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    funny story, i sat down for 2 hours and made up  the mission details in one sitting,. (took me about 4 hours  to type it up , because  of my disability).


    also i complete understand how many mapmakers are busy ,  as said in one of the early paragraphs until i can do it myself, the campain and its mission is to provide a story for map makers to tell if they don't have one

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    posted a message on Starcaft 2 campain request "war dogs and their phantoms"

    so first let me say hi, my name is ReddtheRage, but please call me Redd.  im a fan of the star craft 1 campaign played though it about 3 times or so many years ago, and wanted to play statecraft 2 but my computer can not run it right now.(it runs on lynx and w.i.n.e. doesn't seem to work properly) 


    however that doesn not mean i wont give up  after watching the youtuber  jayborino play though most of the campaigns and the perfect solder custom campaign or trilogy, ( Crimson moon,  is part one if you don't know what i'am talking about.) i am hoping to start this thread to as a request for custom campaign it is with my hope that i can set up the details of the campaign and the missions with in them and maybe some one can make this a reality, if there is veteran map maker with no story to tell, i wish to give them one to tell.  


    but lets face reality, first I'M new ,very new and why should you listing to guy like me....? answer  your probably not going to, my hopes is not high for this campaign becoming a reality,However let me start out and say I am a amateur story writer and a amateur d.m. for table top role playing games. i once had made a roleplaying game and system  that i took seven years to make and i loved every bit of the process, to say that im really excited for this details and ideas  is like a happy puppy chasing a bone.


    but im rambling it is time for the details of the campaign



    set in a time  were the dominion is in a civil war right down the middle, the shield of humanity  VS the Chimera council


    (keep in mind this is set 25 years after the end of legacy of the void in, a what could happen universe,)

     some details you should know, about 2 years ago in this time line a massive terror attack on the domnions home planet, wiped out all of our known human hero's and caused the Hyperion ship to crash land on the government housing, taking the castle, government and over 3.5 million people out in one fall swoop 


    this caused a power vacuum in the humanity government (i apologize in advanced about some word errors my disability is getting to me )  that quickly grew out of hand the two major government parties is the Shield of humanity or S.O.H. who wish to cut ties with all aliens species and be pure human, they wish to protect   humanity by any cost even if it means waging war with Protoss.


    on the other side is the Chimera Council or the double C in slang terms, the council wishes to work together with the Protoss and have both humans and intelligence beings of  aliens ruling together in the universe of starcraft,  (of course the zerg does no count in this situation every buddy hates the zerg however the zerg have their own planets that they take care of and have a dmz of sorts leaving both the Protoss and the Humans alone unless they invade the Zerg D.M.Z. then its open game)


    no one is quite sure who started the civil war but neverless the war happened, (NOTE: the campaign developer may choose to make this part a mission as a prologue to show the player the background)


    mission one: the wild dog

    our main protagonist in this campaign, Dango green is a recently turned 20 year old  civilian mechanic living in a small peaceful human colony on the planet Brisbane, a cold winter planet that is so far out of the way of other important planets, that many people living here  believe the war will never reach them,  some details for the mission developer: Dango has 25 hp, no fire arms equipped, no powers of any kind, and has only a repair tool and ability when this mission starts, he is a civilian mechanic nothing more his avatar or hero peice should look like a one of the many civilians models that you see in the original campaign) 


    today is Dango's birthday and the plan is that he and his buddy and best friend Carlos have scored a package of high end vodka and that after work they will be celebrating, Dango's birthday by going out of the colony  and drinking the vodka  while messing with  an old mark one  vulture mine drone that dango found and repaired.

    developer note two: Carlos is a civilian miner and will not be a player charter during the mission but instead will die  when the mission turns dark .you may chose any way avatar or figure for carols)

     the player takes control of dango as soon as he  walks out of his house for work in  the morning, the players job is to get  dango to work on the other end of the colony and to learn about the colony and its people, dangos mother works in the only trading post  and that  dangos father  is in charge of the only mine that feeds the colony, (add more details should you wish )

     when the player gets to the mechanics shop, Dango's boss  ex military Sargent turned cranky hard-ass Old-man Wilsion, surprises Dango with his first car a Mark 17 Hellhound suit , However being such a hardass Old-man Wilson has only got Half a hellhound suit and orders Dango to fix it, know full well it will be 2 months before the proper parts would get in, to make the suit operational


    (developer note three: the hellhound suit is cousin of the hell-bat suit the one that turned into a buggy with a flamethrower and back into a solder, however the hellhound suit is machine gun and missiles equipped version,unlike the hell-bat version this one is painted black)


    the player will then have the task to repair as best as they can the Hellhound, in the game its hp is set at 1 and that with dangos current skill level the highest it will repair to will be 75 out of 300hp, however its not yet able to drive or even come close to operational. this should take a good couple of minutes in real life and in game terms that means about 5 hours   close enough for Dango's shift to end, or for Old man Wilson to order Dango to scatter


    the player then has to take dango to the outskirts of the colony on the other end of the map  were Carlos is waiting for him , there should be a cut schenne were the boys get super drunk and get the idea to take the remote controlled vulture mine droid and  to use it to chase   ice rats around into a corner (should the developer or map maker  want to add this as a player mini game  i suggest going on ahead but this is your choice)


    after they play around with the drone for a bit the boys heard a loud screeching sound and look up to see a battle cruiser burning up in the night sky straight for the colony, where the boys watch drunk as it crashes into their home and takes out  most of the colony in an explosion


    the player is then put in control of Dango again and must get back to the colony with Carlos, however a new cruiser drops in, this one drops off solders of any type  who attack the colony and its survivors, it is reviled that these troopers are shield of humanity solders and they have  been orders to cleanse the area, with a nuclear   bombardment  in 10:minutes and that they are ordered to clear out people in this place before that happens


    a timers should appear on the players screen with ten minutes  counter. at the same time carlos is seen drunkly charging the solders, who immdeitly kill him in seconds, showing the player that the S.O.H. are here to murder every one, not save them , the player must stealthy move dango though the patrolling solders   though out the entire map to the landing bay in sector one, on the other side of the map from were dango is right now . the player should take great care as any hit to dango could kill him instantly, there should be some dialogue from Dango, about  his shock, fear and pure scared out of his mind, worrying about his family and praying that they meet him  in the landing bay. 


    i would suggest that this journey to the other end be extremely hard and that the player think about each move carefully and fully, when the player and Dango make it to landing bay  the journey should have token about 6 to 8 minites out of the timer ,  at the same time a drop ship is seen taking off from the bay the colonies Only drop ship,   leaving for what both dango and the player know alone to face death by nuclear bombardment,

    however this is made worse when a s.o.h. solder points out the drop ship taking off and orders it to be shot down, which  happens seconds later.


    this is to confirm that every one outside of Dango in the colony is dead. to make matters worse the player see a new trooper walk up behind Dango , this trooper introduces himself as S.o.h. Major Markus   and that though dialogue  the player sees  and reads Markus is not going to kill Dango, as he is the last member of the colony and the major wants some one to end up dead by the nuclear bombardment, and major picked Dango,  even though Major could order every single trooper to open fire on Dango, the Major will not but instead order all of his troopers to load up and move out as they have a no mission on the planet "Escobane"


    when Dango asks why let just him go Markus simply says "have you ever cooks a good steak? sometimes the best way to cook it right is to simply add salt " as soon as Major finishes saying that, a drop ship picks him up  and leaves the map leaving Dango alone  with 90 seconds  on the timer, after a few seconds dango starts talking out loud in dialogue, saying things like "what will i do?" you get the point


    however half way though a sentence Dango reambers that  the MK 17 hellhound suit is raditactive proof and that if he can get to that  he should survive the bombardment ,  the player then get the adjective to go back to the shop and get in the Hellhound 


    this journy should take about 60 seconds leaving 15 to 20 seconds on the counter , however as soon as Dango gets in the hellhound    the bombs start dropping ,


    as the screen goes to black the players hear the sound of zerg dying. then the mission concludes         





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