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    Which way will you go on each option and why??


    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8362909/research options.PNG


    5 - attack speed & damage / armor & health

    10 - instant supply depot / faster refinery

    15 - auto refinery / two SCVs at once

    20 - Raven / Science Vessel

    25 - Tech lab+reactor / Orbital pods


    5 - turrets on bunker / bunker health

    10 - turret for CC / flame turrets

    15 - Predator / Hercules

    20 - higher starting energy / self healing ships

    25 - structure for mind controling zerg / structure to slow down zerg

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    Either way its not cool...

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    Actually I got help from another forum. According to a gamestop employee they do not have specific codes to identify different copies so he advised me to do what I was planning in the first place. Go buy the game on the 27th and then return the shipped copy with the receipt from the first one. As long as its not open I should be fine according to him.

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    @Slarti: Go

    Thanks. Btw the new SCII trailers/ingame cinematics/between mission videos are on youtube, but I refuse to watch them. If anyone doesn't care about spoiling the story, go look for them! just a heads up

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    Here is a SS of what seems to be Tosh as a ghost unit:


    Source: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/media/videos#/campaign-overview

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    posted a message on The new sc2 portraits (spoilers)
    Quote from Roar_Man: Go

    Those look sick, nice post :D

    Tnx. Here's 1 of my fav's :




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    Other marines with custom markings:






    Just LOL:


    Other marine with eye piece:




    AND THE REST OF THEM CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/media/artwork?keywords=portrait

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    This wouldn't be a jackpot if it didn't include something from the other two races. Here is the Protoss. It seems like we have a hero High Templar on our hands and 3 more High Templars revered to as "preservers". Most likely something we will see in the sub-Protoss campaign, and LotV.

    Karass (High Templar Hero)


    Another hero (1):


    Another hero (2):


    Another hero (3):


    Seen this guy around before:


    I saved the best for last!!!

    Marine Mercenary:


    Firebat Mercenary:


    Marauder Mercenary:


    Viking Mercenary:


    Tank Mercenary:


    Goliath Mercenary:


    Banshee Mercenary:


    Battle Cruiser Mercenary:


    Science Vessel:


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    posted a message on SC2 Mapster On Your Android Phone!

    I am not an iOS app developer so I can't help you there :(

    Maybe someone who does can

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    posted a message on World of Warcraft Model (M2) Importer for 3ds Max

    Omg this is amazing :D woohoo!

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    @aGoomba: Go

    Idk if I can do that since the "no return policy" when they give you a beta key or w/e it was

    Do they have some kind of protection on each box? like a code? If not, I can just say its the 1 I bought from the store.. I get what you mean, but if they can see its a different box they migtht not take it and I might end up with 2 games.

    Can anyone confirm I can do the swap and they won't care/know I did?

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    any chance we get it for an iphone too?

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    Ok so I pre ordered a copy of SCII months ago, but the problem is that I don't want to wait 3days for delivery (that's what it says on my shipping info), so I am wondering if this is correct and it will indeed take 3days (since I've heard from some people that they got theirs on the day a game came out) or if that's not the case, can I call them and switch the pre order to pick up?

    Honestly, idk what to do. I just want to play the game some time on the 27th... not in August

    Any suggestions?

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    @Zergmana: Go

    No problem. Actually I will keep them exactly where they are so those links should be reliable

    @38dedo: Go

    I am wondering if there is a way to get to their library so I can download the actualy 3d model. I can find the code but not the whole url :( Here's what I am finding "<a href="/features/heroes/tychus.xml">Tychus " Which I am guessing is it but I could be wrong. I don't know anything about coding so :P

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