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    Hey I've been working with the AI to finish up my map and the AI is skipping some waves. I have never ran into this problem and I have no idea what is causing it. I looked up on some of my previous maps and I did it the same exact way as I did in the others and in the others it works but here it skips the waves. The image shows the code I used for the AI. Is something wrong with it that I simply do not see? I also have another AI's working atm and I made those AI's to have units spawning on a chosen point and then pick the units and attack. These work but this one in the image does not. It skips the first 2 waves and the 3rd wave is executed with 1 extra goliath than the ones it was meant to use. There was one time where he did not send any goliaths at all aswell.

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    Hey guys im doing my map for RTC contest and Ill need to use the disruption nova from "Brothers in Arms".

    I checked the original map to see how it was made. It seems kinda complicated with all these variables as im not used to working with sc2 editor variables, and the AI looks really weird with the presets and stuff.  Do I need all the variables they used in the original mission? Will I need any variables at all (if possible to do without variables)? And will I need all the presets and custom scripts that blizzard used for the AI waves or normal waypoints would do? I always feel like blizzard overcomplicates stuff on their maps.

    Quick question, do variables here work in a similar way as in Java for example? I had Java classes and if they work like in Java it shouldnt be too hard to use them i suppose (kinda low time for experimentations).

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