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    Try Valerian's Hero Death prevention.

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    "The boots of haste upon being picked up would give me the haste buff for a brief moment, then I wouldn't have it."

    • So yes I saw this bug and I'm not sure what the best way is to deal with it. Apparently on pickup, if the unit has an equippable slot with the same item class as the item you are picking up, it will automatically equip. Is there any way to deal with this?

    "Also, I found it was not possible to move an item from my equipment area back to my inventory area."

    • This seems odd as I don't remember being unable to move the equipment back. Let me know how you recreate this.

    "Third, it kept dropping items directly where I stood, a little random offset might make the dropping more believable."

    • Yes this is also something I'm not sure how to deal with. I will try this out though (so the item doesn't just drop on top of your current location).

    "Does your current iteration of the project currently support slots that only support certain item types, class types, that sort of thing?"

    • For equipment yes it does. This was part of the original design provided by Helral. If you look into the way I create the inventory (in the "Initialization" folder) you will see how I specify specific slots to be for specific item classes.

    "Stacking ability of items like scrolls, potions, food, whatever."

    • This seems to be an important thing to people and I may support this in the future but for now it seems like a headache. Having different item sizes works well though.

    Thanks for your interest in this library!

    Edit: Well since you haven't responded I'm assuming you haven't seen this post yet but I've gone ahead and tried to fix certain issues which you may have been having. Let me know how this works out for you: http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/dbas/files/2-dialog-based-asset-system-dbas-beta-v1/

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    I'm not sure if anyone is still working on this or interested in using it but when playing with it I noticed some bugs which I have fixed.

    • a) Importing the library causes the "Inventory Item Clicked" trigger to break. I fixed it by removing the Set Catalog for Cursor action. I'm not sure why this doesn't work but I'm guessing it has something to do with not hiding the cursor.
    • b) Double clicking on an item which may be equipped will cause it to become equipped but not show on the equipment dialog. Added a used item check to make sure the item was removed upon use. If not, the item is removed and no longer removed from dragging. Thus you will hold and put down your weapon if you try to double click it. This fix would break stacked items if that is implemented in your asset system.
    • c) Tooltips would stick around for long periods of time after I have picked up and moved or dropped the item. Now tooltips are removed by destroying the dialog item creating it and remaking that dialog item. Please let me know if you know a better way to do this properly.
    • d) In trigger "Inventory Item Clicked": UnitIssueOrder(lib2_gv_inventories[EventPlayer()].lv_linkedUnit, OrderTargetingItem(lib2_gf_AbilityCommand("ZealotInventory", 3), UnitInventoryLastCreated()), c_orderQueueAddToFront); This trigger references the ability "ZealotInventory" which does not exist in most maps. This has been fixed to reflect the current unit's inventory ability whatever that may be: UnitIssueOrder(lib1_gv_inventories[EventPlayer()].lv_linkedUnit, OrderTargetingItem(lib1_gf_AbilityCommand((lib1_gf_GetInventoryAbility(EventPlayer())), 3), UnitInventoryLastCreated()), c_orderQueueAddToFront);
    • e) Added two public functions "Toggle Equipment Dialog" and "Toggle Inventory Dialog". Hook these up to your own buttons or abilities to trigger the display of a beautiful interface :)
    • f) Handling a full inventory was not completed. Now it removes the item from the actual inventory and creates a new one on the floor.
    • g) Dragged Item Panel now has a 100x100 image preview of the button of the item. I'm not sure if it should be resizable or how it should look but it's an early beta I suppose.

    I have also organized the library into its separate components. If Helral doesn't mind, I'd love to take over development for this dialog based asset system.

    I have also attached a map demonstrating the use of this Dialog Based Inventory.

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