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    posted a message on Normal/custom sounds playing offline but not online.

    NVM solved it..it was something wrong in the trigger. Set the sound to a different group.

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    posted a message on Normal/custom sounds playing offline but not online.

    Hi there,


    i would like to ask ppl who know about sound actors.



    I created sound one shots, linked sounds to it, triggered by an behavior. Easy so far.


    If i publish the map, the sound wont work. Off line they work fine.


    ALl the sound actors are on the map, sounds are on the map and mod.


    Trying right now every possibility... My last choice would be to try creating a new sound actor + ability on the mod.


    Question: Can it be, that sounds in general, self made sounds, are not playing, if the sound actor is only made in the map but not in the mod?


    Thx in advance!

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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster Upgrade Discussion Thread

    Nice change,but that white background everwhere is hurting my eyes so hard..

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    posted a message on Create and working new shield + impact effect

    Hello beloved sc2 mapsters :)

    my problem shortly explained.

    I want a new shield model permanently visible for like 10 seconds and when it gets hitten, it shall also show a new shield impact effect :)

    Ok, i tried this first, easy for testing purposes.

    Copied the battlecruiser defensive shield, changed the shield model with the new one, works, so far, so easy for now. Now it gets complicated.

    The shield impact effect wont show my new impact effect.

    There are a few shield actors from the game and models connected for the facers and stuff. Ok, also easy..i thought at least.

    Shield impact - cactorshield and protoss shield facer actors.

    Problem is, if i change the one shield impact actor with the new impact effect, it works, but for any shield capable unit in the game.

    Thats because the shield impact actor has on events: "unit creation, validate unit shield capable"

    I cant bring out the new shield impact effect with the active shield behavior from the copied ability.

    For example: a create and destroy connected with the triggering behavior that triggers the shield model on shield impact actor wont bring out the impact effect when the shield ability is active..

    A lot guys alrdy couldnt solve this ^__^

    Plz you intelligent hive of geniuses, help :) :/

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    posted a message on Damage response - Shield overload

    Hi there :)

    As the topic says, i want to create an ability that activate an surrounding shield(simple) and then,if the defender unit gets attacked, shockwaves will comin out and damages the surrounding environment by a shockwave(raduis,searcharea?). These damage,shockwave shall scale with the amount of the attackers damage in %.

    So each shockwave that is created, like every 3 seconds, is stronger for x % that i set on the damage response/behavior.

    To make it easier,so i can learn fast and figuring it out by myself,we could take an existing ability like the guardian shield. So, what i have to add or change?

    Anyone can help?

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    posted a message on Tentacles targeting missiles(sovled

    @Schloss80: Go

    Solved again..surprised by myself, im getting better with the editor step by step wow :D

    Anyway,thx for attention :)

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    posted a message on Tentacles targeting missiles(sovled

    Hi there,

    maybe a difficult taks to ask for.

    I want to change my tentacles on a space ship via switch button to target missiles and nulify them.

    Can tentacles do this and could someone help me a bit about that?

    Help will be much appreciated

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    posted a message on Point defense laser as a weapon(Solved)

    Hi there, as the title implicates, i just want a simple taks that turns out to be very difficult.. I took out the weapon from the drone on my unit..change a few entries,but it wont start to shoot..

    What i do wrong?

    Anyone knows ow to achieve this?

    Many thanks ahead :)

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    posted a message on I am for Hire

    I can recommend him vvery much, Thx for your help funky. I am satisfied with my issue :)

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    posted a message on Vanished pictures in dialog buttons since the patch

    Watched everywhere....its diffcult :)

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    posted a message on Looking for a good coder (actual project)


    Thx for offering your help. I appreciate it very much. I will pm you in some time.


    You talk just nonsense. You just come here to insult me.

    Very constructive and so senseful.

    I achieved a lot and revived the scene.

    I guess that makes a few ppl jealous kinda...

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    posted a message on Looking for a good coder (actual project)

    Hi guys, im looking for a real good coder, because i guess its not that easy to achieve what i plan for.

    Im in charge of a well know and good played map on na.

    Picture added below.

    Its a moba based spaceship 6v6 battle hero map.

    Problem is, the map has a ship selector with 11 ships on it.

    The original creator coded that and its kinda linked on the mod with strings and columns,numbers. I can configure the shipselector at any rate except to add a new ship on it, if i add another index or add another button game will crash or the ship selector just vanishes. Since my 3 months of beginning to develop it further i couldnt figure that out yet.

    The links and necessary connections its just too much yet for me.

    Who could help me? Whos trustworthy? If you can help me, i would even think about paying you a specific amount of money.

    I know its not that easy.

    At least i give it a try and ask here :)

    pm me or reply here.

    Thx :)

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    posted a message on Vanished pictures in dialog buttons since the patch

    Hello everyone, i hope much, you could give me advice and help me out.

    Picture attached below.

    I am the main developer of a well known map called star battle x.

    I was able since my beginning and learning like crazy (3 months) to solve all bugs and issues caused by the new patch.

    Took me amazingly hard work to achieve this.

    Now the last issue are the buttons on the right upper corner. The 4 buttons picutres are vanished and now i would like to solve this last riddle.

    I figured out they are dialog buttons(??) and they didnt include just pictures..i also dont find that buttons..must be in the script,triggers?

    How can i put them back as they would have been in the first place? Do i need to do new buttons or can i just put a picture,symbol on it? Instead of the blank purple window that are showed since then?

    And the most important thing..where i have to look for it?

    In the main game data script,(triggers on the mod file)?

    I cant find any btn files..must be something different..that much i figured out till now.

    I appreciate any help very much :)

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    posted a message on Warp bug. Help plz(solved)

    I need rly help with an annoying bug.

    on my map there are two bases. u can click on the bases and the ship will warp to it. Of course on the minimap its also possible and the players prefer clicking on the minimap.Its faster.

    But on one base u cant click on it at the minimap. The cursor is not turning yellow into an targetable object. It is only that base. All other objects and other team side is ok. Only on that teamside and that base isnt clickable on minimap by the warp spell.

    Ich checked flags, changed size of the base, ring selection and so on..nothing helped...

    The bases stays untargetable and a message says, must target unit... Im kinda desperate

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    posted a message on Channel weapon uses energy after finished shooting

    Ohhh i didnt read ur answer..

    Ok i added a test map with the carrier inside...

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