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    that aldaris and tassadar model

    i would be the 1st one to dl it and mod it to Mass recall, its PERFECT!

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    My 3ds 2016 hates TM's scripts, Hive's War 3 plugin works fine (which i'll use to port Novazon's armor to skyrim remaster when it so out)

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    had this idea looking at Jonah's new model, also its quite ironical that DoW 3 is following SC2 art route

    what about Dawn of War mission 1 or 5 remake, but using SC2's gameplay?

    DoW models and Modified Space Marine Models ones are free to mod, i think Titanium wars and Ultimate apocalypse are using a few ones for the Imperial guard(Lt. Mira and guardsman), SM and Chaos

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    @GhostNova91: Go

    a bit of offtopic, but could you please check if SC1 kerrigan's model and portrait are working fine on LOTV galaxy editor?

    im having problems with her on SE(animation freezes and loops, static face even with NovaPortrait.fxa)

    Ontopic: whoa, this carrier and the citadel :)

    DTX5 is the same format that skyrim, and for an extent, Fo3/NV uses mostly for highly detailed textures

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    this is mostly for my own needs, since im playing Mass Recall

    but since like to hoard even some dead assets for the future

    -Updated SC1 or Ghost Kerrigan, Ghostnova's one inst moving her mouth(aleast 4 me), also she's freezes during her anim stand and then resumes back and im having problems with skulluse's one(Portrait camera and gun textures)

    -SC1 Dropship Portrait(found)

    -SC1 SCV Portrait

    -HOTS SC1 looking Tassadar portrait(retexture would be nice)

    -SC1 Terran marine with portrait

    -SC1 Arclite Siege Tank more based on the original model

    -SC1 Wraith Portrait

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    Quote from GnaReffotsirk: Go

    Here's a preview of the changes with protoss and terran:

    Changes: 1. New Shuttle model requires death model. has birth model.

    2. High Templar Model requires new one maybe. It's made for SC2 Survivors 2016's Teradun character. Requires actor and model for casting spells attached to head.

    3. Unit sizes (xyz) changes for Air and Ground units.

    4. Supply depot size. Placement, and footprint as well.

    5. Harvest rate reduced to 5.6 from 5.4 SCMR settings. and 2 harvesters from 3 harvesters per mineral patch.

    @Ghostnova91 is working with some classic SC buildings and units


    also there's a new HD kerrigan model here, but she has some serious portrait and gun texturing issues


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