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    I'd like to see some screenshots as well; I'm at work and can't load it up to take a peek.

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    @ctccromer: Go

    1. Sounds like it's just a button issue somewhere. The icon and tooltip are functions of the button for the ability.

    2. All you can do is playtest the living crap out of it and see what you think needs improvement. Good luck!

    3. I think Mozared probably covered this perfectly.

    4. I would probably set up a different Weapon object for each of the different upgrades of each of the towers and swap in the appropriate Weapon when they've reached the appropriate upgrade level. That wouldn't require you to worry about Morph at all. But... that's me. I think there's probably 5 different ways of achieving this kind of "upgrade" in the SC2 editor.

    5. EDIT: Found it! It's a function of the unit's weapon. For example, if you go into Weapons, find Siege Tank - 90mm Cannons or Crucio Shock Cannon you can see in their "Weapon - Target Filters" field that Ground and Visible are both Required. But if you look at the Stalker's Particle Disruptors, which can shoot air or ground, only Visible is Required in its Target Filters.

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    @zifoon: Go

    Thank you very much, zifoon! This reminded me of an idea I had forgotten, to use a -1 charge cost effect somehow on that charge to get them back, but then in all the permutations and convolutions of things I tried out I completely forgot!

    So, for anyone who ever looks at this in the future and is a little confused, to fix this I made a Modify Unit style Effect, went into its "Cost +" field, chose my Grenade ability on the list, then went down to the bottom and changed Usage Charge Count to -1. Now I can use this Effect through the Trigger "Create Effect On Unit" (I don't know if the version matters; I use "Create Effect On Unit (From Player)" and it works fine) to apply the Add Grenade Effect on my hero at the appropriate times.

    So, thanks again, zifoon!

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    I'd like to give my hero a grenade ability that is limited by how many of them you are "carrying."

    Importantly, I want to be able to do something that increases that number of grenades, for example "picking up" an unused grenade from the ground, so you don't run out if you find more of them.

    I currently implemented this using ability charges, but I cannot seem to do anything that increments that number of charges. The Trigger system has various "Charge Used for Unit Ability" actions which don't seem to help at all. I'm not certain how I could use the Data Editor to increase that charge number, either. However, I'm not stuck on using ability charges if I need to start from scratch.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    I've never played an ORPG where I can use a single save code for multiple characters, and I don't understand why it would be necessary. Perhaps you could just make it so you can save, "log-off" of, and load characters at any time during the map, and have individual codes per character, with maybe another code for a shared inventory bank they could all access for that MMO feel.

    I cannot see how one character saving is not a superior solution compared to putting the project on a possibly permanent hiatus. But, I suppose I'm biased, looking from the outside in on a project I want to play.

    Either way: good luck, Mille!

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    @dra6o0n: Go

    That sounds like an interesting idea... that is totally not what I had in mind. Go ahead and make it!

    @Eiviyn: Go

    Dodge: In hindsight I completely agree. The game would have significantly different difficulty for someone with or without 3-5 points in Dodge. I will have to consider this.
    Sprint: In the process of re-writing some of that write-up I messed up. Everyone starts with Sprint, but higher levels would make it last longer and cooldown faster. I should re-write that part again. Your use of Sprint as a "press every 5 seconds ability" is up to you. If you never level it up you might want to save it for emergencies instead since waiting on cooldown could be costly.
    Lockpick/Computers: Then don't pick them? They're meant there as extra loot, extra content inside (one or two random quests), the ability to use doors to access/circumvent OTHER content/combat, etc. They're completely optional. Your opinion is valid, but not for everyone.
    Barter: That is easily fixed by making the percentages involved more attractive. For example, if maxed Barter makes it so everything you sell goes for 50% more and all prices are 40% off, then only someone with Barter 5 might be able to buy ALL the most expensive toys/equipment with the money available in the game instead of 1 or 2, or some other reason to want it. You didn't ever take it in other games because it was never balanced to make it worth your while. I plan to do something about that.

    Thank you for your reply, though. Your criticism is welcome. I might have moved forward with Dodge being the "everyone gets it to 5 points just because it's OP" skill and then had to totally rebalance it (and much of the monsters in the game, possibly) later on.

    @Ghrabthaar: Go

    Please, continue throwing out ideas! I enjoy them. They are delicious.

    In combat I expect Energy Cells to be the primary method of regaining energy, not passive regen, so in the end your idea wouldn't quite be as "painful" as you might have suspected. Anyway, taking Shield Booster or Shocker away wasn't as much a command card issue as a too many "oh crap" abilities issues. Having so many ways to survive a sneak attack or sudden bad turn of events starts to get redundant. The Shield Booster is intended as written to be a way to survive spike damage so that a Hypo has time to recover your HP to comfortable levels.

    And yeah, I don't think I want to re-write an entire UI system right now... I'm already getting sick of spending 3 hours every other night after work learning how another whole aspect of the map system is going to work. I'm on the verge of almost starting content creation, and that would be a big step back! Though... can you turn off the Group Selection Panel alone? If so, I could put a menu right over where it is, slightly taller than it, for more stuff... that'd be nice.

    Oh, and take a peek at the current version of the minimap system. Version 1.1 fixed all that, by changing camera and minimap bounds. It's nicer.

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    @DarkForce9999: Go

    While I would enjoy trying a Borderlands-inspired RPG map, and could foresee it having great cooperative play, I'm initially focusing on a single player RPG with an interesting story and more variety in combat than the different guns you use. Fallout and Borderlands are very different types of games despite both being firearms-based RPGs, and I'd rather not mix the two in ways that don't enhance the style I'm going for.

    To misquote Abraham Lincoln, "You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

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    @marine63: Go

    Ha, yes, I'll definitely have a Nuka Cola reference. Perhaps an ice cold, refreshing bottle of Dr. Nuker? And I won't be using Perks or Traits at all; this is Fallout-inspired, not a direct copy. But, maybe that's something to plan for multiplayer... a Fallout-inspired ORPG would be really, really awesome.

    @Ghrabthaar: Go

    Those are some great ideas... I have to be careful with having too many consumables that are used in combat, because I don't want to force people to fumble through their inventory for stuff while they're in the middle of a firefight. But, having a few optional, random, and fun items used from the inventory wouldn't hurt... and Bug Boxes are random and fun, so they're in! Still, I want to fit as much as possible on the command card.

    There are only 15 slots on the command card. I'd have 5 slots taken up with Move, Stop, Hold Position, Attack, and Level-Up. Then I'd have Hypos and Energy Cells, Grenades and Mines, and Sprint. That's five more. The Laser Pointer, Shield Booster, and Shocker would definitely need to be on the command card with easy hotkeys. Plus, a button to access another command card with the rest of the electronic toys, where you'd put longer buffs (Motion Sensor, Overload Harness) that you don't really need to worry about activating/deactivating in the middle of combat.

    So, that only leaves one command card slot open at the moment. It makes me wonder if I should take Hold Position off, and set the Hero to not auto-acquire enemies outside of a small range unless they hit him first; probably. It also makes me wonder if I need Sprinting AND Hypos AND Shield Boosting AND a Shocker. That might be too many "Oh crap!" abilities. To make room on the primary command card I should probably ditch either the Shocker or the Shield Booster. Hmmm.

    FYI, I definitely want to take your Overload Harness idea, especially for melee characters wading into combat with little gnawing broodlings and such. I was also considering +1 skill items, rare and short lived that sell for a decent amount, so I'm glad you agree. As for the Crawly, I want players to be using the Dopplepopper for scouting, so another is redundant, plus an exploding mechanical spider (while an awesome homage to Arcanum) would be hard to just "recharge" from your energy battery.

    But yes, please share anything else that comes to mind; thanks for your assistance!

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    @marine63: Go

    I was thinking Level 30, so that you had 30 skill points to spend, but if that's too many then I might drop it to 25. Or, if I add another skill (Sneak, or something else) then 30 might be perfect. I'll find out in testing.

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    Of all the things surrounding RPGs in SC2 this is by far the one I'm most excited about, as a player and a content creator. The thought of being able to take existing your existing story-world and models and plug my own optional side-story romp into this ongoing, massive, branching amalgamation of maps is great. The thought of playing all of those is even greater. I really hope this comes to fruition!

    Two things I'm worried about:

    • Can you actually publish a map, then link it to maps that other players have published? For example, if you uploaded your test map, with a Stargate address that goes to my published map... does that all work?
    • People wanting to add maps to the Stargate network and including things that don't fit, be it story-wise, equipment strength, experience gains, or whatever. I suppose your team will have approval on what maps to add in... but that review process could get laborious.
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    Despite your terrifying user icon, Mille, I am very much looking forward to this! All ORPGs interest me, but this one already shows ridiculous levels of professionalism.

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    Falling Out: A Post Nukeular Role Playing Game

    <sub>(working title: very corny and unfunny)</sub>

    A Fallout-inspired, non-linear, single-player RPG that rewards exploration with loot and content. Scarcity makes resource management important, and skill choices will vary gameplay significantly. There will be at least two distinct endings based on choices made, with some smaller decisions having other impacts on the ending. The intended control scheme is standard Starcraft controls.


    Our illustrious hero wakes up under the care of The Doc, with acute amnesia (shockingly original, I know!). He remembers bits and pieces: the face of a smiling woman, children playing in a park, and a man in a military uniform. The Doc says he found him in the wastes, unconscious but still hugging a pistol to his chest, sprawled out at the controls of a nuclear powered hovercraft. Luckily for our hero, The Doc is the really friendly sort and brought him back to town with him.

    So, with only fragments of memories and the mysterious lettering on the side of his hovercraft, our hero assumes a name and sets out to find out who he was. In the process he may find the origins of the horrible creatures that infect the wastes, who is pulling the strings behind the new resurgence in civilization, where all the best prostitutes are, what instigated the nuclear war that caused the near-total destruction of mankind, and he is so very good at killing things.


    Each skill can be raised from 0 points up to a maximum of 5 points; points 3 and 5 in a skill provide extra benefits. You get a skill point at each character level, and max level is 30. With 11 skills this would allow you to be well-rounded with 3 points in almost every skill, or focus to have multiple maxed-out skills.

    You will be able to beat the game without putting a single point into any Combat skills, so you could use Barter and other skills to afford/find more explosives and energy cells, unlock doors and activate sentry guns to avoid/assist some combat, and Speech your way around others. Of course you will also be able to beat the game without getting any non-combat skills and just kill your way through everything.

    • Combat
      1. Guns (standard weapons, Ranged damage) - 10% increased damage with each point, 5% ranged critical chance at 3 points, 10% ranged critical chance at 5 points.
      2. Melee (melee weapons, Melee damage) - 10% increased damage with each point, zealot Charge learned at 3 points, 5% melee critical chance at 3 points, 10% melee critical chance at 5 points. Edit: Possibly increase melee dodge rating with each point of Melee skill, giving 2, 4, 8, 10, 15% melee dodge? Dodge percentage doesn't stack, so with Melee 5 and Dodge 5 you'd have two different 15% chances dodge.
      3. Explosives (grenade and mine abilities, Splash damage) - 10% increased damage with each point, (still debating bonuses at 3 and 5 points, maybe critical hits or chance to not use up a grenade when thrown?)
      4. Electronics (other abilities, Spell damage) - increased damage and other effects with electronic toys. Would also increase maximum energy and passive energy regeneration.
      5. Dodge - dodge % with each point: 1 point: 7% melee, 4% ranged; 2 points: 14% melee, 8% ranged; 3 points: 24% melee, 14% ranged; 4 points: 31% melee, 18% ranged; 5 points: 40% melee, 25% ranged. 2, 4, 8, 10, 15% melee dodge, 1, 2, 4, 5, 7.5% ranged dodge? Still considering balance...
    • Neutral
      • Sprint - Hero gains the Sprint ability, increasing movement speed for 4 seconds with a 18s cooldown. Points in Sprint will increase duration and decrease cooldown, ending at 6.5 seconds of sprint with a 12 second cooldown. (Times at each point: 4 duration/18 cooldown, 4.5/17, 5/15, 5.5/14, 6.5/12) I want this to start as mostly a run away skill and, with enough points in it, to become a travel convenience + rush-into-melee ability for melee characters.
    • Non-combat (all non-combat skills will have at least one instance of being useful in NPC interactions)
      1. Lockpick - simple comparison test: With 2 points in Lockpick you can open locks of levels 1 and 2, while 5 points can open any.
      2. Computers - same as Lockpick, but for computers, allowing various effects (turret controls, security cameras, opening or closing doors, etc.)
      3. Speech - Higher speech lets you use new options in conversation with NPCs.
      4. Salvage - Lets you turn some high-tech junk in the world into resources (salvage materials from "trash" and sell for cash, pull apart derelict battle armor for the weapon, etc.)
      5. Barter - better deals at shops (I'm not sure how to implement this yet, but I haven't investigated it. Suggestions are welcome!)


    • Equipment
      • Guns with variety - rapid fire submachine guns, spray damage with shotguns, slow but high damage per hit rifles, etc.
      • Melee weapons with variety - fast-stabbing combat knife, swing weapons with ultralisk-like area of effect, etc.
      • Two Weapon slots - you can equip two weapons at once, but only one is actually active, and you press a hotkey to switch between the two quickly.
      • Armor slot that starts off basic by just granting more defenses, but soon you end up balancing between heavy armor and armor with other bonuses.
      • Helmet slot with various effects for personalization: gun damage increase, sight range bonus, extra armor, etc.
      • Shield slot with max shield, recharge rates, and delay-after-damage-taken-before-recharge-starts all being important to balance and pick between.
      • Two accessory slots for things like fancy belts, boots, gloves, or whatever else you might find, giving a wide range of buffs.
      • Grenades - explosive for balanced damage, fragmentary for biological, EMP for mechanical, and rare plasma grenades that are simply the best.
      • Mines - same as grenades, but they drop and are proximity detonated by enemies.
    • Consumables
      • Food takes time to eat and heals a little health; First Aid Kits take time to use but give you lots of health.
      • Happy Hypos are intended for combat situations, instantly giving you short-term health regeneration.
      • Energy Cells completely refill your energy battery, which you use for electronic toys; you start with a maximum of 80 and get more with Electronics skill points.
      • Rocket Launcher - single-shot rocket launcher that is consumed on use, dealing high damage to one target.
    • Electronic toys
      • Dopplepopper - (has cooldown) Creates a hallucination with a short lifespan that you can use for quick scouting as well as distractions and luring enemies into mines.
      • Shield Booster - (has cooldown) Increases max shield temporarily and gives an instant "heal" to current shields.
      • Shocker - (has cooldown) Causes enemies within range 2 of the user to be stunned for five seconds.
      • Motion Sensor - Gives you Sensor Tower style enemy detection for a good amount of time, covering an area larger than your sight but smaller than typical sensor tower range.
      • Laser Pointer - A palm-sized laser pointer, supercharged to fire a damaging laser beam at a single target. You'll put out someone's eye with this thing!
      • (Still brewing up more; please offer suggestions! I definitely want at least two toys that cause damage.)
    • Currency = "minerals"
      • Shops in town. What they sell and their prices will end up depending on balance, but it will include healing items, energy cells, explosives, and at least a few pieces of equipment.
      • You can sell generic salvage at shops for currency, though there will be a crazy inventor that you can give special scrap to for experience and various rewards.

    Overworld Map

    • Small, slow moving vehicle unit on a big map, with small sight range. You'll start with only a small number of revealed locations on your map.
    • Once you get close enough to an unknown locale you discover it, and gain sight of it indefinitely on the overworld. Get close enough and you will be asked whether or not you want to enter that locale.
    • Random encounters on the world map that automatically transport you into a locale map: battle, NPC encounter, goofy pop-culture reference, etc.

    Locale Map

    • Camera switches to focus on your hero unit, in a "locale area," surrounded by unwalkable ground.
    • Trying to exit the region triggers a dialog box asking if you want to return to the overworld map.
    • You do a majority of your killing, looting, npc interacting, and other activities in the various locale maps.


    When you "die" a cocktail of nanobots in your bloodstream keeps you intact long enough for The Doc's robot buddy to drag you back to town to get resuscitated. This does some significant damage to your organs, so you can only do this two times before you die permanently, essentially giving you three lives. But... there might be someone out there in the world that, for a large sum, would be able to provide you with a few extra lives.

    (I know this is ridiculous because the robot would get destroyed, or you would be eaten whole by creatures, or you'd be stripped naked by looters by the time the bot showed up... but I don't want ONE death to be final. Another idea I had is that there is something fancy about you and you can be cloned into a new body from afar, but there's a limited number of these bodies, and a sneaky guy can sell you a few clone shells... but the problem with that is how do you get all your equipment back? Should you have to do a corpse run with NO abilities/weapons/armor/etc? And what if you were killed in a random encounter with bandits... did you just lose EVERYTHING? I think I might have to ditch logic on the whole death angle and go with the idea I detailed above, unless someone has a great idea.)

    Concepts I'm still toying with

    • Multi-player! But I want a fun, balanced single player experience first. Usually when I play RPGs with friends I rarely get time to read the story or quest text when I care... that's not how I want people to experience this map unless they choose to do so.
    • Karma system: doing naughty things and nice things, with some content varying based on your karma and decisions.
    • Skill: Stealth - hero gains Sneak ability, giving you 3 seconds of sneaking on a 30 second cooldown. Points in Stealth would increase duration and decrease cooldown, maxing at 7 seconds of stealth with a 20 second cooldown. Attacking would immediately end Sneak. OR, maybe there could be a Sneaker electronic toy that you can get later in the game, that uses a lot of energy.

    All criticism and brainstorming is very much welcome; your opinion may enhance the final product!

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    posted a message on What do you think of my maps?

    Your very first post on the forums was a very strong suggestion that people should download your maps and critique them. Your second post was an accusatory/chastising comment on how none of us did so, bumping your own thread. In general, this pattern of behavior is not going to encourage people to do you any favors.

    Perhaps if you chat around the community a bit, critique others' maps, and discuss upcoming projects people would take interest. I think the status quo around here is to place a post in this area as you have and then just leave it alone, as well as join in community discussion with their maps linked in their signature so people know that they're interested in feedback and critique.

    Good luck!

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    This sounds complicated but fun. I'd definitely want some experienced friends on my team, though; there'd be a big learning curve.

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