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     Yeah, I'm still working on Stukov HD
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     The V2 models are the updated versions of my previous Immortal and Annihilator alternative models. I just simply added the bottom thing of the Dragoon body on the Immortal and Annihilator and I made some size correction on the Dragoon body for the Immortal and Annihilator because the previous models that I made for the alternative appearance of the Immortal and Annihilator looked like the body is too small and too big.
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     Here's my next line of models: 

    SC2 - Adun Immortal (New)


    New, alternative appearance of the Adun Immortal skin. Credit for the idea goes to R0binicus.



    LotV - Vanguard (New)


    New, alternative appearance of the Tal'darim Vanguard from LotV



    SC2 - Immortal [New (V2)]


    Updated the new, alternative appearance of the Protoss Immortal



    LotV - Annihilator [New (V2)]


    Updated the new, alternative appearance of the Nerazim Annihilator from LotV



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     The Skullder 001 Goliath, a special version of the Goliath unit from Resurrection IV


    SC1 - Skullder 001 Goliath



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     Here's the next line of models, the Cerberus Program, a Confederate black ops unit formed from the late Cerberus Recon Squad, from the StarCraft comic book series.


    SC1 - Cerberus Marine (AKA Cerberus Trooper)


    https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/202/12/cerberus-marine.png https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/202/14/marinecerberusportrait_static.png


    SC1 - Cerberus Wraith


    https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/202/13/cerberus-wraith.png https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/202/15/wraithcerberusportrait_static.png

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     Here are my next custom unit models and portraits: the Cerberus Recon Squad from StarCraft: Precursor.


    SC1 - Cerberus Firebat


    https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/201/673/cerberus-firebat.png https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/201/725/firebatcerberusportrait_static.png


    SC1 - Cerberus Goliath


    https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/201/672/cerberus-goliath.png https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/201/724/goliathcerberusportrait_static.png

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    SC1 - Bud Morris


    Sergeant Bud Morris, a firebat hero unit and character from SCBW Resurrection IV campaign mission.



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    LotV - Purifier Sentinel (HD)


    HD version of the Purifier Sentinel from LotV.




     I based it on from this official concept art of the Purifier Sentinel by Blizzard



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    LotV - Annihilator (New)


    New, alternative appearance of the Nerazim Annihilator from LotV



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     Well, I tried importing the Adun Immortal skin once in Blender but it didn't worked so I guess I can create the other Immortal models, such as the Nerazim Annihilator and Tal'darim Vanguard, in their alternative appearances.
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