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    This is still a WIP but I think its nearing completion, I have some more doodad work to do and the just go around touching things up. For those of you who dont recognise it, the map is Destination. I have not been able to play-test this so I have made no changes based on balance.


    - Only 2 bridges in the centre of the map as fitting them in was difficult and looked ugly. SC1 used 30/60 degree angles, SC2 uses 45 degree angles.

    - All expansions have and extra gas geyser, making normal bases have 2 and mineral-only expansions from the original have a single geyser.

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    I am currently remaking the SCBW map 'destination', for the melee map contest, but I have a major issue with pathing at the moment. I think it has something to do with importing the original as a legacy map as a starting point. But tbh, thats just guess work. Heres a SS of my problem.


    Any help on how to fix this to make the map pathable would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    @Biophysicist: Go

    Im not sure if it will be possible with SC2 but in WC3 you could make parts of models 'invisible' by editing the alpha layer on the textures. I will give it a try once the game is released but I think alpha channel is used for team colours in SC2.

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    Im having trouble joining this site's IRC. I get this error message whenever I try to access it.

    'Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (chat.freenode.net) isn't associated with any program.'

    This is the URL im using 'chat.freenode.net:6667 #sc2mapster' is there anything its missing/ is wrong with it or anything i need to do to acces the IRC?

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    Hi everyone Im Dan/ danmw/ random_user12, call me whichever you like. Sixen sent me a PM on darkblizz to come over and check out this site so I did

    I am an old time Wc3 mapper, although I havent touched the map editor in about 3-4 years. Im currently in my final year of an architecture degree and am therefore better at the visual/eye candy side of modding. However I do have some very basic programming ability from Wc3 editor and my dad, who is a programmer.

    Some of you may have seen me on SC2GDF or Darkblizz and the reskinning mods I have made so far for dark protoss and frozen zerg. they were both pretty rushed tbh but im happy with them until i get my hands on the editor.



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