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    Nope they do not do it well.


    For example, I've experienced that if you don't place certain buildings but you do place the units that require them the AI will build the structures on its own (e.g. Ghost Academy, Fusion Core). I've experience with Terran AI from my RTC map, so I know what I'm talking about.


    For customization I mean even what you said. Make an AI build/rebuild what you want is a simple way to customize it. Co-op AI will do certain things no matter you, also depending on the difficulty.


    Now, I wonder, why should not your AI build those structures? What do you want your co-op AI to do?

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    Co-op AI is hardcoded in many ways. It's not suited to be customize in a proper manner.

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    posted a message on Blizz is making a co-op contest with huge prizes!

    I've also worked alone, voice acting included, for Mercenary Business xD

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    Hi all! I've just published my map for the co-op contest and I really need feedback, expecially about the difficulty and the terrain.

    Link to the post on Battle.net.



    Amon forces are trying to pay Mira Han for her support in the war. The allied commanders must prevent this by gathering more resources than the Moebius forces. Who won at least four rounds will win the invaluable help of Mira Han in the war.

    Main Objectives

    • Harvest more resources to win each round (4 times)
    • Don't lose more than 3 rounds


    Bonus Objective

    • Find the Protoss relics



    Provided in the lobby, but also on Imgur.


    Any feedback is appreciated :)

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    posted a message on Need Looping Portraits for Briefing Scene (StarCraft 2: Redux)

    Feel free to ask by PM for further clarifications...

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    posted a message on Civilian bunker?
    Quote from DrSuperEvil >>

    Well, define free considering you had to pay for WOL, HOTS and LOTV.

    He meant the Starter one I believe?
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    posted a message on Need Looping Portraits for Briefing Scene (StarCraft 2: Redux)

    I have a library for this (I aim to cover all SC2 portraits). Check out InsaneTransmission in InsaneMonster Assets, or following my signature.


    I plan on doing also a SC1Briefing Library, when I have time (and after the RTC Contest I suppose...).

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    Rather small but important update:


    v1.2 - Feb 16, 2017:

    - Fixed bug in Add Unit for detectors. Wrong index was used. This could cause script crash under certain circumstances.

    - Fixed bug that could possibly not allow the AI to build vespene in the main town in certain circumstances (e.g. custom races).

    - Add a new way to define a build order step: using existing unit. this way the default bully system is completely sobstituted and the always rebuild bully bug solved. Of course, you need to actually set the rebuilt count in the unit property to Never to have it work correctly.

    - Tested the AI with Xeyed custom race by Supernova134.

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #268: Port City Stadium

    I should really improve my terrain skill... I will try that when I have time.


    Sadly, not this week. Will post here when I can :)

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    posted a message on How to reduce loading time of an extension mod?

    The loading time is usually because of dependencies. You should use Liberty dependencies only (no campaign) to have a very small loading time.


    Otherwise, just get used to it.

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    posted a message on Ai does not repair damaged buildings?

    I think you should stick to english for the post :P


    1) Trigger Editor

    2) Find action set AI difficulty parameter

    3) Search among presets the one related to repair (there are two, for instance, they are pretty self-explanatory)

    4) Set the preset to true with the above action


    PS: always use english editor by the way, otherwise could be difficult to understand even most basic suggestion

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    posted a message on InsaneTransmission Library

    Thank you, but keep in mind is still a work in progress.


    Only some portrait are in the preset, and if you need something specific done frist, I'm always open to suggestion ;)

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    posted a message on Has anyone used this intro/outro yet?

    Which program do you use for this? Nice anyway... even if I think the sound is a bit too quiet... maybe better something a bit more clean and clear :)

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    posted a message on [Library] Transmission Library

    Published right now, if you are still interested, go see it and tell me what do you think. I also open an official thread in the appropriate section. Any feedback is very welcome, since I hope everyone would like to take advantage from this and support its development :)

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    InsaneTransmission is a library I've worked on in the past month.


    By lurking in the forum, and playing various custom campaign myself, I always noticed how difficult was to have portraits move their lips. I know the workaround, and inside myself I start thinking: is there any way to standardize it?


    As an engineer, I love to solve this kind of problem, and there it is:


    The main features are:

    • Talking portrait support both with and without lips movement
    • A big preset which covers, or at least aim to cover, the entirety of SC2 portraits
    • Support for skip trigger function
    • Support for custom portraits
    • Support for voiceover, talk icon, source unit, beep sound with no intereference with portrait
    • Support for no portrait transmission
    • Support for different players, up to 14 togheter with different transmission each
    • No internal delays
    • Improved transmission mode: a nicer version of vanilla transmission
    • RPG transmission mode: a more RPGish like UI with visible background

    I upload two images. In the first one you see an example of the Improved interface, in the second one an example of the RPG interface. Of course, vanilla interface is there for you to use, if you should not like the other two.


    If anyone is interested, it's here for you to see and use.

    To download, togheter with my other libraries, refer to this page.

    Hope you enjoy.

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