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    posted a message on Thinking about getting WoW....

    as ex-WoWfanboy, I would suggest you don't. Most people I know just play the game because of the social part, and would quit if there friends do.

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    posted a message on best inexpensive game creator?

    @Mogranlocky: Go

    lol @ the 6-pool picture :)

    btw I learned creating games in Warcraft 3, very similair to SC2 but much more easy to use

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    posted a message on Dragon, Fearless, Opera Mask and Lion SC2 Rewards?

    maybe it has something to do with chinese censorship?

    I think maybe some decals/portraits are not allowed in CN by the government and got replaced with others?

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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2010 Goodies: DISCOVERED

    the murloc decals are probally from Blizzcon

    the worgen and goblin decals (+goblin marine and worgen marine portraits) are most likely from Cataclysm CE :)

    Edit: Can probally confirm this now:
    In the data editor, underthe rewards tabthere is:

    Reward from the following FoS

    And since goblins and worgen are the new races in Cata it's not hard to gueess which CE they come from

    Also rewards the following portraits:
    Reward/EditorDescription/Portrait_CE_WorgenMarine (unfortunately these arent in the files yet)

    Tide hunters and Murloc are from Blizzcon:

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #10: Hellas

    My first try ever to do some terraining:

    Greece meets Aiur

    Hope someone can help me how to add a sky??

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    posted a message on manyHands[2]

    @Rr3eCc0oNn: Go

    edited the map, added a Zerg base

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    posted a message on manyHands[2]

    @HeroLief: Go

    giving this a try :)

    EDIT: editor crashed might try again later

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    posted a message on [Contest] WoW Boss

    nice might try to convert my boss fight I created for WC3 to SC2 :)

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    posted a message on So, Who played/plays WoW?

    I did, did quite half a year ago tho because WLK is very dissapointing compared to BC

    probally will return in Cata to see if it has got any better

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    posted a message on Insane FFA chievement

    @Hazedsoul: Go

    It has to be a Blizzmade map; or you could just put no resources in their bases and then it would be to easy

    If you want to get this achievement go to multiplayer; choose custom games, choose a Blizzard map and then add 7 AIs

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    posted a message on Need some help with custom assets / tileset in my mod

    I created a custom tileset and I have 2 problems:

    1) I have imported textures and models in my mod but when I create a new map (and add my mod as dependency) the data from my mod is in the map but the imported files are missing.

    2) Not a big problem but I can't create maps using the new tileset, getting a complete black map when I do so. I have to choose a different tileset and then switch to the custom tileset.

    Link to mod: http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/shadowmoon-valley-tileset/


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    posted a message on [Models] Easy way to change a texture without 3DS MAX

    Ok in this guide I wil show how to change the texture of a model WITHOUT 3DS MAX or something similair. I will show you how I changed the ingame color of lava from red to blue.

    1. Requirements:

    • Starcraft 2
    • Custom textures or something to make them yourself
    • Notpad + +, or something similair, or any hex editor (as long as you can see the english text)

    2. Export the model, and in case you want to create custom textures yourself export the texture files aswell.

    A - Use this button to export
    B - Make sure right file is selected
    C - Textures used by the model

    3. Create you custom texture. Not going into detail in this guide think there should be enough guides on the internet on how to make a recolor (photoshop hue/saturation/lightness is quite easy to use). Just make sure the file is saved as .TGA!

    4. Rename the edited textures.
    It could be that the new filename has to have the same length as the old filename, don't know for certain.
    So I renamed for example:
    lavabase -> bavabase.TGA
    lavatoprock -> bavatoprock.TGA
    lavatoprockemissive -> bavatoprockemissive.TGA

    5. Open notepad + + and open your model. It probally looks like chinese for you but there si still some english inside, namely the filenames of the textures. So open the replace tools (hotkey ctrl H) and search for the original filename and replace it with the new filename - see pic B. Make sure everything is renamed and save the new model.


    6. Import the new textures and model into SC2 editor, make sure the path of the textures is Assets/Textures


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    posted a message on Terrain textures

    can't find the textures - they should be in the Import Manager right?

    Another thing that might be a problem is that the normal map is equal to the texure map. Incase you don't know what to do there, just put an empty white texture in the normal map; that worked fine for me

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    posted a message on Universe of Blizzcraft

    Having read some theories saying that all three world made by Blizzard (Starcrat, Warcraft and Diablo) are in the same universe, whether it is true or not, it got the idea of making a mod combining all three worlds in one.

    Imagine the Zerg infest a planet that has a portal connected to Outlands, or a Draenei spaceship crashes on a Protoss world.
    Imagine Rainor landing on Sanctuary...
    Imagine an alliance between Kerrigan, the Burning Legion and Diablo with his minions.

    Haven't thought much about the Diablo part so far.
    For the Warcraft part I plan to create new races based on the Horde & Ally races and some evil factions (Burning Legion, Old Gods)

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    posted a message on Custom unit classifications?

    I would like to add custom unit classifications (like Mechanical, Psionic etc.) and wonder if anyone has found out if this is possible?

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