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    Some hours ago I posted my newly created library in the asset section.

    This library allows the map maker to directly implement campaign AIs with advanced behaviour in both maps and projects.

    For example, it allows you to define, which just a few actions:

    • Build Order
    • Units and peculiar units behaviour (e.g. wandering around)
    • Expansions
    • Harassment
    • Retreat in attack waves
    • Cheating
    • Custom races support

    To see an example, which also can be used as a reference, of InsaneAI, just download the InsaneAI Battleground map, from the same assets page.

    InsaneAI supports waves defined in the AI module and fully functional GUI and ingame documentation via hints.

    InsaneAI Battleground

    The example map is a melee like map to show the power of InsaneAI, in which campaign AIs will play in a melee like mode.

    The testing over this map has been much shorter than on the AI itself, so if any bug arises, just report it to me.

    Why this thread?

    I'm looking for feedback or even extensive testing (I've done it, but I'm one and I can do this only during free time). There are some features I would like to flesh out more and make better, like the auto-alignment of the supplies in the supply regions. Also, if you have some cool ideas or suggestions just tell me.

    Regards :)

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    @GnaReffotsirk: Go

    While it is a very beautiful model, this Aldaris, I think that this "mouth" should be removed, even if it seems to be present in the original...

    Is just... out of place, it doesn't even seem a Protoss to me... More similar to a human with a mask :)

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    @Winryamo: Go

    If I understand what you mean:

    You should first get all structures in the region, place them into a unit group and then scan the unit group, calculating the distances you need.

    Then use "Add Bully at Point" with the point given by the offest relative to the calculated distances.

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    @BukMan78: Go

    If your map is not melee, I think you are posting in the wrong section...

    Also, what triggers are you using to define the AI? Just the default melee AI?

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    You are an awesome modeler, I just found myself to come here everyday to see your progresses.

    Keep up the good work! :)

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    Hi all.

    I am looking for an explanation for AI difficulty parameters. While some are intuitive (e.g. Balance Peons Across Bases), some are not, at least not for a non native english speaker like me (e.g. General Usage of AI Danger Maps or Allow Building in Danger).

    Is there any list which explains what they do?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Quote from Alevice: Go

    int and float are primitives, not classes tho (well, they are in c, java is more... complicated; and l;ets not get into javascript)

    You're right, I was thinking of java where I pratically always use Integer in place of int :P However I think the galaxy editor Integer and Real are actually classes...

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    I think we can guess that the editor itself is a class, like pretty much everything within.

    Pretty much the entire game I dare to assume... ;)

    Yes of course the unit types are classes, they are like int, float, or rectangle.

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    A class is an object project. This object has many properties, called variables. This object can also do many actions, called methods.

    Some methods and variables can be seen from outside, they are called public methods and variables. Some cannot, they are called private methods and variables.

    A method is like a function, and a variable is still a variable, like the one you use normally also in the galaxy editor. Since it is a function, a method can use parameters and return values. Some method are used, for example, to set or get the value of private variables from the outside of the class.

    The outside of the class is the rest of the world, in a simple example an int main(). You can define variables using a class, passing values or variables as parameter to an "inizialization" method, called constructor. Once a class is deleted, it invokes an other method, the so called destructor.

    To clarify, a small example:

    class rectangle:
       // Variables definition
       int x;
       int y;
       int height;
       int width;
       // Methods definition: in order -> constructor, setter and getter
       rectangle(int h, int w, int pos_x = 0, int pos_y = 0);
       void setHeight(int h);
       int getWidth();
    #include <header.hpp>
    // Constructor declaration
    rectangle::rectangle(int h, int w, int pos_x, int pos_y)
       x = pos_x;
       y = pos_y;
       height = h;
       width = w;
    void rectangle::setHeight(int h)
       height = h;
    int rectangle::getWidth()
       return width;
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