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    Alright so here is the first draft for mission one. I'm sure that there are specific details that I've missed when writing this down here, but this is all the dialog and notes for how I'd like the mission to be designed.

    Mission 1 - LAB RAT

    Infested Terran Platform Over Char

    Briefing Scene:

    Izsha: My Queen, I apologize for the interruption, but there is a matter that requires your attention.

    Kerrigan: (Annoyed) What is it Izsha?

    Izsha: It appears that a small Terran force has landed on the far side of the platform and is preparing to attack. We've intercepted a message between their forces and a command ship holding in orbit around Char.

    General Warfield: (Static) All right men. This is the day you've all been training for, operation regicide is in effect. Intel confirms that The Queen of Blades is hiding somewhere on this platform, so Emperor Mengsk wants every last inch of it cleaned out. After today the zerg will never threaten the Dominion again. Operational command will now be turned over to the Moebius Corp. Remember your training and you will make it back alive, Warfield out.

    Kerrigan: So Arcturus is up to his old tricks again. It took him long enough.

    Zagara: My Queen, there is a large hive cluster already close to the Terran camps, allow me the pleasure of ripping these weaklings apart.

    Kerrigan: Do as you'd like, just kill them all.

    End Briefing

    Lab Rat setup:

    3 players. -Player 1 (Purple/Zerg) -Player 2 (Red/Terran) -Player 3 (White/Terran)

    Notes: -Players 2 & 3 Allies playing defensively

    -After map loads first trigger event, nuclear launch on Zerg base in upper left hand corner,

    -Hide lower right Zerg Base until later.

    -Restrict buildable Zerg combat units to Zerglings and Queens.

    After missile strike, area is covered in toxic gas that destroys Zerg structures and units.

    Zagara: My Queen! The terrans are deploying a new weapon that is devastating our forces.

    Reveal Ghost Academy in lower right corner.

    Kerrigan: That must be were they are launching the missiles from, Zagara, destroy that building, quickly!

    New Objective: Destroy Ghost Academy

    (If player sends units into gas, only trigger once) Abathur: Warning, biological compound destructive to Zerg genetic makeup, avoid toxin completely.

    -When Zerg units reach first bridge reveal second Zerg area nuke as before but leave space for zerglings to pass through.

    Kerrigan: "Mengsk will pay for this."

    (When unit's reach close to Ghost Academy) Ghost: "Seriously Doc, why does this stuff smell like lemon juice?"

    (After Ghost Academy is destroyed, drop gas canister.) Abathur: Possible to build immunity to Terran toxin, sample is required.

    New Objective: Use drone to retrieve gas canister (either back to base or spawn waypoint.)

    Trigger: Player 2 (Red/Terrans) switch from defense to offense.

    Marine: "Those bastards took out the launch pad, wax 'em."

    Trigger: (Once canister is at base.) Abathur: "Chemical compound effect yet crude, spinning gene sequences...Zerg Brood now Immune to toxin." (Leave gas field on map, turn off damage.)

    Trigger: After Main Red base is destroyed. Warfield: "Moebius team report! What the hell's going on down there!?

    Reveal Main White Base, Spawn Gabriel Tosh Hero unit.

    Tosh: "General, it appears that shortly after coming into contact with the neurotoxin the zerg have developed complete immunity to it."

    Warfield: "Your science division assured us that was impossible!

    Tosh: "Obviously there was some variable involved here that we could not foresee, in any case if we do not retreat immediately, your men will be overrun in a matter of minutes."

    Warfield: "Very well Coronal, pull your men out and return to the ship."

    Spawn Medvac ship to fly Tosh out.

    End of Mission.

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    @Gradius12: Go

    Hey Gradius, glad to see you here.

    Are you saying I should look at these guys for help, or that I should rename my project?

    I guess StarCraft: Reborn is a bit obvious title at this point. :D

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    @Hockleberry: Go

    This is something that has been suggested to me before, however the problem for me is that, I know myself too well to know that going that route will get me nowhere.

    If I try to learn how to use the editor, it will end with me not understanding the system, getting frustrated and just quit altogether, and all I'll have accomplished is wasting time and effort, as I've said before I'm just not technically minded, and I understand that people are busy, I've heard that the editor is a pain to use, and that people have their own projects to work on.

    I'm not under the illusion that this will get done, but I will always push for it, and I will do whatever is within my ability to make this work, everyone has their role to play but mine is not as a programmer.

    What I will do, I think what I should do, is just post the work that I've done and maybe at some point down the road, I'll find what I need.

    But thanks for the advice just the same, and stick around, tell me what you think of my ideas, I can use a second opinion, and I want this to be a collaborative effort.

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    A couple of months ago, I made a post on the Blizzard forum, where I laid out a general outline for how I think StarCraft 2 should have gone, and generally people seemed to like me ideas.

    Someone on another forum who I talked to, who I showed them my idea, said "Why don't you actually make this a campaign using the editor." To which I said "Because my retarded !@# can barely use the internet without something going wrong." I am not tech savvy, to say the least. So he then recommend I try looking for people who are, and ask around for anyone who'd be willing and able to help.

    And that's what I'm doing now.

    As of today, since then, I've been reworking my outline, this project of mine would consist on 3 campaigns, Zerg, Protoss and Terran in that order, 12 missions each. I've designed the first 8 maps for the Zerg campaign and have written out, up to the 4th mission, the general events and dialog.

    But now I need to find the person/persons that can help make this idea of mine into a reality. (I need to find my spirit warriors, A+ to whoever gets that reference.)

    So if you have even a passing interest, and would like to know more, just to see if what I've been working on is worth your time and effort then let me know here.

    Let's make StarCraft great again.

    Here's a link to the outline: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/18300012413

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