regard was shrike turrets and the missile turret upgrades, as this is a siege defense map, and those are working.


    For my zerg, NO upgrades or evolutions seem to work.  The Baneling evolution I used seemed to half work; the units had a subtitle saying the strain I wanted, BUT the unit looked like a plain baneling.  I didnt know about the apply player skin trigger, so I will look into that, so thanks for that info.  But the upgrades for each zerg type didnt seem to work at all as far as I could tell.  SO I might have been doing that wrong.  The WoL storymode techs are nicely labeled, the swarm ones, not so much.  Seems like a  lot of upgrades we get in the expansion, arent actually in the tech list when you try to use the apply upgrade action.  Or some are listed as storymode techs, others as HotS, but either way its hit or miss if they are even named properly.


    The campaign map epilogue03 I thought would have helped.  It didnt seem to, at all, and I cant figure out why.  I will try it again, with the apply player skin action to see if that affects things.

    Leaderboard I will try and set up.  Will come here crying for nooby help if I fail.


    The commanders situation; setting up a single commander for the hives, if the commander dies the hive goes feral and is now independant and able to fight all other hives as me, is proving a problem.

    What I have set up is this.

    Variable - x=Stukov = 0
    Variable - x= Terran Dominion = (Empty player group)
    Variable - x= Zerg Swarm = (Empty player group)
    Variable - x= Feral Zerg = (Empty player group)
    Trigger 1 - Event - Map Initilization
    Trigger 1 - Action - Player Group - Add Player 1 to Terran Dominion
    Trigger 1 - Action - Player- Make all players in Zerg Swarm treat each other as Ally with Shared vision.
    Trigger 1 - Action - Player- Make all players in Feral Zerg treat each other as Enemy.
    Trigger 1 - Action - Player- Make all players in Terran Dominion treat all players in Zerg Swarm as Enemy.
    Trigger 1 - Action - Player- Make all players in Terran Dominion treat all players in Feral Zerg as Enemy.
    Trigger 1 - Action - Player- Make all players in Zerg Swarm treat all players in Feral Zerg as Enemy.
    Trigger 2 - Event - Unit (Triggering Unit) Dies
    Trigger 2 - Conditions - Triggering Unit == Alexi Stukov (Unit)[coordinates to his location]
    Trigger 2 - Action - Variable Set Stukov = 1
    Trigger 3 - Event - Map Initilization
    Trigger 3 - Conditions - Stukov == 0
    Trigger 3 - Actions - Player Group - Add player 2 to Zerg Swarm
    Trigger 4 - Event - Map Initilization
    Trigger 4 - Conditions - Stukov == 1
    Trigger 4 - Actions - Player group - Add player 2 to Feral Zerg
    Trigger 4 - Actions - UI - Display "The north western Hive has gone feral." for All players to Subtitle area.
    Trigger 4 - Actions - Wait 5.0 Real Time seconds
    Trigger 4 - Actions - UI - Clear all messages for All players.

     It should work right?  So far it hasnt.  once I get this one working, (which is why I have the UI text) I can then copy the format for the other zerg players)

    As well, once I get the Commanders situation working, I can then start on the 9th zerg players attack waves, since it will be dependent on the existence of the commanders.

    Again, any feedback, advice or help is ALWAYS welcomed.  Indeed, asked for.  Thanks for any, and all help.


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    posted a message on My post for help was spam?

    Thanks for that dude.  Its greatly appreciated.  but yeah as you can see, no Cyrillic or anything spam like.  Except you know, its insanely long.

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    posted a message on My post for help was spam?

    Uh.. whats forbidden?  Looking at that post?  Posting to that forum?  Posting as a newbie?  I'm confused.

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    posted a message on My post for help was spam?

    Anyone have any clue why the post I made requesting for help in another forum here, was immediately marked as spam and locked down?


    Link to locked thread here

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    BEFORE you delete/move this thread because it is in the wrong section, let me elaborate. I need ALL the scripting, to the details I list below. I've been fighting with it for days, and making headway in one way, only to undo progress in another and I am beginning to get overwhelmed by it.


    I only need help with  the scripting, the map I've been enjoying creating and am actually really proud of (a rare thing for my creations).  As well, I dont expect whoever chooses to help to script every single thing.  I just need someone to get the ball rolling for me, give me a framework and then I can take it over.  I did scripting for starcraft maps YEARS ago, but those were so simple compared to this.


    What am I asking for help with?

    First off, its going to be a single player, I wanna sit and just watch the zerg run into my meat grinders.  Enjoy the sound of cannon fire, bunkers raining hell down on the approach to my fort while the blizzard rages overhead with AA missiles piercing the night in this frozen hell.  The fort will be located in the center of the map, with 8 zerg players with bases at cardinal points on the map, with a 9th player who only has attack waves spawn in.


    I created it as a melee map, but removed all melee triggers.  I have it set to Liberty mod/Campaign/Story, Swarm mod/Campaign/Story, and Void mod/Campaign/Story and the Nova Art dependencies.  But wow have the command cards for training been wonky.  I can make a vulture for 150 vespine, OR another one for only 50.... or TWO types of specters that seem utterly identicle.  And all kinds of elite/merc units.. at my barracks/factory/starport.  BUT other things I should be able to make are missing.


    I THINK I got the ambient sounds to match the map tileset I am using, and stopped the ingame music.  setting alliances is straight forward and wont be needed, same with starting resources, and editing the supply caps (I'd like to be able to fully man my bunkers).  I am having some trouble with the weather, and the lighting isnt as dark as I would like/the spotlights not as bright (yes I am using the Aiur Night lighting), BUT its secondary and frivolous so I wont ask for help with it and wont really worry about it untill everything else is working.  I just need help getting the various hives and my own fort working properly.

    As the terran player, I would like, if possible, the following:

    - to use all units that we are able to during the course of Liberty/Swarm/Void/Nova.  So things like the medic/medivac, the firebat, the Liberator, ghosts and specters, etc.

    - to have all the researchable upgrades working properly (and not broken, either from melee options or too many dependencies)

    - to utilize the following upgrades from Liberty:

    ----- Ultra-Capacitors, Micro-Filtering, Automated Refinery, Science Vessel, Tech Reactor, Shrike Turret, Perdition Turret, Hercules, Regenerative Bio-Steel, Psi-Disruptor

    - No more crafting Mercs/Elites, no more two versions of vultures or specters, no double mobius reactor upgrades in the spec ops center or broken armory upgrades.


    For my Zerg players I am hoping for the following:

    - Each of the 8 zerg hives will have its own, standard AI, though 1 (maybe 4) needs to specialize in infested terrans.  These AIs will gather resources, expand, upgrade, and attack as normal, while others will focus on air or land assaults respectively.

    - Each of the 8 hives, and the 9th zerg player, will have attack waves that spawn in, in a defined area, and attack towards a central target in the center of my fort, although this is in addition to the hives own regular attacks.

    - Each of the 8 hives will have a commander unit, it will need to protect and keep that commander safe, and if the commander dies, that hive goes "feral", breaking its alliance with the other zerg hives and now having no allies.  This would allow it to either wipe them out slowly, BUT more likely the other hives will wipe it out and move in to its territory.

    - I would like for the zerg to utilize the following units/upgrades. Please note, YES this is far more OP than you could get in the campaign, I want my Zerg to be powerful.  Only the Mutalisk will have varying details from one AI to the next.  Maybe this will be overwhelming, but I can always remove some at a later time.

    ----- Zergling: Swarmling, Hardened Carapace, Adrenal Overload, AND Metabolic Boost

    ----- Baneling: Splitter Strain, Corrosive Acid, Rupture, Regenerative Acid

    ----- Roach: Corpser Strain, Hydriodic Acid, Adaptive Plating, Tunneling Claws

    ----- Hydralist: Lurker, Frenzy, Ancillary Carapace, Grooved Spines

    ----- Swarm Host: Creeper Strain, Burrow, Rapid Incubation, Pressurized Glands

    ----- Mutalisk: 2 AI's go Brood Lords, 2 AI's go Viber while the other 4 get Mutalisks ONLY, Rapid Regeneration for all, and the ones with Mutalisks get Vicious Glave as well

    ----- Ultralisk: Torrasque, Burrow Charge, Tissue Animation, Monarch Blades


    AND no Protoss to worry about on this map. (though setting up some Nazarim, Tal'darim, and Daelaam variants would be nice.  The Purifier skin was. odd?  Black with green lines or was my game glitched?  BUT they are for another map, after I have learned from the scripting help I get here)


    When all hive commanders have been killed off, the 9th zerg AI will no longer have their attack waves spawn.  Victory will come about when all the remaining feral hives have been wiped out.
    Loss will occur in the standard way, once all units and buildings capable of producing units, have been destroyed.


    Since the purpose of this map is simply to slaughter (sort of like the Void campaign where we have to wait till theres billions of zerg on Shakuras), I would like a counter that counts the number of zerg units I have killed.  It wont be a victory tally or anything, just part of my personal satisfaction, which is the sole purpose of this map.

    Any help towards this is appreciated, thank you.
    I can be reached here, via email, bnet, steam or Discord.

    Yes I ask for a lot, I know.  I promise I will learn from any and all help offered though, and may actually release this map (though since its basicly meant as a "Sit and watch the meat grinder", the challange will be minimal so very much a niche map).  Either way, what I learn from the help here WILL go towards the next map I work on, which I do intend on releasing, if I can learn the scripting from THIS one.

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